Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)


Directed by:

Written by: Jake Wade Wall


Mitch Ryan .... Marcus
Brando Eaton .... Josh
Ryan Donowho .... Dobbs
Sally Duran .... Camila
Sean Astin .... Porter
Currie Graham .... Dr. Edwards
Joe Hoover .... Chuck Edwards
Jillian Murray .... Penny
Lydia Hearst .... Bridgett

Release Dates:
Direct-to-DVD: February 6, 2014 (Germany)



An engaged man Marcus (Mitch Ryan) celebrates his bachelor party with his friends but has a deep dark secret and they all decide to go on a boating cruise to an isolated island. While they end up swimming in the coean they end up being infected by it as well as discovering that the island isn't private at all and a home to a lab carrying a deadly flesh eating virus has just escaped containment. Now everyone on the island has to fight not only to survive the outbreak, but also to survive each other.


Things looked good and dark for the beginning of the film in which we have some crazy situations involving Camilla towards Porter in a quarantine laboratory inn which things go crazy with him as well as victims infected going berserk as the screeen looked good and dark while we spot all of this happening and the intensity looking perfect for a horror film. Yet the moments here looks different compared to the first two making you think that this is a different film alltogether.
There's some uplifting moments with a group of friends having a bachelor party in Mexico as well as a cheesy mysterious situation on some sort of a gypsy woman giving one of the friends something for protection as this makes you wonder as to why this moment occurs.
Then things look more fun when the bachelor party really starts to happen when they cruise on their boat for drinking and joking around as well as the engaged guy Marcus having a deep dark secret and their friend whom is considered one of the guys is nearly topless trying to talk to him and coming on strong towards him as this leaves you an impression that he had an affair with her which was well put in to the stoory and making you wonder if he will give in to her again when we carefully watch on what's going on here.
Perfect moments with both Penny and Josh snorkelling near an island as there's nice shots on the two of them as well as them discovered rotting fish and dead bodies in the water as thiss for sure makes you cringe since we know in the first two films as to how the people were infected by the contaminated water in the lake now we spot it in the ocean as you get a creepy feeling that these two will be the next to be infected spoiling their vacation big time.
There's also a sex scene performed by them when he gives aural to her as well as what we spot on his face which looked quite gruesome as well as the terror starting to happen when they both realise as to what is happening between the two of them as the story looked highly energised.
Also when one of them calls for help on their cell you get a vibe that it's the people from the quarantine room as the story gives you a sinking feeling that they're in for a trap.
Also we spot a terrifying situation and a good close up shot when Josh tries to help Penny up from her tent and then a gruesome moment starts to happen as her infection is worst which looked good and graphic. This will please you horror fans who love horror violence big time.
More intense situations with some infected people in the quarantine room being violent and spitting out blood towards a scientist woman named Bridgett as this looked effective as well as knowing that she will be next.
Also got some great dark scene's involving the group trying to get to the laboratory as we spot |Marcus cautiously going to open a door preparing himself as to what's behind it. Although there's good close up shots on this and trying to make this moment well focused it just doesn't cut it right with the suspense involved. However later on a great dark shot on an infected scientist charging at them which looked effective for the horror in this flick. Also a great moment with another infected scientist pointing his gun towards Dobbs with him being cornered as you wonder if he will succeed in firing which you carefully watch on what's going to happen next.
Plus we have a great strong three way dispute with Dobbs telling Josh about Marcus' dark secret as this looked energised watching each of this moment happening.
A perfect and grissly moment in the film is when we spot a catfight between Bridgett and Penny whom are both badly infected and the gruesome results to their brawling which iss another pleaser for gorhounds to watch as this is horror violence at it's finest.
A perfect strong moment with a scumbag Dr. Edwards pointing a gun towards both Marcus and Camilla with a perfect dark shot on this which looked suspenseful to watch wondering if he will kill these two that it looked powerful on what this bad ass was saying.
However while watching all of this it looked great but it starts to drag big time and becoming pointless to watch later on.
Bottom line is that this film doesn't really have anything to do with the first two films and a totally different environment filled setting too. Just having the contaminated water making these people infected that's about it. This may disappoint you fans a great deal.

The acting stands out pretty solid as lead actor Mitch Ryan (Marcus) knew his stuff quite well as the troubled fiance in which he adds a good outgoing personality but yet offers a great sseriousness tooo as well as him gettng enraged during a scene that involves someone bringing out marijuana as he acted totally natural within this. Does well getting aggressive too which he adds some decent energy within this. Plus shows a great anxious attitude when the terror strikes him just bringing it all out which looked great as well. He was natural and had the right looks for this part too.
Brando Eaton (Josh) was great with his guy next door jock type of appeal along with his bubbly type of outgoing attitude too which shines off  well. He also shows a great shocked expressions during a certain ppart of the story which he does naturally as well as him freaking out too. He adds alot of charisma intoo everythiing that he does in this film making everything effective and worthwhile. Another true character actor.
Ryan Donowho (Dobbs) was a perfect ball of energy and enthusiasm inn which he offered a great insecure type of behavior when things go wrong and just freaking out a great deal offering a perfect intensity in which he was also great by acting perfectly demanding with whatever he did here. He pullled the bull by it's horns in his role and seemed to make his part come off nicely onto the camera.
Sally Duran (Camila) shows a great powerful Spanish accent and was very sharp with what she did into the story anbbd focused well by whom she was talking to which also looked great. Does well on handling dangerous situations into the story making things look good and nautral as well. Had the right looks for the part she played and studied this role well making it a nice key role to the story.
Sean Astin (Porter) was another great key role to the story making himself act sane but losing control too as he comes across as perfectly powerful in his blocking while acting violent as well as acting perfectly heroic too later on in the story as his part looked perfectly enjoyable when we see him in action. |It's surprising that we see him accept work in a film like this one. He made his presencee look incredibly different compared to what other work that he's done. Way to go.
Currie Graham (Dr. Edwards) was superb playing a bad guy as he comes across clearly that he's not to be trusted and was perfect by acting deceiving. Seemed to do okay by taking a swing at someone too which looked surprising and unexpected. Also does well by speaking coldly and aggressively while pointing a gun at someone which shines off nicely as well. Was great speaking weakly in pain during the end of his performance as he was dead on with this too.
Jillian Murray (Penny) does a nice job blending in with tthe guys by being that type of woman. She also does a nice job by trying to come on strong towards somebody else too. Does a great job by acting shocked and freaking out after spotting something terrifying as well as really acting intense while getting infected. Was terrific acting like a zombie with her speaking near the end of her performance as well as doing a nice job lashing out too.

Jillian Murray briefly exposes her breasts while she's inside a room of a boat talking to someone while she's taking off her bathing suit.

Body parts are seen on the bottom of an oceanside.
A picture of someone's back is torn off.
Lots of bloody moments as well as people vomitting blood.
A woman's arm is torn off.
Torn out eyeballs are exposed.
Flesh from a person's face is torn off.
A woman's mouth is torn off after revealing herself.
Two infected women are getting in a catfight and pieces of their bodies get torn apart.

The music sounded perfectly dark and fits the movie a great deal in which we hear great low sounbds and groaning effects as well as screechy music and metal scratching too. Plus there's some good stick tapping and jungle type beats too sounding typically traditional for the film. Also some low grungy trombone playing too sounding perfectly strong all put together by Kevin Riepl.