Bride of Chucky (1998)


Directed by: Ronny Yu

Written by: Don Mancini


Jennifer Tilly .... Tiffany
Brad Dourif .... Chucky (voice)
Katherine Heigl .... Jade
Nick Stabile .... Jesse
Gordon Michael Woolvett .... Dave Collins
John Ritter .... Police Chief Warren Kincaid
Michael Johnson .... Officer Norton

Special Appearances:

Alexis Arquette .... Damien Baylock
Lawrence Dane .... Lt. Preston

Release Date: Theatrical: October 16, 1998




Chucky (Brad Douriff) was rumoured dead after Andy put an end to him while he was in the military by having him slaughtered in a machine.
However, Chucky's ex-girlfriend Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) collects his doll parts and sews him back together and then chants a spell to bring him back to life.
Tiffany thinks that she can take advantage of him since he is a doll but Chucky hads a frightening plan for her as he kills her and then puts her soul into a female doll.
Then both of them hitch a ride with a young couple named Jade and Jesse whom run away and elope.
Tiffany and Chucky plan to hold the two as hostages in order to go to a cemetary in New Jersey.
There the two love dolls will be able to get out of their toy bodies and possess our two "human" lovers. Hoever, along the way, they decide to go on a killing spree and both Jade and Jesse are framed for the murders.


A perfect opening to the film with a thunderstorm as there's a storage room full of toys and Halloween costumes including a Jason and Michael Myers masks. Then a good moment with a deputy calling the mysterious woman whom is Tiffany telling her that he has what she was looking for which works in greatly as well as later on some nice fast action murderous shots on this deputy as this looked sharply done along with us spotting Tiffany herself strutting out of the police car and close up shots on her sewing Chucky's face along with finding other doll parts to put him together again. I really thought this was clever for a long awaited sequel. A nice touch after what has happened during the end of the previous film. There's also great shots of Chucky being placed on a pentagram too. Plus there's campy moments on her using a book on Voodoo for Dummies which seemed fairly corny when she tries to revive him.
Then we have a scene with Tiffany and Damien Baylock together as this guy seemed dorky as well as her showing him the Chucky doll which drew me in well when he discusses that he looked so 80's as well as mocking this figure which leaves an impression that this was a bad idea to do. Then we spot a moment when he tries to seduce her and then she puts Chucky on him while she ties him up. Leaves a deadly impression that she plans to trap him. An impressive shot when this doll turns his head backwords facing Damien which seemed to pay a tribute to The Exorcist.
There was a hilarious dark humored scene when Chucky sits on Damien's face with a pillow while he does a romatnic discussion with Tiffany in which this is a torturous moment on dying slowly.
Impressive witty scene when rebellious teen Jade makes out she's going out with clean cut Dave Collins as to whether or not her uncle Police Chief Warren Kincaid approves of him or not which seemed sharply done and good one liners towards each other offering comedic timing with all three of them.
Well done moment with Tiffany out on a trailer park being charming towards her neighbor Jesse to help him with something as this flows in pretty good as well as her acting somewhat flirtatious. Shows off a nice somewhat creepiness to her friendliness especially when she asks him if he has a girlfriend.
Well set moments when Chucky plans a deadly trap for Tiffany while she's in a bathtub as the situations looked nicely intense as well as what he plans to do to her by putting her soul into a doll as the moments seemed not too shabby.
There's perect camera shots on the dolls evil faces too.
We have perfect moments with Tiffany and Chucky when they discuss on updating their killings making it seem more 90's instead of the retro 80's slashings. This was perfectly written in to keep up with today's horror standards.
Great moment with both Jade and Jesse taking off in their van going to what looks like a beer bust and then being pulled over by scumbag Officer Norton with his abusive actions as well as Chucky crawling around to plan something deadly which looked very kookie. However we have an explosion happening as this is a real attention grabber packed with lots of suspense.
Then there's a scene with both Jade and Jesse eloping and doing their honeymoon at the hotel there in which we have real cornball moments on the two dolls stripping down and getting it on with one another as well as their cheesy one liners. This seemed rather lame.
Perfect effective moment with a dorky honeymoon couple getting it on in a waterbed and Tiffany causes some glass from the ceiling to collapse and shatter with great intense shots on this and horrific moments which looked perfectly deadly to watch.
Perfect camera shot on a backdoor of a trailer with the two dolls pointing weapons towards a police car as this looked effective.
A perfect setting of a thunderstorm outside with wind that involves both Jesse and Jade with their battle against the dolls after one of them dug up Chucky's human corpse as it almost gives you that Friday the 13th Part 6 type of feel to it. Also powerful moments with Chucky being forceful towards Jade as to what to do in which this looked perfectly evil and intimidating to watch.
There's also impressive moments with the two dolls fighting against one another as this was strongly done too by using two shovels against one another.
Bottom line is that it was nice to see Chucky back in action but however, the story was leaning towards as a comedy and if you remember the previous films were nothing like that, well part 3 had some dark humour. The film was taken in a totally different direction as we don't see Andy anymore in this one and a whole new different types of characters except for Chucky of course and it's nice to know he had a long lost girlfriend after his journey with Andy.

The acting is very good as we have a good solid cast in this film. Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany) was a natural talent in this film as a sleazy killer of this film and made the perfect girlfriend of Chucky and I totally pictured her character. She performed well in a scene when she spoke lustily but deadly telling her other actor not to mock Chucky. Also knew on how to have a sleazy type of charm being neighborly in another scene as she comes across natural while behaving this way. Plus shows a great temperamental attitude in another spot which is strongly performed too. She was a worthy character actress.
Brad Dourif (Voice of Chucky) hasn't lost his style with his voice acting and knows how to do some dark comedy well too. He for sure kept up with his crude and temperamental behavior. ALso knew on how to sound intimidating and foceful. Plus was great with his sarcasm and just being naturally evil.
Katherine Heigl (Jade) seemed to pull it off as a somewhat rebellious teen as she shows a good anxious behavior when the action piles up showing a great adrenaline whenever she behaves like this. Also shows off anice fearful behavior but trying to keep it all together. She was a true force of nature.
Nick Stabile (Jesse) really got it together as the hunky guy next door offering a nice charm to his part in which he shows off a good guy attitude who's misunderstood. Seemed to come across as someone decent and convincingly likeable too. I really dug on what he did in this flick by trying to stay calm with certain moments. Shows off great energy and enthusiasm into all that he did here.
Gordon Michael Woolvett (Dave Collins) showed his stuff as a clean cut preppy type as he presents himself well during the beginning of his performance as well as coming off that he's hiding something. Also does a great job near the end of his role by freaking out and losing his mind in which he was believeable by being scared and freaking out.
We will all remember John Ritter
(Police Chief Warren Kincaid) since he's no longer with us die to a aortic dissection in the fall of 2003. He was great as an arrogant police chief and it's a shame that he was killed off halfway through this film. He knew on how to act controlling as well as just getting in your face. He for sure doesn't come across as pleasant.
Michael Johnson (Officer Norton) played a great bullying deputy as he was so dorky in his role and makes you wanna hate him. He was great by being brutal, forceful and demanding in which he brought this to reality showing off a perfect nasty energy within all that he did here. Studied this role inside out as he was believeable and wondering if he's really like this. Makes you hope that he will get what's coming to him in the end.
Alexis Arquette (Damien Baylock) was well remembered for his special appearance in which he knew on how to act like a typical idiot and goofball. Had a Marilyn Manson type of gothic look to him which is a good impression by what we spot him. Also does well with his sarcastic behavior on the Chucky doll which he got into greatly. Showed off alot of nice dorky attitude.

There's more gore in this one than in the previous Child's Play movies.
Chucky rips an earring off of a mans mouth and blood drips down.
Nails get stabbed in a police chiefs face giving him a facelift.
There's a cut off finger
A newlywed couple are bloodily stabbed by sharp broken glass
A person gets splattered by being hit by a truck

The music is composed by Graeme Revell as it sounds spectacular especially the bluesy southern guitar type playing for certain parts of the film and having a great clear echoey effect. Also alot of loud and suspenseful classical composing with the violin and trombone music. Not only that there's some great low deep keyboard playing which works in greatly for a horror flick. Plus some drumbeats and cymblas clanging as always for the suspense.

We have great songtracks especially the first one for when the opening credits start with Tifanny planning to put Chucky back together of Rob Zombie - "Living Dead Girl" as it adds the perfect touch to what is going on have a good hardcore rocking groove to the guitar riffs and the vocalising.
Another great one is the classic rock hit Blondie - "Call Me" during parts of the film that involves Tiffany doing something for Chucky in another part of the story. Another nice touch indeed as it's a fast paced tune.
Also a good moment with Chucky putting on a song from the radio in a trailer vehicle which is a stompin tune by White Zombie - "Thunderkiss 65" a fast stompin tune which has a great dark beat for what is happening in the story.
The soundtrack is very bitchin and has a balls to the wall feel to it too.

Chucky: Hi. I'm Chucky, wanna play?
Damien: Where the hell did you get this thing?
Tiffany: Got it from the cops. It's the actual doll from those murders. I... stitched him together.
Damien: You've got to be kidding me.
Tiffany: No I'm not kidding you, I...
Damien: Oh come on, Tiffany. I knew you were obsessed, but...
Tiffany: I'm not obsessed.
Damien: Chucky? He's so... 80s.
Tiffany: No he's not.
Damien: He isn't even scary.
Tiffany: Yes he is.
Damien: Look at him. What are you lookin at punk? You lookin at me?
Tiffany: Alright, so, I was wrong. I thought he'd make an... interesting toy... Damien?
Damien: Yeah?
Tiffany: Wanna play?
Damien: ...Okay

Tiffany: God, was Chucky an incredible lover! He was the best I ever had.
Damien: Oh, come on, Tiff. He ain't big enough to handle a woman like you?
Chucky: It ain't the size that counts, asshole - it's what you do with it.

Bride doll: I promise to honor, love, and cherish, till death us do part.
Chucky: You got that right!

Stoner: Rude fuckin' doll.

Diane: [picks up Tiffany] Oh Russ, have you ever seen anything so cute in your life! What an excellent idea for a wedding gift!
[picks up Chucky, disgusted]
Diane: Oh, well this one has a face only a mother could love.
Chucky: Hi, I'm Chucky, and I wouldn't talk if I were you! Hidy-ho. Hahaha.

Chief Warren Kincaid: Jade, when you're 18 you can go to hell for all I care. But until then, I'm stuck with you, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you embarass me by winding up on Jerry Springer with some trailer trash low-life.
Jesse: You fuck.
Chief Warren Kincaid: But you won't. Not Jade anyway, not anymore.

Jesse: You can't keep us from seeing each other.
Warren: I'm the chief of police, sport. I can do whatever I want. Like for example if I were to run a blood test on you tonight and the results made you look like Christian Slater on New Year's Eve, do you think anyone would question me?

Chucky: Tiffany! Where the fuck are you?
Jesse: You got company?
Tiffany: Nope, just babysitting. Foul-mouthed little fucker.

Chief Warren Kincaid: So, I've heard a lot about you, David. I understand you're off to Princetown next fall.
David: Yes, sir.
Chief Warren Kincaid: What are you gonna study?
David: Theatre arts.
Chief Warren Kincaid: But on an athletic scholarship, right? Playing hockey?
David: Figure skating.

Chucky: [Warren is hit in the face with a bunch of nails, making him look like Pinhead from Hellraiser (1987)] Why does that look so familiar?

Chucky: [looking at his knife] Huh! A true classic never goes out of style!
Tiffany: [to Chucky] That was good!

Spelling Computer: Spell "woman".
Spelling Computer: B-I-T-C-H. That is incorrect. The correct spelling of woman in "W-O-M...
Chucky: [throws spelling computer against the wall] Shows how much you know.

[Warren is trying to get into Jesse's van, and goes off for a crowbar]
Tiffany: Who the hell's this bozo? What's he doing?
Chucky: Screwing with our ride, that's what.
[pulls out knife]
Chucky: Ahh, what the hell, I need the exercise.
Tiffany: Were you born with that knife superglued to your hand or what?
Chucky: What are you talking about?
Tiffany: For god's sake Chucky, drag yourself into the 90s. Stabbings went out with Bundy and Dahmer. You look like Martha Stewart with that thing.
Chucky: Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?
Tiffany: My idol. And what does Martha tell you to do when friends drop by for dinner and you haven't had time to shop? You improvise.

Jesse: They think we're mass murderers!
David: Multiple murderers, actually. Mass murderers kill a whole lot of people at the same time, like at the post office.

Jesse: How'd you end up like this?
Tiffany: It's a long story.
Chucky: If this were a movie, it would take three or four sequels to do it justice.

Tiffany: You know me, I'd kill anybody, but I'd only sleep with the man I love.

Chucky: I give them six months, three if she gains weight.

Tiffany: My mother always said love would set me free, but I've been a prisoner because of my love for you.

Tiffany: A woman spends all day over a hot stove slaving away for her man. The least he can do is the dishes.

Chucky: Any man would need a hunk of plastic PROBABLY battery operated to get a reaction out of you in bed. And by the way, where the Hell did you learn to bake?

Tiffany: What are we gonna do?
Chucky: [Sarcastically] I don't know, what would Martha Stewart do?

Chucky: What would Martha Stewart say?
Tiffany: Fuck Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart can kiss my shiny plastic butt!

David: Oh Christ, it's Needlenose.

Chucky: Fine! Kill me! I'll be back! I always come back! But dying is such a bitch!

Tiffany: I wouldn't marry you if you had the body of G.I. Joe.
Chucky: Hey Raggedy Ann, have you looked in the mirror lately? Now's not the time to get picky.

Tiffany: Oh, Chucky, have you got a rubber?
Chucky: Tiff?
Tiffany: Yes, Chucky?
Chucky: Look at me! I'm all rubber!
Tiffany: Oh. I thought you were plastic.

Tiffany: You know, Chucky, I still have the ring.
Chucky: What ring?
Tiffany: You know, the one you left on the mantle?
Chucky: Oh, that. The one I got from Vivian VanPelt.
Tiffany: Vivian who?
Chucky: Vivian VanPelt. That ring is worth five or six grand easy.
Tiffany: You mean you weren't gonna ask me to marry you?
Chucky: What, are you fuckin' nuts?
[Laughs hysterically]

Tiffany: You know, Chucky, I still have the ring.
Chucky: What ring?
Tiffany: You know, the one you left on the mantle?
Chucky: Oh, that. The one I got from Vivian VanPelt.
Tiffany: Vivian who?
Chucky: Vivian VanPelt. That ring is worth five or six grand easy.
Tiffany: You mean you weren't gonna ask me to marry you?
Chucky: What, are you fuckin' nuts?
[Laughs hysterically]

Tiffany: [They need something from Hackensack, New Jersey] So let's go get it.
Chucky: Oh sure, I'll steer and you work the pedals. We're dolls, you dope!

[Jade accidentally knocks the head off of Charles Lee Ray's corpse]
Chucky: Bitch! You broke my neck!