Butcher Boys (2012)


Directed by: Duane Graves & Justin Meeks

Produced & Written by: Kim Henkel
Jonathan Swift (Novel)


Ali Faulkner .... Sissy
Johnny Walter .... Bossboy
Mike Davis .... Newboy
Justin Meeks .... Caesar
Jack Lee .... Buddy
Derek Lee Nixon .... Benny
Gregory Kelly .... Amphead

Release Dates:
Fantasia International Film Festival: August 4, 2012; Austin Film Festival: October 21, 2012; Cine-City Film Festival London: November 24, 2012; Limited Theatrical: September 6, 2013




During a birthday celebration a group of friends decide to do a drag race and a tragedy happens in which they run into a gang of hoodlums that don't eat your every day meat and are on a chase with very little escape.


The beginning of the whole story before the opening credits looked rather confusing which shows some Mexicans working at a truck stand and one of them gets kidnapped by some crazies in a vehicle.
Then it shows your typical stupid everyday teenagers hanging out at a lounge and then they decide to go drag racing on a long and winding road as this looked so fun it made me want to join in on the fun. However I got a feeling that something terrible was going to happen and it just does that.
They meet up with some goons and this looked very intense in which it gives you impression that you don't want to fuck with these guys in which what they do here adding a ton of suspense and terror as well as doing something deadly that's out of the ordinary in which this isn't your everyday meat that they eat as well.
While these kids are on the run from these maniacs there's a ton of time wasters that involve this which looked at times pointless but for it gets amusing and shocking for gorehounds as well as others who like to watch cannibalism.
What looks really crazy is that these maniacs kidnap the last survivor who happens to be are lead character Sissy and she screams for help towards a police car and they notice her but don't do anything about it as this vehicle sopeeds away in which this made me wonder as if they are behind this mess which makes the plot even more creepy than ever.
These creeps take her to their hideout and boy does things look messed up as they have a hulking type of maniac chained up that looks like a humanoid which made him look quite mysterious and good make up effects on him.
Sissy is chained up and we see some sort of a surgeon checking her over as this left some tension but it didn't explain itself a great deal.
She manages to escape in a thin corridor with good intense camera shots on her trying to get away which isn't a comfortable feeling wondering if she will make it out.
Along the way there's other victims that act rather strange which seems to work in an average pace of the story but yet this seemed a bit confusing as to why they are behaving this way.
These goons then torture one of their other victims in a sick and twisted way while Sissy has to watch all of this unravel and someone who has a strong stomach or can't handle deadly or painful situations will not want to watch this moment occur but it seemed to pay a tribute to Hostel or even a moment that was used in the crime flick Hannibal.
A decent ending that involves the monstrous character than was mentioned as well as his other people out on the streets trying to get after the vehicle who saved one of the victims in the flick. Packed with good action.
Bottom line is that this was a flick written by the one who co-wrote the cult classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre in which he tried to use the same formula but it's out on the streets instead of a countryland. Plus cameos of the cast used in this one. Yet he just doesn't cut it. Some well done moments but the story is scattered and at times becomes a bit trite and a little bland.

The acting is in good shape but it is scattered and hard to know which to review but I will do my best here ... Ali Faulkner (Sissy) seemed to do well in her role in which she does well with her scared emotions as well as getting aggressive or freaking out. She was a champ into what she had to do in this flick. She was for sure a ball of adrenaline and energy. Shows great fearful expressions which comes off well onto the camera.
Johnny Walter (Bossboy) was a natural as the head of the canniballistic clan showing off a good violent attitude as well as showing great intense energy when going in for the kill. He really played a good leader of a gang of hoodlums and had the right looks and appeal for this role which was ne of the films plus.
Mike Davis (Newboy) is perfect as a mobster type out of the clan as he shows off an expressionless and emotionless type of behavior coming across as truly intimidating and a bully too. He does well with his cold speaking and comes across as believably deadly. Had the brawny looks too which was a perfect plus to his character.
Jack Lee (Buddy) seemed like a natural ham in his role but an evil one of course. Was top shelf with his spunky and sarcastic behavior. I found that he stood out the most in his supporting role. Seemed to study this role perfectly well and to anyone who saw this flick he for sure can be remembered.
Derek Lee Nixon (Benny) brought on the hype as a crazed and fast acting teen of the group in which he does well acting like a typical type of teenage rebellious kid along with acting vicious and deadly like the rest. He was for sure intimidating like the others.
Gregory Kelly (Amphead) had a powerful motive as the monstrous of the gang in which he seemed to do okay with his growling energy and just acting wild and crazy but at times it can seem a little too over the top but that's just me. He came well onto the screen for the scene's that he was in.

A woman shows off her breasts
Another breast shot is revealed during a terrifying moment

A wrist is snapped in half
Bloody face bites
Bloody neck bites
Flesh is being torn off by the top of someone's head slowly with their brain oozing out

Josh Morrow certainly did a nice job composing each scene bit by bit as he has nice drum booming and banging sounds. Also has nice screeching sounds and metal scraping type of noises too which is top shelf for the suspenseful scene's. Of course we hear the odd hissing and deep piano music too which doesn't sound too bad.