The Butterfly Room (2012)


Directed by: Jonathan Zarantonello 

Written by: Jonathan Zarantonello, Paolo Guerrieri & Luigi Sardiello 


Barbara Steele .... Ann 
.... Claudia 
 .... Julie 
.... Alice 
.... Nick 
.... Dorothy 

Release Dates: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: April 7, 2012; Night Visions Film Festival: April 13, 2012 (Finland); Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival: July 9, 2012; Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival: July 9, 2012; Cinestrange Filmfestival: August 4, 2012 Germany); Sitges Film Festival: October 5, 2012; Paris International Fantastic Film Festival: November 21, 2012 




A lady who's obsessed with collecting butterflies Ann (Barbara Steele) has a bipolar disorder as well as having a disturbed past on how she treated her daughter Dorothy (Heather Langenkamp) and develops a disturbing relationship with a spoiled brat named Alice (Julia Putnam) but will kill anyone who she comes onto to be her guardian as well when she tries to snub her. 
Ann also befriended a 9 year old neighbor Julie (Ellery Sprayberry) whom is curious in her butterfly collecting and discovers Ann's secret wall on her collection in which leads to a deadly secret of hers.


A good mysterious beginning that involved a child in a bathtub with blood forming in the water as well as a voice of a wicked mother being forceful which is a sign of nasty abuse which leaves some nice clues to a horror story on someone psychotic.
There's also a moment with someone about to fix something in Ann's apartment suite but things seem a little strange and still as this leaves an impression that this woman has a nasty trick up her sleeve. The moments look powerful by the madness that we see here. 
Then we have a rewinding look revealing footage on what we will soon see and then showing a situation that took place a month ago as this looked clever by how we all get into all of this.
A nice moment on Ann trying to be good to a little girl named Alice at a mall by buying her a doll after she claims that hers got stolen as well as having an untrustworthy feel on this child being up to her own tricks as well as later on seeing her throw it in a garbage which was a good impression that she cons people.
We have some great interactions between Ann towards another child Julie by teaching her on how to do artwork with a butterfly to a frame as well as nice uplifting interactions on Julie's mother Claudia when she arrives as the moments all looked good and natural.
We spot another moment when Ann is by herself in her suite and uses a sledgehammer to bang up a wall as this moment looked pretty psychotic or another situation when she opens a floor door to an elevator and we spot a dead body as well as her trying to cover it up before someone gets on which looked creepy as well as mildly funny.
We spot other situations when Ann is tutoring Alice and she acts somewhat abusive towards her in many different situations on teaching her to write with her right hand as this looked twisted as well as this little con brat taking advantiage of her which the moments on both ends work out pretty well.
In the story as well there's moments with Ann catching Alice with other women whom she makes out is her parent and they snub her out as well as Alice telling them that she doesn't know her which definetely grabs your attention on her nasty tricks that she plays. 
Also another nice mysterious moment is when Ann gets aquainted with a child at school and the childs parent Dorothy tells her to stay away from him which leads to wondering as to why she did so which draws you in even more as to what will unravel here. 
Nice situations on Ann talking to Monika whom is supposedly Alice's mother as this looked good and solid by what they're talking about as well as realising that Monika has one leg as well as Ann planning a deadly trap for her at the elevator which there's good shots on all of this and a clever killing moment too. 
There's also a good discussion with the landlord Nick moving something and about to open a door when Ann gets stern with him on not opening that door which leaves a nice deadly feeling on what's behind it all. Plus we have another moment with Julie discussing that a special child is hanging there which makes you cringe wondering as to what that's all about. 
Nice shot on Julie peeking at the door not to open as well as her going in there which gives you the chills by what she sees but yet we don't see anything being revealed just yet as you wonder as to what it will all be. This looked still, mysterious and quite well done drawing you in big time.
Great cringing moment when Ann tries to suffocate Claudia in a plastic outfit while pushing her in a tub of water as this was a perfectly psychological feel on imagining your worst fears on being killed in the most terrible ways. 
Plus we spot a nice shot on her dragging a dead body away which is a great horror feel to it along with Julie seeing this and her being devastated and scared as well as trying to get away which looked believeably disturbing. Plus great intensity when she tries to struggle away from Ann's suite and other situations like that which was powerfully done.
Bottom line is that this indie flick was cleverly well done and enjoyable to watch for fans who like psychotic flicks as some stuff will shock you but it's done in great taste. This flick was done by italian filmmakers who went to Hollywood to make this as it turned out great.

The acting is in very good shape as we have many horror icons from films that we all remember such as Barbara Steele(Ann) who still has the knack for what she does in which she acts deceivingly charming and generous as well as a likeable warm attitude but offers a great mysterious dark secret about her coming across as someone untrustworthy. Shows off a great stern and crazy attitude as well as showing great aggressive energy when she goes for the kill. She shows off some great adrenaline within what she did here and was the best out of the whole cast. She's been in many cult classics and knew her stuff in most of what I've seen her in. 
(Claudia) showed off a terrific bubbly type of friendly attitude in which she brings her energy to a hype as she comes across as someone perfectly likeable and generous as well as not taking no for an answer by what she offers. At times it could be too much but still gets into her wrok at a good pace. Plus does well near the end of her performance when she changes that attitude by showing her aggressive rage which looked convincing as well. 
 (Julie) showed off alot of great spunk in her role as a curious one as well as someone whom is happy and well mannered. She seemed to really get into her role greatly as a nice little girl next door type. I really liked by what she did and was believeable in everything that she did in this flick. Also does well with her freaked out and devastated attitude as it looked disturbing by how she performed this.
(Alice) really brought it on as a spoiled brat who cons people as well as taking advantage of others. Also a convincing backstabber too. She really knew on how to act manipulative as well as hoping she will get hers in the end. Yet her crying near the beginning of her performance looked terribly fake but it's hard to cry on set for alot of people. Otherwise she got her part nailed pretty good. 
(Nick) comes off powerfully with his personality as the landlord as well as having an easy going type of behavior. Yet does well when he stresses a situation by being good and serious on something as well as having the odd stern behavior too. He brought his role to life in a good way. Didn't let an ounce of energy down and a true character actor. Plus had the right looks and motives for this role too. 
(Dorothy) was a real treat with her good supporting role as it's nice to see her back in the horror film industry as I loved her work in A Nightmare on Elm Street. She does well acting paranoid or anxious in which she reacts well to being disturbed about her past along with being good and cold in other spots. Plus shows some good concerns in other areas. Brings her energy to a hype greatly in this one.

A mangled dead body is seen on the ground from an elevator passageway.
Mangled face on a dead body is revealed.
Other than this nothing that your stomach's can't handle.

The music was done in a good fashion as we have soft windy and airy type music for alot of the mysterious moments along with whooshing sounds too. Plus there's some nice sharp noises as well as the odd guitar riffs in other spots in which this offered a nice versatality into everything that we've seen in it all put together by Aldo De Scalzi and Pivio