Bride of Re-Animator (1990)


Produced & Directed by: Brian Yuzna

Written by:
Rick Fry, Woody Keith & Brian Yuzna


Jeffrey Combs .... Dr. Herbert West
Bruce Abbott .... Dr. Dan Cain
Claude Earl Jones .... Lt. Leslie Chapman
Fabiano Udenio .... Francesca Danelli
David Gale .... Doctor Carl Hill
Kathleen Kinmont .... Gloria

Release Dates:
Avoriaz International Fantasy Film Festival: January, 1990; Splatterfest Film Festival: February, 1990; Toronto Film Festival: September 8, 1990



Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) is still helping out his mad scientist friend Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) with his re-animated experiments while he's trying to help his sick girlfriend Francesca Danelli (Fabiano Udenio) get better but yet she's dying.
Herbert suggests her to be re-animated but he refuses and later on takes his word for it and almost loses his mind if he doesn't have her back in his life again once she died by using
her preserved brain and body parts scrounged from the local hospital which may change her in a bad way while others including Hebert are battling against the re-animated corpses that escaped a labratory.


I had fun watching this sequel in which it introduces some new shocking moments and having other types of events too. It still had some of the same chemistry like zombie like reanimated dead bodies as well as some cheesy argumentive dialogues between a decaptiated head of a crazy doctor against another doctor in a science lab but however there's situations with a sick patient that's dying showing some good emotions between one of the lead actors against this helpless person.
There's still dark comedy used in this film but not as much and it focuses more on the horror elements which is what I liked. Plus there's good zombie scene's that reminds me of other zombie flicks like Night of the Living Dead or even Return of the Living Dead and it works well with the timing on all of this.
Plus the mad scientist character named Herbert West turns out to be a hero a quarter way through in the film and his sidekick Dr. Dan Cain seems to go a little crazy which is a different twist to this sequel.
There's good intense discussions between both Dr. Herbert West and Dr. Can Cain in the beginning together in their tent serving a war which shows some good energy with the two of them planning out stuff.
There's some good camera shots between Dan and a doctor in which seems to work well with him trying to take care of her and then a good approach by Herbert suggesting to him she should be an experiment which Dan does well being blunt back to him.
There's a good scene with Lt. Leslie Chapman getting stern and demanding towards both Herbert and Dan talking about a situation sitting near a couch with a shot on one of the experiments wanding around him which looked funny as you wonder if he will notice.
There's nice shots on Herbert in a science lab talking to a decapitated head acting crazy and taunting towards it which looked quite impressive.
A good aggressive discussion between the decapiated head and a supporting character Dr. Graves with shots on her stuffing the decapitated head's face with an apple and almost losing it with him. This looked very slapstick but in a good fashion just like in the original.
There's a great shots on reanimated creatures ganging up on Gloria in a room covering her.
There's a nice close up shot between Dan caressing Gloria in bed by touching her breast and speaking softly to her which looked very calm and gentle like.
A great moment with Leslie trying to attack Herbert and getting obnoxious with him by trying to whack him with a shovel and nice blocking movements on Herbert dodging him.
There's a great powerful moment with Leslie being reborn into a reanimated zombielike character and being menacing towards a dog and throwing it as well as Gloria screaming and freaking out at him after she encounters this.
A nice moment with Gloria discovering her dog near a door and calling to it and then a hand grabbing her belonging to the dog now with a good shot on her looking wide eyed and screaming.
Lots of good horror moments with the main character's outside near a graveyard trying to attack others as well as Leslie coming around the corner to try and attack Gloria with her screaming.
There's many great takes between Dan and Herbert doing an experiment with Francesca lying dead on the floor in which it almost looked like a parody of mad scientists on how it was done. A good shot on Francesca rising up and then having a struggling battle with Gloria.
There's also good goofy moments with an obnoxious Lt.
Leslie Chapman acting obnoxious with everyone that blends in well with what the story is about and even acts like this once re-animated but behaving even more deadly but still offering some chuckles too proving that some good comedy can mix with horror.
Plus near the end of the film with a woman being resurrected as a reanimator looked like it was spoofing on those old fashioned monster movies such as Bride of Frankenstein which was probably what the filmmakers were trying to do.
Bottom line is this sequel meets up to the original but I'm not a huge fan of this one like the first but it has alot of effective and gruesome moments showing people having surgery and the remains of them which looks real as well as good special effects too. Anyone who's a fan of H.P. Lovecraft or the first film will probably get a kick out of this one too.

The acting is still in good shape in which there's a nice tense performance by Jeffrey Combs (Dr. Herbert West) who still knew how to behave disturbed and having a real outrageous eccentric attitude but yet he is a little more calm compared to the first flick proving he can bring some other types of characteristics to his role.
Bruce Abbott
(Dr. Dan Cain) as his sidekick still brings on a good romantic charming attitude to his behavior especially towards women as well as almost losing his mind when it came to certain crazy situations in the film. He brought out some good characterisitcs with what he had to do.
Claude Earl Jones
(Lt. Leslie Chapman) certainly knew how to bring some wit to the story as the obnoxious Lt. with his violent attitude and strong aggressions. He also does wonderfully as a reborn reanimator too by acting like a dead version of this character and going crazy. I found him to be the best supporting character actor of them all.
abiano Udenio (Francesca Danelli) was certainly convincing as a sick patient really knowing how to act groggy and out of it. She also drew attention very well as a born again reanimator with her lively attitude and aggressive and emotional behavior too. She had showed of spunk to her role indeed.
David Gale
(Dr. Carl Hill) knew how to act anxious and frusterated which he brought good timing to his dark comedy in his role and was full of life with his performance in it. He was one of the good key roles to this plot and brought it out terrifically by doing so.
Kathleen Kinmont
(Gloria) had the beautiful looks which was another key member to the film along with having a good girl type of attitude along with knowing how to act shocked and frightened too. I liked her role and she brought some good charisma to her part in it along with everyone else.

There's a brief breast shot on Kathleen Kinmont while making out in bed with a hand clapping on her breast.
There's full breasts revealed towards Fabiano Udenio lying there dead on a stretcher as well as being reborn into a re-animator.

There's many body parts and insides revealed in the science lab
There's a decapitated head
A dog's leg is torn off
A dissecting knife is cut in the middle of a dead patient
Animals insides are revealedwhile being dissected
A heart is taken out
A griuesome looking creation on a re-animator with her skin almost falling off
A body is split into many pieces

The music was brought together nicely by Richard Band with alot of nice high type synthesizer playing along with some smooth sounding clarinet and orchestral playing in which many of the sounds for this film is similar to his playing in the Puppet Master flicks which made this film sound just as effective too.