Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012)


Directed by: Vito Trabucco

Produced & Written by: Shelby McIntyre & Vito Trabucco


Reggie Bannister .... Father Richard Cummings
.... Jennifer
.... Millie
.... Timmy
.... Brother Zeke
.... Tad
.... Brittany
.... JJ
Jeff Dylan Graham .... Dwayne
.... Sister Mary Chopper / Eugene

Special Appearance:

Ron Jeremy .... Jesus

Release Dates: Texas Frightmare Weekend: May 5, 2012; Phoenix Comic-Con: May 25, 2012; Video On Demand: July 27, 2012; Breda B-movies, Underground & Trash Film Festival: September 8, 2012




In 1977, A group of Christian teens at Happy Day Bible Camp are slaughtered by a sadistic Nun wearing a mask for their sins but was never caught.
Seven years later a group of new teens lead by Father Richard Cummings (Reggie Bannister) reopens the camp although locals warn them about what could happen there but still carries on as the killer is rumored to be dead but however they're in for a deadly surprise.


The film shows a sort of prologue taking place in 1977 as the film quality tried to show a grindhouse feel to it which almost looked convincing but the discussions when I first spotted them were way too obvious and hokey talking about certain celebrities and films of that era as it was a case of cheesy writing but I've seen worst.
The situations were very comical in which that was the intention but it didn't make me laugh at all. Yet not over the top terrible at the same time since there was a bit of style for this forgettable independent feature.
Yet some exciting moments when the killer does some of the victims in and it shows the opening credits each different time for these situations which was well put into the film and the killings can please slasher fans.
Then after these incidents takes place in the 80's as things really slope big time with the unfunny goofy comedy on a new priest Father Richard Cummings stopping at a store with the campers to get stuff in which the scenario into what they're talking about was silly and stupid as well as spotting a drooling Dwayne who resides at the store with his family members looked gross to watch him acting so out of it as well as his brother JJ warning them about what happened there years before as this was even uninspired.
A scene that grabbed my attention is when some of the kids teased geeky Timmy and he got errected and freaks out thinking that he is sinning for doing so as I rolled my eyes big time thinking that this is far from being funny.
Yet things looked mildly interesting when they gather at a campfire but I do mean mildly with their interactions and then Cummings comes along and discusses wieners to roast hot dogs in which this was supposed to come across as sleazy if you listen to what he's talking about and sings a sing with his guitar there about it all in which the moments were getting lame brained once again.
Yet there's a moment when they do a quiz on what's sinning and so fourth and who will score highest with Timmy in the lead with the answers as I must admit I got a bit of a chuckle while watching this unravel.
With all of this comedy happening it made me wonder if this was an actual horror as well as a comedy or a spoof but there is a moment when Millie has a nightmare on Dwayne crawling up to her laying down which leaves a clue the horror will come into it evenutally.
Things do unravel with this killer Sister Mary Chopper coming in for the kill in which the violent slayings looked gruesome as I must admit on how some of this was done brings in the horror but barely as well as a flashback on the killers past as a child and having an evil Mother Mary mocking him as this was at an even pace but too low budget to look powerfully done as it was intended to be.
There's a scene between Millie confessing to Jennifer on being at the camp beforehand as well as revealing a secret about her which was supposed to be a drawn in scene but it looked too cheesy to be taken seriously.
However nicely shot moments with Jennifer running away in the woods or near the cabin areas and spotting bloody victims which was another pointer along with her trying to hide in dark areas and the killer is clever finding her in which this is another pointer for this being categorised as a horror too so I will give the makers credit for that.
But yet things get silly again when Cummings comes face to face with Jesus as this looked utterly lame brained.
When the killer reveals himself things looked almost strongly impressive on what he talks about as well as discussing his past as a child which nearly works in to the horror story but then things get silly once again.
Bottom line is that this flick was a time waster offering horror violence which makes up for it than being a plain off the wall badly written goofy comedy as all of the humor is just as clever as watching the spoof Scary Movie. It's amateurish but there are worst one's out there I will admit and a fair no budgeter too.

The acting is very hokey and some of it is off but Reggie Bannister (Father Richard Cummings) I do admit was the best out of the whole cast offering good wit even if the comedy wasn't funny but tried to spice it up as much as he could in his performance and interacted very well showing alot of energy into all that he did here. He also acted very slick but there's a moment when he makes out he uses martial arts against the killer he was very off with acting zany like this. He needed a bit of a push to make this work out well.
(Jennifer) seemed to bring my attention with her role as a somewhat rebellious teen and does okay with her sarcasm. Plus she seemed to show it off well by having a no nonsense type of personality. Yet when she freaks out or gets scared she is only half convincing and needed a bit more energy in other spots with her anxious attitude.
(Millie) seemed to do a nice job playing someone level headed and getting into character a fair amount through most of her performance. Yet when she reveals her deepest secret she is a little too over the top by how she stresses stuff. However she shows off a nice presence onto her role and can do the job in her performance for the rest of the scene's that she was in.
(Timmy) was a bit too much but knew on how to act annoying as well as geeky too so he showed off come nice moments while behaving this way. He was extremely hokey and could do a good job by doing voice over work for cartoons by the way he spoke. Seemed to do well acting hyperactive too.
(Brother Zeke) seemed fairly strong in his supporting role as a perverted type in which he does well with his choked words while being caught for doing something that he shouldn't have been doing in the first place. Also does a nice job with being sleazily charming in another part of the flick. Yet when he freaks out while being attacked he needed a bit more energy when acting like this.

A teen is barebreasted while fornicating in bed with another guy and then later on runs down the stairs fully naked top to bottom
Another teen takes off her top fully breasted in a window of a cabin.

Heads are decapitated
Eyeball is stabbed out
Person is stabbed in the neck blood gushing out
Bloody stabbings
Head is smashed in with a cement type object
Victim is nailed to a post mouth and other objects bloodied
Insides are spilled out of a couple of victims

Both Reggie Bannister and Carlos Vivas composed the music for the film as although the comedic score wasn't in my personal tastes I do admit it sounded pretty good with the string plucking and other musical equipments than just a synthesizer. However I do like the horror sounds they used too with the high pitched piano playing and other types as some of it reminded me on what I'd hear in something like Friday the 13th. So it was nicely put together I will say that.