Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp (2003)


Directed by: Rob Spera

Written by: John R. Stevenson


Katy Woodruff ....Tracy
.... Mike
.... Sofie
.... Angela
.... Ryan
.... James
.... Elvis
.... Rick
.... Sheriff Miller

Release Date: Direct-to-Video/DVD: February 18, 2003





Tracy (Katy Woodruff) is constantly having nightmares about her brother whom was rumored to have been killed by Trevor Moorehouse at Camp Placid Pines in which her and other camp counsellors close the campground for the season and they all play the game of Bloody Murder in which a masked killer comes after them doing them in one by one.


When watching this film it seemed to be taken in a different direction in which we have the lead character Tracy walking in the winter snow in the dark woods which this moment looked lit up almost in a fantasy type of fashion and then we spot the killer Trevor Moorehouse in a distance as well as the moments between the two of them which also had a no budget but fairly well done type of fashion. This time the killer is wearing a different type of mask surprisingly. Plus we see a deadly moment on him using his chainsaw as while we spot this we get the feeling that she's going to wake up from a nightmare as I had to admit this was a nice start off to a slasher flick.
Things are done in a fair pace when the head camp counsellor Rick instructs others on what to do before closing the camp for the season as this grabbed my attention that this isn't taking place in the summer as well as an arrogant teen Ryan getting cocky towards him in which this makes you wonder if a fight will happen between the two of them which caught my attention a great deal.
Then we have the night time campfire as they discuss Trevor Moorehouse and what kinda went on beforehand in which it made me wonder if they focused the situation from the first flick but this was hard to understand yet they decide to play the game of Bloody Murder so the film still carried on the tradition like it did in the first one. The moments looked fairly energetic to watch each others interactions.
Energetic night shots on the counsellors playing the game as well as what looked like an obvious prank on someone being dressed as Trevor Moorehouse killing someone since this didn't fool me one bit like it was supposed to have been since a prank went on in the first one and would be too soon for something like this. Then a fight breaks out in which this needed a bit more energy and convincing when this unravels.
Yet after everyone leaves showed great mysterious horror timing with James near the campfire and hearing sounds with nice camera shots on something watching him. Plus a good shot on the killer standing in front of him. Then things look totally intense and a pleaser to any slasher fan while watching on what happens here which shows peer torture too as to how this fellow gets slayed. This scene I will admit looked well done which is one of the good pointers saving this flick from bombing.
Another tortureous clever killing on one of the other counsellors with an arrow through the side of his neck as he is still alive and a terrible way to suffocate with another psychological incident on this killer burying him alive as this was clever to put in for a slasher flick other that this was a bad movie in general.
Things seem to show some interesting dramatic emotional discussions with Angela being upset talking about her break up and so fourth and Mike comforting her but then they decide to get it on which looked totally lame and a time waster at first in their vehicle but then they plan to do it near a tree. Then later on when Angela is alone she spots a corpse as there's a nice creepy camera shot on this.
Then there's alot of stale and boring moments afterwards which almost made me fall asleep with the killer still on the loose and killing others that has been done before or Tracy looking up on a surveillance camera that was recorded to see whom the killer really is or getting freaked out on who she thinks is a killer which looked campy but in a trashy way which were more terrible time wasters.
A bit of an improvement when Tracy finds out on who the killer really is as well as trying to get away from this maniac which was well as trying to run away or hide as the moments were incredibly energetic and well shot which was one of the best scene's in this flick. A nice twist revealing someone killing this maniac making you think that Trevor Moorehouse does exist which was cleverly written into the story.
Bottom line is that this film was done on a bit of a better budget but at the same time a total time waster as the story becomes dull since we've seen some of this before and it almost went nowhere with all that was going on. This time the killer doesn't wear a hockey mask and a different type of mask which is different. However you're not missing out on much here.

The acting is uninspired but a bit better than the first flick in which this time Katy Woodruff (Tracy) plays the scream queen role as she has the right looks and appeal for this role and can seem to make her presence pretty good onto the camera. She seems to show decent characteristics by what she was talking about too. However when she gets anxious or freaks out she is a bit too much but not terrible by any means.
(Mike) showed his stuff as a typical teenager as well as coming acorss as somewhat a kid next door type of attitude who likes to get into mischief the odd time or having fun. Was clear with his speaking and seemed to try hard by perfoming right. He's nothing spectacular in his role but does the job as best as he can.
Angela) brought it on nicely with her cocky and sarcastic attitude in which she showed great enthusiasm while behaving this way. Seemed to do fairly okay when she cries in a scene seeming convincing. However when she screams or freaks out she is a bit too much and a little over the top.
Ryan) was one of the best out of the cast in which he showed a terrific strong personality as well as having a perfect arrogant attitude like he'd try and start a fight. Comes across a bit intimidating at times. Really knew a thing about being cocky too. Reacts well to stuff in each scene. Yes he was a true character actor.
(Rick) however really lacked in his performance as the head camp counsellor but in certain spots does well by not taking crap from someone in a certain scene which looked fairly strong. But when he acts as a suspect things looked too obvious and couldn't get into this moment at all whatsoever.
(Sheriff Miller) was the best out of his cast in his supporting role as he shows off a great seriousness to his role really studying his role as a lawman quite well. Plus does well later on in his role with his sneering and menacing behavior as he came across fairly well as someone unsafe to be around with his obnoxious and wild behavior.

Tiffany Shepis is topless while taking a shower as well as showing her undressing and a brief full body shot.
She also takes it off with her breasts revealed while getting it on in a vehicle as well as out in the woods.

Someone is massacred by a chainsaw during the near opening of this flick
Legs are chopped off
Arrow is shot on the side of someone's neck
Head is stabbed by a machette
Head is chopped off by a chainsaw but it's quick

Steven M. Stern composes the scores once again in which there's some smooth classical scores but it sounds too common for flicks like this. However there's some strong pipe bangings for the suspenseful moments as well as great deep piano playing and heavy trombone music when the killer is revealed to make up for the typical classical music that we heard in the film so far.