Bloody Murder (2000)


Produced & Directed by: Ralph E. Portillo

Written by: John R. Stevenson


.... Julie 'Jewels' McConnell
.... Patrick / Nelson Hammond
.... Tobe
.... Drew Zemke / Patricia Zemke
.... Dean
.... Jason 'Jas' Hathaway
.... Whitney 'Whit' Chambers
.... Jamie
.... Brad Thompson
.... Doug
.... Sheriff Williams

Release Date: Direct-to-Video/DVD: September 12, 2000




A masked maniac Trevor Moorhouse has murdered two teenage counsellors stalled on the road near Camp Placid Pine in which the campground closed down for many years and then reopened with new counsellors in which one of them plays a game of Bloody Murder and discusses the story of the killer that stalked the area.
It seems that the legend is true as this maniac does them in one by one and the survivors realise that they end up missing as well as having a deep dark feeling that they're being watched and followed. Others become suspects as well.


At first the beginning of this flick didn't look too shabby as a couple of counsellors are stranded in the middle of the road after their vehicle breaks down in which one of them flags a vehicle only to discover that it's the legendary maniac in the hockey mask Trevor Moorehouse bringing out his chainsaw which seemed to look cheesily fun but we hear the weapon roaring yet when we see it it's not turned on at all. However it looked fun when he was chasing after his victim in the deep dark woods however the pace needed to be picked up better and during the end of this scene before the opening credits with the deadly moment was very amateurish looking.
Yet nicely put in of the camp taking place years later with counsellors preparing the camp as well as a nice look on the lake and everyone having a fun time.
There's an eccentric old man in a scene trying to warn someone that they're in great danger which looked badly done and a ripoff to what we've seen in a camp slasher flick back in 1980. This really needed to be whipped in shape big time.
Nicely written in situation with the counsellors gathering up at a campfire late at night and one of them daring others to play a game called Bloody Murder in which this was supposed to start up the horror story big time but yet their discussions seemed way too planned out which spoiled the scene big time.
Yet when they play the game in the deep dark woods it looked like alot of fun in the mist and so fourth especially with pranks being pulled on some of these kids with one of these people being dressed as the maniac. Things seemed mildly phony when this person tries to scare another one as we are supposed to be drawn in wondering if this is actually happening but fails in order to do so. However a nice moment with both Julie and Drew smoking a joint at night and having a chat which didn't look too shabby.
There was a nearly drawn in moment the next day when Dean pulls a nasty prank towards Whitney in a canoe by rocking it as he wanted some answers towards her which made me think he's a suspect but this scene needed a bit of a push to make it a little more convincing. However she falls into the lake and is struggling in the water which looked pretty decent.
There's a moment with the killer cornering Whitney with a knife in a pantry while the other teens are watching a camp slasher flick as both moments someone gets killed as this was supposed to be tied in together making it a common moment for a slasher flick when someone is killed but it was quite off.
A real bland moment when Sheriff Williams questions the counsellors question her disappearance and someone tells him a theory on Dean being responsible as this looked totally lame to watch.
Then later on Julie goes on a walk to go for a swim and we have this killer following her and she gets scared feeling that she's being stalked in which none of this looked impressive to watch at all.
A scene almost works when Julie's father comes to visit her at the campsite and Drew takes him to the pier to check stuff out and something happens making her look like a suspect but it looked fairly cheesy by how it was all done as certain situations seemed a little too obvious. Just needed a bit of a push so it wasn't all that terrible.
Nicely drawn in moment when Julie accuses Drew of being the killer and the actual killer tries to creep up from behind her and she tries to tell her to turn around as this stuck out in my mind when I watched this all play out.
However when the two of them try to struggle against this maniac it looked quite amateurish to watch and not powerful looking as it was intended to be.
Yet with the killer revealed and Julie trying to escape from this psychopath looked pretty amateurish to watch but I've seen worst trust me.
Bottom line is that this flick tried to pay a tribute to the Friday the 13th legacy but was a ripoff in itself plus I wouldn't be surprised if Paramount tried to sue the makers for having a killer in a hockey mask. There's even someone named Jason as one of the counsellors who's a suspect to the massacre's at the campground. Go figure. I saved this one from bombing simply becuae it's better than the Camp Blood flicks.

The acting is fairly poor for the most part and full of virtual unknowns such as (Julie 'Jewels' McConnell) seemed to be one of the better performers playing the 'scream queen' type of role in which she seemed to do well with her speaking as well as being energised and well alert on stuff but at times when she gets anxious she is slightly off key and needed a bit more inspiration by how she's behaving. Not over the top terrible though.
(Patrick / Nelson Hammond) seemed to do fairly well as one of the head camp counsellors showing off a friendly and serious attitude for what he does in the film as he grabs your attention a great deal but then when he acts crazy or menacing later on he is quite amateurish and very over the top in which he doesn't offer a convincingly versatile characteristics.
(Drew Zemke / Patricia Zemke) really grabbed my attention in which she shows a nice charming and outgoing personality as well as doing a fair job by getting into a conversation but rusty in other parts on what she's talking about. She seems to try too hard as you could tell by when she comes across as untrustworthy making her a possible suspect though. She had the right motive and came across well onto the camera nevertheless.
(Dean) is mediocre while acting arrogant by what he does towards others especially when he rocks a canoe towards someone else in which he could've been a little stronger by acting menacing this way but just doesn't cut it. HE needed more inspiration by coming across as a suspect. However he seems okay by having an attitude and had the right looks to behave this way.
(Jason 'Jas' Hathaway) was a little better though with his hyped up spunky role in which he came across as one of those geeky type of teens and had the right looks and motive for this kind of role. Seemed to study his part in a fair fashion and was well alert on situations.
(Doug) seemed to have the right looks which was the only thing worth going for him as he seemed to try too hard to get into his part but just doesn't cut it right. Still he grabbed my attention on what he did here. Yet when he suffocates to death it's hilarious but in a terrible way. Amateurish at it's extreme.
(Sheriff Williams) is probably the best out of the cast in his supporting role showing a good seriousness when he gets down to the disappearances on people making his role fairly believeable as well as focusing well on being a lawman along with coming across well onto the camera too.

Arrows are impaled in a teen
A throat is slit
Sharp objects are impaled in somebody else

Steven M. Stern composes the music for this flick and it isn't terrible like you'd expect as there's alot of good hissing as well as metal clashing and scraping for when the attacks or terrors start to strike as I will give him good credit for all of that. At times there's chilling piano music too which half works in some spots and lacks in others as you will see what I mean if I dare you to watch this bad slasher flick. At times there's nice peaceful guitar sounds for the pleasant situations which sounds nice and smooth. The closing credits was good with more of the metal clanging sounds as it adds a great touch.

Dean: Bull shit. It's camp lore. There's no such person as Trevor Moorehouse.
Tobe: I guess that's what we'll tell ourself when we're trying to sleep at night.

Whitney: Very funny... Now take off your mask and show yourself... Ahhahhahh!

Sheriff Williams: Take it from me, there is no such thing as Trevor Moorehouse.