Cabin Fever 2: Spring Break (2009)


Directed by: Ti West

Written by:
Joshua Malkin


Noah Segan .... John
Alexi Wasser .... Cassie
Rusty Kelley .... Alex
Giuseppe Andrews .... Winston
Alexander Isaiah Thomas .... Dane

Special Appearance:

Ryder Strong .... Paul

Release Dates: Fantasy Filmfest: August 21, 2009 (Germany); Screamfest: October 29, 2009



Paul (Rider Strong) from the original rises from the infected lake that carried the virus gets run over by a school bus and then the local sheriff named Winston (Giuseppe Andrews) gets called about this which seems too familiar to him and then notices that bottles of water being shipped to places that are infected by the virus going to a highschool in which he tries to prevent anyone from drinking it after he notices someone at a diner dying from the brand of drink.
Meanwhile kids at the school prepare for their prom and both outcast buddies named John (Noah Segan) and Alex (Rusty Keller) can't seem to find dates and try to help one another out.
John asks the prettiest and smartest girl out named Cassie (Alexi Wasser) he is badly bullied by her nasty boyfriend Dane (Alexander Isaiah Thomas) but suddenly the people at the prom are dying from the virus while this water was served as punch and the two of them have to find a way of surviving this.


Many good shocking camera shots with the slapstick added in the film. There's a good shot on the character Paul crawling out of the poisonous lake and limping through the woods as well as a good shot on him being hit by a school bus and a corny discussion between Winston and a bus driver on what happened along with nice shocking gross out takes on the results of what happened to this victim run over.
There's cheesy discussions between two higschool buddies walking in the hallway discussing a date to the prom with good camera takes on them walking to their classroom.
There's a zany discussion with Alex towards a supporting character who's sobbing about a break up and him talking to her and then suddenly fast paced blocking between the two of them making out as well as some shots on them getting it on in a washroom which looked extremely slapstick and a bit funny but not too funny. There's a good moment with him asking her out to the prom and she acts a little stand offish telling her about her busy schedule as well as having a flakey attitude about it all which the directing looked not too bad on this since we all know these types.
There's a good shot looking up on Winston at a diner with pancakes being served to him and then a good shot on a trucker next to him falling down and spitting out blood and acting like he's suffering with a good shot on Winston himself looking choked up not knowing what to do as well as him panicking and running out of the diner.
There's many nice quick shots on the kids at school doing zany things while going to the prom along with nice close up shots on a disco ball and the lighten up floor with people dancing.
There's a good shot on a burly girl tasting some punch while making it as well as a camera closing in on her like a killer approaching her. Then a nice approach by a thinnish bad boy type of teen hitting on her in which she reacts well being choked but happy. The point on this makes you wonder if he's trying to trick her.
There's a good moment with the two of them making out in the pool with their corny dialogues towards one another as well as her freaking out after she starts to bleed in the pool with good shots of the blood rising from the pool and him falling in which looked suspenseful.
There's a good approach by Cassie towards John at the prom acting outgoing and friendly with him. There's also a good moment at the punch table with the two of them and then Dane approaches him telling Cassie that he wants to have a private conversation with him in which you know he's about to get his ass kicked it was done that well.
There's a great moment with John getting into a screaming rage towards Cassie outside by asking what she sees in him with good shots on them separately with her acting quiet almost getting emotional and him losing it big time. This was the most energetic scene throughout the whole film.
There's many good shots on the crowd at the prom suddenly bleeding half to death or spitting out blood along with great panicked reactions on others starting a panick frenzy which was brought together terrifically.
There's many great energetic moments between John and Cassie running around the school trying to survive the madness and not get infected.
There's many good camera takes on John putting his wrist near a metal saw and Cassie turning on the machine in order to stay alive since his wrist was infected along with great graphic shots on this.
There's a good attacking moment with Dane strangling John as well as good shots on him trying to find some weapon in a room to stop this bully.
There's some great scenery in the woods with the two of them running away from other people after them which looked very fast paced.
Bottom line is that this film was taken in a totally different direction by using lots more slapstick dark comedy making you wonder if this was actually the true sequel to the original film. Plus this one looks like it was made on one of those old fashioned type's of films in a Grindhouse type of fashion too. It was a tribute and parody on those retro horror film's without a doubt and giving it a total retro feel to everything invovled including the disco dance floor.
The film has many gross outs plus it's shocking in which I wonder how many of the obscene material used in the film the makers could get away with which makes me think to myself I hope that future films will have some of this. Watch it and you will see what I mean. There's also cheesy animation used in the film to give it that old school feel too.
There's some nice struggling scene's with the two lead actors caring for one another along with alot of bullying moments too which reminds you of the kids who once bullied you at school by them getting in your face etc. along with having a reprising role by one of the main supporting character's which does prove to this flick that it's a true sequel but everything about this one is different some good and some bad.
Bottom line is this flick was very cheesy with the one liners and actions with everything but yet it can be fun to watch and a tribute to oldschool film's in which seems necessary than a bloody remake we always see nowadays. It's a comedy horror with plenty of slapstick but not as hokey like say Shaun of the Dead or even Evil Dead 2 in which the story does get serious during many moments of the film when people are infected at the prom and the lead characters are trying to survive. There's even some psychological elements similar to the 1st Saw movie which gives you a painful feeling while watching this.

The acting is quite good as we have a good performance by Noah Segan (John) as an outcast in the film but brings on a nice charming attitude to his role showing that he's not a dweeb like others make him out to be. He really showed terrific energy and raging aggressions when he needed to making his part very believeable. He's probably one of the best actors in this film and can do more gigs due to his performance in this one. He does a good job in a scene by having a nice conversation with huis fellow actress as well as him getting up the nerve to ask her to the prom and at first is hesitant about it all which looked strongly performed. In a scene he shows off great intense painful expressions and hollering when he is forced to do something. He shows great screaming reactions while screaming in and terror pain when he is being attacked and strangled.
Alexi Wasser
(Cassie) showed a nice bubbly and outgoing attitude to her role coming acorss as an all around nice one in the flick and brought out alot to the film. She also does well with her fearing attitude while trying to get away from the people out to kill her due to the virus everyone is getting really behaving intensely too.
Rusty Kelley
(Alex) definetely does well acting like a goofball in the film like he is an easy target to be picked on and not win a date for the prom. He had the right looks too with his overweight structure. He also does a good job when he is choking out his words after being infected.
Giuseppe Andrews
(Winston) reprises his role as a dimwitted sheriff and still pulls it off in this one acting like a total dork and bringing off more comedy to his role in this one. He brings out alot of anxiety throughout alot of the scene's while trying to prevent anyone from drinking the contaminated water but at times he could seem melodramatic during a certain moment in the film. He was a fair character actor.
Alexander Isaiah Thomas
(Dane) really belted it out as a school bully in the film with his terrific dominating aggressions and violent behavior too bringing all sorts of energy into everything he did in the film in which I found him to be the best supporting actor in this film. He knew a thing or two what it would be like to portray this part. There's a great blocking moment with him by grabbing his fellow actor and slamming him against a wall and threatening him to stay away from his onscreen girlfriend and really getting in his face which looks like a realistic bully towards their enemy and being forceful about it making sure he is in power. A perfect scene in the film is when he's being demanding to be let in behind a locked door as well as his nastiness on what he does when not being let in.

Regan Deal flashes her breasts in a washroom
A bunch of girls appear topless on the top of a car going to their prom
A stripper does a strip tease and then exposes her breasts with her infected skin

Gobs of body pieces are splattered in a roadway
A truck driver at a diner spits out blood and has an infected neck
Pieces of flesh and remains of it are exposed in a pool
Blood is pouring out of people at the prom
A persons face is smashed in by a fire extinguiser
A wrist is cut off by an electric saw
Lots more gross out bloody moments which can guarantee you that this is a gorefest

There's the odd suspenseful violin music which sounds nicely done and very retrostyle like along with some adventureous drum beatings too. There's also some old songtracks used from Prom Night which I loved so these people had good taste to this.