The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)


Directed by: James Whale

Written by: William Hurlbut


Boris Karloff .... The Monster
.... Henry Frankenstein
.... Elizabeth
.... Dr. Pretorius
.... Minnie
Dwight Frye .... Karl

Special Appearance:

.... Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley / The Monster's Mate

Release Date: Theatrical: April 22, 1935; TCM Classic Film Festival: April 24, 2010





Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and the Monster (Boris Karlof) survive the tragic fire as Frankenstein himself wants to get out of creating living dead people but a mad scientist Dr. Pretorius () won't let him as he kidnaps his wife Elizabeth (Valerie Hobson) until he creates a bride for the Monster.


Impressive beginning to a sequel showing a thunderstorm and then Frankenstein's castle by the rocky shoreline which looked truly creepy for a start on a horror flick. Then inside the mansion we have someone acting charming towards a woman along with telling the tale of Frankenstein's creation which is a nice stat to a sequel as well since it inspired many other horror sequels to do the same thing as we see what happened as well as the villagers burning down a windmill trying to kill the Monster. THen the story starts from where the movie ended which looked clever.
Good moments with the Monster coming out from a watery area of the burnt down area and then attacking which will amuse people who like old fashioned horror flicks.
Perfect setting with Henry Frankenstein lying and looking dead with excitement and upsetting moments on people surrounding him like Elizabeth getting upset which had a good tragic setting and dramatically done by all that happens along with great moments seeing that he is alive too.
Perfect emotional and peaceful discussions between both Frankenstein and Elizabeth in his t=room together which looked catchy by what they were saying whether it was good or bad.
Many good takes on the Monster running through the wooded area as well as spotting a pretty young lady near a riverside with her cute sheep which looked nice to watch. Plus upsetting moments when the Monster tries to save her from drowning and she freaks out as well as the sheep calling in which there's good camera takes on all of this.
Perfect approach by Dr. Pretorius towards Frankenstein and his plans as to revive a mistress along with him showing his mini creatiuons of tiny characters he has in a bottle as this was a real attraction to watch along with the odd humor blended in it too. Also great crazy conversations with Pretorius towards Frankenstein which had nice timing of a mdder scientist talking a=to a mad scientist.
There's a perfect situation with the Monster entering a home of a blind hermit which leaves a nice message to not judge by the looks of someone as he seems to want to be a friend to this Monster for being lonely since it was greatly written into the story as well as perfect discussions with this hermit teaching this Monster stuff and a great moment on the Monster learning to say words as well as him being afraid of fire since we know what happened at the end of the last film.
The nice moments break this situation with villagers trying to attack the Monster and telling this hermit on who he is along with perfect suspenseful moments on his hom being caught on fire which looked incredibly effective. This was disturbing to watch.
The timing looked perfect when the Monster meets up with Pretorius and how he manages to control this beast as well as what he will do. Also a great moment when the Monster gets demanding with Frankenstein in his mansion while Pretorius plans for him to do what he wants showing a nice scene with a villain and him having control over his creation.
The best moments are yet to happen when we see these mad scientists at their work as well as a thunderstorm happening and them flying some kites to catch the lightning bolts along with things in the experiment room being active which is a real grabber to the story.
Perfect moment when Frankenstein undoes the bandages to the corpse as well as spotting the eyes as well as great shots on the Bride mysteriously looking around and screaming which is of course a classic. Plus a perfect moment on the Monster trying to talk to her and teach her. Also nice intense moments when she doesn't understand anything along with perfect moment on what the Monster has to do and a nice close up shot on him with a tear on his face which is another memorable moment that was used in this film.
Bottom line is although that I don't normally like sequels better than the original I liked this one better as there's seems to be alot more going on in this story and more excitement along with the great effects too that worked well for it's time. It's neat to see the Monster learn on how to talk as well as making orders too which I got a kick out of. Anyone who loves old fashioned monster movies this one is for you.

The acting was terrifically performed for it's time as Boris Karloff (The Monster) still knew his stuff as he does well with his powerful blocking and growly attitude. He was a force of nature for sure. Also does well acting desperate or trying to communicate with someone and trying not to lose it in which he brought this to life a great deal. Also does well trying to force out words when he is learning to talk along with getting aggressive and demanding later in in other segments. Also does well trying to teach someone else close to the end of his performance along with a good ending of his performance getting aggressive and upset too. Yes he proves worthy in his creature feature role.
(Henry Frankenstein) reprises his role nicely as well in which he does a great job acting anxioud during the beginning when he's attacked and then doing well regaining conciousness later on. Plus does a nice job with his pleasant discussions towards his onscreen romance. Also does a nice job acting intimidated onto what he has to do along with doing a nice job losing it while being exhausted while doing his next experiment. Really brings up the pace greatly when his creation awakens losing it totally offering great energy as well as acting overly happy in which he brought that to life as well.
(Elizabeth) really knew on how to draw onto the screen dramatically with her upsetting emotions as well as a good realistic surprising moment when she finds her onscreen romance is alive as well as getting into a good and serious conversation. She also does a nice job by acting romantic with him along with reacting scared when facing the onscreen Monster. She was a fiar character actress in her time.
(Dr. Pretorius) stole the show with his performance as the crazed madder scientist in which he shows great evil type of gruff expressions on his face as this shines off greatly. Also does a good job with his d=cold speaking. Plus does a terrific job adding a perfect punch with his insane and crazed action losing control with his words. Was perfect with his controlling and ruthless behavior trying to take over everything. He lived to play a super villain such as this one and had the right creepy looks and stature.
(Minnie) had a noticeable supporting role in which she does a nice job speaking coldly like someone whom is wicked along with acting nervous and anxious in other spots. She had a unique speaking voice as one of those eccentric types as well as having the perfect elderly type of looks that isn't pleasant.
(Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley / The Monster's Mate) was impressive and will always stand out n her brief supporting role in which she shows great surprised expressions and acting unsure of stuff. Does well with her screaming actions showing perfect intense energy within all of this. This actress was a classy lady and will always be seen in clips of other shows due to this role.

The music is old fashioned horror like which I enjoy sounding perfectly powerful and more concentrated than the other horror films we see today. Alot of great strong trumpet and trombone playing along with some heavy drum boomings too. Plus we hear the perfect sharp violin sounds as well as quiverring effects. Plus there's some nice peaceful moments and uplifting sounds of the classical music such as when the Bride is about to be created or when the Monster is in a ha[[y situation. Plus there's nice old fashioned quiverring and peaceful organ music when the Monster befriends with the blind old hermit. All of this was marvellously put together by Franz Waxman

The Monster: Alone: bad. Friend: good!

Villager: He isn't human. Frankenstein made him out of dead bodies.

Dr. Pretorius: Do you know who Henry Frankenstein is, and who you are?
The Monster: Yes, I know. Made me from dead. I love dead... hate living.
Dr. Pretorius: You are wise in your generation. We must have a long talk, and then I have an important call to make.

The Monster: [realizes Dr. Pretorius isn't working] WOOORK!

Karl: The kites! The kites! Get 'em ready! He wants the kites!

The Monster: You, make man... like me?
Dr. Pretorius: No. Woman... friend for you
The Monster: Woman... Friend... Wife...

Henry Frankenstein: She's alive! Alive!!!!

Dr. Pretorius: The Bride of Frankenstein.

The Monster: [Speaking to Frankenstein and Elizabeth] Go you live
[turning to Dr.Pretorius]
The Monster: You stay we belong dead.