Cabin Fever (2016)


Directed by: Travis Zariwny

Written by: Randy Pearlstein & Eli Roth


Samuel Davis .... Paul
... Karen
.... Jeff
.... Marcy
.... Bert

Release Date
: Video On Demand: February 12, 2016



A bunch of teens go out on their spring break to an isolated cabin as they meet a backwoods hunter infected by a virus and then one by one they get infected as well and are started to die slowly with no escape for help.


A creepy beginning with a backwoods hunter calling to his dog only to find out what had happened but the moments afterwards were pretty corny to watch and a little over the top.
Things look average with the teens driving along a long and windy road through the countryland as well as stopping by a corner store along with a little kid named Dennis sitting there wearing an easter bunny mask as well as biting the hand on Paul when he tries to be friendly to this boy as we all kinda knew that this was going to happen but it seemed a bit rushed compared to the original but this is normal for a remake. However there's effective moments when the redneck owners making their visit unwelcoming as this looked believeably intimidating to watch.
We also have a moment with the dork Bert goofing around with his rifle as well as him saying about knowing what he's doing and then him shooting it and almost losing control which looked suspenseful and mildly comedic too.
Nicely shot scenes with Bert in the woods and seeing that backwoods hunter all scarred up trying to approach him as this added some adrenaline to the scene and you wonder if Bert will get away and not get affected by what this person has.
A nice conversation between Paul and Karen sitting near a lake as this flows well along with them jumping in and having a good time since this moment looked good and still.
Nice, dark and effective moment with the group of friends getting together telling a campfire tale as it looked strongly done and the people really getting into it as well as a nice surprise visit by an eccentric one named Grim with his dog as it adds a true mysterious moment to everything.
We get a moment when the backwoods hunter tries to enter the cabin trying to seek help as it looked mildly campy but the excitement does eventually add up when there's struggling situations as well as a good shot on him running away in flames.
Some interesting tense arguments with the friends and so fourth by what had happened as this seemed to fit into the story on not living with themselves after what had happened.
Things start up on who was affected by the virus but again we've seen it in the original as there's nothing really new to see in this damn remake as we have them put the one in the shack locked away since they won't take a risk on catching it etc. etc. but yet there's something new here with Grim's dog trying to stalk around the area and acting vicious showing it's infected as well as some of them trying to shoot their rifle to get it to leave. This was one of the only new add on's to the story which sort of works but not enough to make this flick average.
We also have a moment when Paul tries to search for help and at a reservoir the backwoods hunter leaps up and drags him in as this looked well done for a horror tale and the makers seemed to pay a tribute in the original Friday the 13th flick by how this was all done. It works though.
Another new moment that was added in was when Marcy comes out after a bath realising her skin is getting worst and pitts face to face with the dog as there's good close up shots on each of them as this looked deadly to watch and almost seemed to pay a tribute to Cujo in this matter. This scene was well shot.
Also a perfect vengeful scene with Jeff by what he does to those redneck store owners as this looked brutal and powerful to watch all of this happening but yet someone gets to him as well which was of course seen in the original.
Bottom line is that the original was made not too long ago and yet they do a remake on this???? I seriously know what I'm talking about on remakes being overrated as this is getting to be ridiculous!!!! Shows proof that Hollywood is running out of ideas. When I was going to watch this flick I was hoping for another sequel although they were getting more and more disappointing. It's the same old story over again with the character's looking a wee bit different. If you'v seen the original you're not missing out much on this one except for the new twists that I've mentioned here.

The acting is is pretty good in which we have Samuel Davis (Paul) playthe level headed one of the bunch in which he seemed to be pretty passable by being this way as well as doing well with his discussions and showing a good friendly behavior with others. Shows it off well when the terrors start to happen just being on the ball with this. Seemed to pull it off well by almost losing control on having no choice but to kill his loved one. He did all of this in fair taste.
Karen) shows off a nice pretty girl type of appeal while seeing her performance. Offers some nice outgoing type of behavior as well as showing someone with some nice intelligence to what she's talking about along with getting into a good conversation in a scene at a lake. Plus was great crying uncontrollably when she gets infected and acts like a perfect basket case too. Knew on how to act out of her mind too when this is happening adding a good psychological element to her performance.
(Jeff) pulled it off well as one of the serious and arrogant teens in the flick showing off a good powerful behavior as well as offering great aggressions when the intensity happens with the terrors. He seemed to present himself well within all of this and showing nice energy. He had the right looks and appeal to the part which was another bonus.
(Marcy) shows it off okay with her seriousness as well as offering a good no nonsense attitude. Seemed to be well alerted to things that were happening and offered some decent energy too whenever she needed to do something. Also does a great job when she is infected crying out intensely and totally losing it which looked good as she does this at a full thrust.
(Bert) seemed to show it off the most playing the typical no brained idiot in the film and was believeably outspoken too. Does well acting like he's on dope by how he reacts to stuff. Also was great showing his aggressions when the terror hits as well as showing a good fearful attitude along with doing a good job being sick while being infected and trying to hide it all. Seemed to do okay as a character actor and had the dimwitted looks which was a nice extra to the role.

Nadine Krocker exposes her breasts and but sideways while doing a lustful act and then showing it more so in another lustful scene during another part of the flick. OPlus shows off her scarred nude body while going outside and freaking out.
Samuel Davis briefly exposes his butt during a lustful sequence.

Bodies are getting scarred with pieces of flesh being peeled off.
Body pieces are exposed.
Shovel is stabbed through someone's throat.

The music by Kevin Riepl was marvellous and dark sounding. Just right for a horror flick as he borrows the theme heavily during the near beginning of the film with the teens driving along from the opening score of The Shining which makes me wonder if he paid for that copywright but it was necessary since the footage looked similar and knowing the terror will hapen later on even if it was supposed to be a happy travel to the cabin. Also there's alot of good low echoey sounds on the keyboards sounding perfectly gloomy as well as rusty and hissing noises too which adds some nice horror touches. Also decent orchestral classical playing sounding smooth and clear.