The Boy (2016)


Directed by: William Brent Bell

Written by:
Stacey Menear


.... Greta Evans
Rupert Evans .... Malcolm
Ben Robson .... Cole

Special Appearances:

Jim Norton .... Mr. Heelshire
Diana Hardcastle .... Mrs. Heelshire

Release Dates: Theatrical: January 22, 2016; Future Film Festival: May 7, 2016




An American Nanny Greta Evans (Lauren Cohan) takes care of a mansion for the Heelshire's as she is supposed to be responsible for babysitting their child which is a doll but strange things start to occur as this doll may be alive and not happy when she violates the rules that she was told on what to do.


Things were perfectly still especially during the beginning here in which Greta Evans being introduced to the mansion as well as getting aquainted to the guy next door Malcolm as the situations seemed to flow quite well. Also we have the strange Mrs. Heelshire introducing Greta to a doll she calls her son as well with her laughing thinking it's a joke and good shots on this woman and her husband looking at her seriously. Definetly gives you the uncomfortable feeling that these two weren't impressed with her reactions. All of this was carefully paced and well done.
There's also good moments with Greta picking up the doll and Mrs. Heelshire scolding her on how she was picking it up as well as later on a good and twisted situation when Greta is eavesdropping and seeing the upsetting moments with this eccentric woman being upset and talking to this doll along with her husband catching her in the act as this makes you jump a bit while he takes her by surprise.
Clever scene after Greta throws the doll into a room for giving her the creeps that later on we see what may abe a tear coming from this toys eye and then we look up and see a leak is discovered or a moment later on she goes to a picture and sees the family including the child as well as a jumping moment that you least expect that will happen when she comes closer to the picture. Then a good shot on her waking up from a nightmare which was impressively put into the story.
Nice moment when she goes up into the attic to check stuff and things are still as well as later on she's trapped up there which also makes you jump with the noise along with her trying to call to Malcolm from outside but he can't hear her when he is about to leave as this gives the film a perfect psychological feel on being trapped somewhere and no hope for being rescued.
Nice situation when Greta closes the door on this doll as well as hearing sounds or the phone rininging as well as her freaking out aand hearing creepy child like noises on the other end which is an attention grabber. But what really catches your attention is when we see the crack of the door and spotting what looks like feet and an object being placed down as this looked truly mysterious and making you want to watch for more on what happens here.
Perfect moments on Greta almost losing it and trying to convince Malcolm that the doll is alive as well as her spending time with this object. Kinda makes you laugh a bit too.
Nicely drawn in situation with Malcolm trying to warn Greta about the home and to leave with her refusing as well as a good shot on the doll lying above like it's listening. This for sure looked good, dark and serious.
We also have a nice setting with both Greta and Malcolm getting into a romantic moment making out and then going into the bedroom as well as a good camera shot closing in on a keyhole with something watching them which looked good and spooky. Then a nice surprising moment when loud classical music comes on to break the silence as well as them going to it to find out on what is happening which also seemed a bit eerie.
Good dysfunctional scene is when both the Heelshire's put rocks in their pockets and slowly walk into the ocean with good shots on them going way in and drowning themselves as this added more mysterious moments into the flick.
Some good and intense moments when Greta's ex boyfriend Cole comes for an unexpected visit as well as the negativity that's going on there which makes you wonder if he will get violent or in a rage by what is discussed through the different scene's that we spot here.
Plus a good shot on him taking a hold of the doll and smashing it to pieces with good slow motion shots on this. During this moment you cringe for sure and wondering if hell will break loose due to all of this.
The excitement begins when the terror strikes both Greta and Malcolm when they try to escpae from being killed as there's great passageways from the inside of the walls on this mansion and what they discover as well as perfect intensity that is going on and their struggles too which packs a real punch but don't want to reveal any spoilers.
Bottom line is this film is a true mystery horror with many different twists to it along with making you wonder if the doll is a spirit or not. Alot of great and silent moments and then the other moments breaking those silent situations. I enjoyed this flick as it wasn't difficult to watch at all and truly entertaining. Worth checking out and it's nothing like Child's Play. A film that stands on it's own.

The acting is in great shape as we have the lead role (Greta Evans) who really takes the bull by it's horns and lived to portray a nanny in which she shows a good mature and wise type of personality. She does well with her speaking or reacting to things. Certainly offers some good energy into all that she does. Plus knows her craft quite well when she cries or freaks out as well as losing control which this was a nice versatile moment on her behalf. Does a nice job acting too excited when she almost loses her mind thinking that the doll is alive and is believeable by doing all of this. Plus does a nice job when she tries to save her life when trying to trick the killer by showing discipline to this character which she grabs your attention here greatly.
Rupert Evans (Malcolm) definetely put on his charming personality as this was his strongest point in the flick. He for sure was very lightheaded by what he was talking about and seemed to spring into action a great deal. Defientely has a likeable attitude as well showing a good serious concern when he talks seriously about a scary incident. Also shows off some great struggling energy when the terror strikes him.
Ben Robson (Cole) really pulled off a role who knew on how to get into your face as well as not taking crap from anyone. Offers a perfect seriousness into his part and came across as someone who's a bit obnoxious and arrogant. He for sure comes across as someone who can be violent and has a perfectly strong personality. Does well acting close minded as well.
Jim Norton
(Mr. Heelshire) offers a nice and mellow behavior by what he is doing in which he for sure comes across as someone whom is easy going but yet troubled. Does well with his speaking along with showing a nice patient type of behavior. He was a decent character actor.
Diana Hardcastle (Mrs. Heelshire) certainly had the most effective supporting role in which she does well by being overly protective with her doll treating it like it's alive. Also was very sharp within her speaking in which she comes across as someone you wouldn't want to upset. Also shows a good strict and strange type of attitude especially when she's upset in a certain part of the story. She for sure does well by portraying a basket case.

The composing by Bear McCreary sounds more unique than in other horror films as it was classical sounding but in a better style than the typical same old. We have alot of low sounds quarter way through the film for the chasing scene's. Also intense violin as well as some soft types of this blended in nicely for certain segments. We also hear some scraping and bnaging noises for the jumping scene's but this time not that traditional type which was a good change.

Greta Evans: You wouldn't hurt me, would you Brahms?