The Boogeyman 2 (2007)


Directed by: Jeff Betancourt

Written by: Brian Sieve


Danielle Savre ... Laura Porter
Matt Cohen ... Henry Porter
Chrissy Griffith ... Nicky
Michael Graziadei ... Darren
Mae Whitman .... Alison
Renée O'Connor .... Dr. Jessica Ryan
Tobin Bell .... Dr. Mitch Allen
Johnny Simmons .... Paul

Special Appearances:

David Gallagher .... Mark
Lesli Margherita .... Gloria

Release Dates: Screamfest Film Festival: October 20, 2007; Limited Theatrical: June 5, 2008 (Russia); July 4, 2008 (Italy); May 8, 2009 (Mexico); September 11, 2009 (Venezuela)



Laura Porter (Danielle Savre) has been having fears of the dark since she was a child after she witnesses what is so called the boogeyman killing her father that she voluntarily throws herself into a mental health centre to overcome her fears along with the support of her brother Henry (Matt Cohen) but she finds the people there difficult to deal with as one of them even attempts suicide.
Suddenly, a killer wearing a grim reaper mask starts killing the patients off one by one in a cellar whenever the lights go out and slowly trying to get to Laura as her fears may be coming true again and her with the survivors try to find a way to survive these incidents when the center starts to become empty with the rest being slayed away by this maniac.


This film like the first one had a prologue on a child's fear of the dark and the killer doing in their parents but what is different is that the film centers around a mysterious killer in an asylum which seems to almost borrow a bit from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It looks good showing a family celebrating a birthday and the child in a hallway showing good scared expressions when a lightbulb is out with his father trying to talk to him and encouraging him to overcome his fears.
There's a good shot on a little girl looking through a peephole at this boy and then a good shot on the father being slaughtered with a good hollering in pain and then both kids screaming and crying in fear which looked very impressive.
There's a good dream sequence with the leading character Laura standing near her brother Henry sleeping in his bed with a shot of blood coming underneath and her screaming and crying which looked nicely done. There's a good scene between the two of them when she wakes up crying and him trying to comfort her.
There's great blocking and camera shots on someone walking through the dark hallways going to the basement with a nice close up shot on him pulling out a joint and smoking it. Then there's a great moment on him getting up and shots on each hallway light burning out with him panicking and running away to where there is a light still on and then bam! The killer approaches. Nice timing with this scene on all of this and made it seem suspenseful.
There's a good discussion between Laura and Dr. Mitch Allen with him trying to talk to her about her fears with a mysterious attitude in which this is making you wonder what he is hinting to her.
There's a good shot on Laura in a bathroom with a towel wrapped around her looking nervous with a good camera shot on a small trail of blood going down a drain and then a shower closed up with a bloody leg revealed with her acting scared to open the curtain and then spotting the patient Allison with her going ballistic at her after cutting herself. This looked very tense in a good fashion.
There's a good scene with Paul cleaning and scrubbing along with shots on another patient Nicky looking in vanity in a bathroom mirror and feeling herself in which you get an impression that something is going to happen.
There's a good shot on Paul eating some chips and then putting a cockoach in his mouth with him choking which looked quite good and deadly. There's good shots on cockroaches crawling out of the bag of chips. Then a nice shot on the killers feet handing him some soap wash with him chugging away on it.
There's a nice shot on Alison being strapped down with the killer putting maggots in her while slicing her skin as well as good shots on her in a screaming frenzy which looked very intense.
There's a nice moment with Dr. Jessica Ryan standing in the basement and then the killers hands holding a broken wire and then throwing it on a watery ground and her screaming intensly. It looked very perfect like she was being electrocuted half to death.
We have a good scene with another patient Darren getting aggressive with Nicky and her almost getting emotional with all of this. The setting looked quite disturbing.
There's a good moment with Darren being beaten up and thrown around by the killer with lots of good takes on all of this.
There's numerous good takes on Nicky running away from the killer near a library room with her crouching down and trying to hide from him which makes you wonder if she will get away. There's also a good moment with Dr. Jessica Ryan standing there acting like a zombie and speaking like she's crazy about the killer with Griffith trying to keep her quiet without the killer catching them along with a nice close up shot on Dr. Jessica Ryan taping her mouth shut.
There's also a good scene with Dr. Mitch Allen trying to stop Dr. Jessica Ryan and holding a needle with her trying to scream and get away which was a nice cold situation during this moment.
Bottom Line: This was definetely a slasher film with lots of blood and horror violenice bringing on the goods for what a slasher film should have. It's not really a bad movie either as you wonder what's going to happen as well as the patients sometimes acting out of control making you wonder if they're one of the killers too.
There's alot of good effects in the film and some scares in it although it was made on a bit of a low budget the film doesn't make you jump like the story is meant to during odd spots surrounding it.
There's alot of mysterious plots surrounding it though in which you wonder if there is a boogeyman or just a killer trying to scare the patients to death.
The ending tries to explain itself but yet is a little rusty doing so which makes the film a bit confusing. A bad ending to top it off.
However there's a masked killer in it till the end which borrows some of the chemistry from Scream.

The acting is not too bad as lead actress Danielle Savre (Laura Porter) really brings out her fears and emotional attitude onto the set as well as showing a great negative attitude and aggressions too. She was very energetic in her part. She seemed to be a great target to everyone surrounding her as she reacts to the other cast members quite well.
Matt Cohen (Henry Porter) shows a nice sympathetic behavior onto the set but yet seems to make you wonder with this eccentric attitude. He also shows terrific aggressions towards the near end of the film and nice violent reactions too.
Chrissy Griffith
(Nicky) really knew how to behave insecure and very unpredictable in which she made her part very believeable too. She shows some good upsetting emotions as well with her timing when she needed to be. I found her to be a nice key to the story of the film.
Michael Graziadei (Darren) knew how to behave very stubborn and one minded along with his violent aggressions too. He certainly makes you wonder if he's the killer in the film. He has a nice brawling appeal to him too which was a nice choice as well.
Renée O'Connor
(Dr. Jessica Ryan) really knew her stuff as one of the counselors in the film in which she brings a nice warm attitude to her role as well as spaeking very calmly too. She made her part very real. Plus she knew how to act versatile towards her last performance in the film which looked very spooky on how she was behaving.
Tobin Bell
(Dr. Mitch Allen) was incredibly mysterious as one of the other people working at the asylum with his silent speaking and the way he does things which doesn't seem right. He certainly made his part very worthy to the storyline in the film even if he wasn't in every scene of the film but stood out the most in it.
Johnny Simmons
(Paul) brought alot of attention with his disturbed actions freaking out over little things in which he totally reminds you of a real life mental patient along with his steady words too trying not to lose it. He was extremely energetic. A good moment in a scene at the group therapy with him going into hysterics when he discovers the chair he's sitting in isn't his which totally keeps you glued to the set to wonder why he's acting crazy about it all.

Chrissy Griffith looks in a mirror and takes off her top with her breasts revealed.

A father's insides are torn out
Woman cuts herself with scissors
Person is hung and slaughtered near an elevator door
Another person is scarred with his skin tissue burned open
A guys heart is cut open
Guy is on a bed with tubes stabbing in him and blood pouring out
A girl is cut open with maggots being implanted in her
Doctors eyes are stabbed by two needles
A person is stabbed with a pair of plyers having their head cut off

There's alot of low hissing sounds and the banging and screechy effects too. For the silent moments we hear some windy and moaning noises which really draws the creepiness on what's going to happen next. There's metal clanging sounds for the struggling moments or when the boogeyman comes in ready for the kill. The music was put together by Joseph LoDuca.

[last lines]
Laura Porter: H-Henry, he's still in here, okay? You, you have to listen to me, okay? Henry's still in here! Henry's still in here! You have to find him! He's still here! Henry's still here! Listen to me! Listen to me! Listen to me! Henry's still here!