Camp Dread (2014)


Written & Directed by: Brad Sykes


Jennifer Ritchkoff .... Tricia
Garrett Clancy .... Worth Milligan
Missy Ray Hansen .... Adrienne Palmer
Ken X .... Shemp
Mark Overhalt .... Lance
Timothy Patrick .... Todd
Sonya Joy Simms .... Vanessa
Patrick Thomas .... Patrick

Release Date: Direct-to-Video / DVD: October, 2000



A year after the incident at Camp Blackwood, the survivor Tricia (Jennifer Ritchkoff) is sent to an asylum accused of the murders by the killer clown whom she killed in order to not be killed herself.
She is tormented by nightmares of this incident but a flakey casting director named Worth Milligan (Garrett Clancy) offers her a deal to shoot a movie on her incident of these murders.
She is hesitant but then she accepts. However, one of the actresses named Lola (Lisa Marie Bolick) who got the part playing Tricia gets murdered by a killer in a clown mask and then Lola is reported dropped out of the film.
After a replacement is found named Adrienne Palmer (Missy Ray Hansen) they all go to Camp Blackwood to film the movie.
However, the clown starts to hack away the people involved with the film mysteriously one by one and finds out people are being slaughtered. They try to escape and quit the film but they discover that Worth is murdered and is on a trail for the others.
Once again Tricia must try to survive the woods again before she is slaughtered by this maniac.


We spot a terribly trashy beginning involving two teenage campers and one of them talking about the story on what happened there as well as the boyfriend trying to scare his girlfriend wearing a clown mask and suddenly the real killer doing them in as this was terribly done and seemed to be a ripoff tribute to a scene in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.
We also have another scene involving the original character Tricia in the woods and then seeing the killer clown rising from the grave and ready to kill her with interesting close up shots on this but yet this looked trashy to watch as well as this seeming to be yet another ripoff tribute but this time with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and then she wakes up from a nightmare and in the asylum. The makers tried to make this moment work into the film but it fails to do so.
We spot a trashy discussion with Worth Milligan towards Tricia in trying to get her out of the asylum to shoot his fact based movie on what happened to her but yet seemed to work in okay showing an untrustworthy type.
There's moments when Worth auditioning cast members whom are terrible along with his perverted drunken sidekick Shemp acting perverted in which this was supposed to make you laugh but it doesn't and it's really annoying to watch.
Also we have a killing scene with a woman in her home and the killer clown strangles her as this looked very lacking and not intense as it was supposed to have been.
We have a moment with Worth blackmailing Tricia before she knew on what she was getting herself into as this for sure was decently put in since we've met those types during one lifetime or another.
Also we spot the many moments with Worth trying to make his film and the many oddballs behind it looking dysfunctional and unorganised as we knew many flakey wannabe filmmakers in the industry like this as it was once again supposed to look funny but falls flat big time.
However we do spot a moment with one of the crew members smoking dope and then spotting the clown killer in which he thinks is one of the actors only to get slayed by him as this was not too bad of a slashing moment for a no budgeter.
Also there's effective moments surrounding a campfire with Tricia discussing on what happened while going to camp with good shots on her and then going into the flashback segments from the first film but this doesn't look all that great when we get into what happens.
More interesting slayings with the clown killer since it's an improvement compared to the original flick and nice shots on what goes on here.
We do spot a nice shot on the killer murdering someone with their face down in a puddle as this was impressive to watch.
Then we get to the nitty gritty which seemed rather pointless as Tricia is tied up with dead bodies surrounding her and the killer revealed in which this was supposed to look dark and vengeful but was too cheesily done as well you could tell the people playing the corpses were fidgeting or breathing during their close up shots as the makers weren't concentrating on what they were doing here.
Bottom line is that this is yet another terrible film but it's a tiny bit better but not much. The murder scenes with the clown killer looked a little more convincing this time plus there is a great nightmare sequence involving Tricia of the clown rising from the grave which looked perfect but then it all goes downhill afterwards. There's scene's with the two bimbo filmmakers looking sloppily done adding comedy to the story but it's not at all funny. It's really sad that these flicks lacked a good plot with better effects to make it watchable as this one is another sleeper. There's even a character named Adrienne Palmer which is of course Adrienne King and Betsy Palmer from Friday the 13th but this is no clone.

The acting is still very trashy but not as bad as the first film however it isn't a great improvement.
Jennifer Ritchkoff (Tricia) returns and seems to pull her weight okay but she's not terrific by any means. Seemed to do a good job by acting pissed off adding convincing energy. She also does well getting into her campfire story adding a perfect seriousness towards all of this. However when she screams or gets scared on stuff especially when she gets attacked is once again lacking terribly.
Garrett Clancy (Worth Milligan) is too much playing a filmmaker and doesn't have me convinced at all that he can get into character. However he does come across as someone whom is untrustworthy and is good at acting like a complete douchebag from time to time. He had the okay motive as one of those scumbags who doesn't know what he's doing since I've known those types before.
Missy Ray Hansen (Adrienne Palmer) seems to show her stuff as a person who is kind and speaks her mind too and is the best out of the bunch as well as doing well by speaking her mind or showing a pissed off attitude too. She also seemed to do okay with her cold speaking near a quarter way of her performance.
Ken X (Shemp) really annoyed me but seemed to do an okay job by acting hammered as well as acting like a fool or dork along with someone who can't get his act together or unsafe to be around with his horny behavior. So he had certain okay motives for this but was way over the top in alot of scene's by acting like this. Had the okay redneck and gothic looks for his role though.
Mark Overhalt
(Lance) was fair as his role as one of those dimwitted by charming types of teenage actors who comes on too strong as this shows off pretty well. At times he's a bit rusty within his performance and others focuses pretty well within whatever he did here. Seemed to show off well onto the camera.
Timothy Patrick (Todd) was stiff within his role but does show off an insecure behavior in which he comes across as those types you don't feel comfortable around and a flakey type so he tried his best as you could tell with his energy within all of this but yet was a bit wooden within his characteristics especially when he freaks out.
Patrick Thomas (Patrick) was one of the worst out of the whole cast with his crazy type of behavior acting way too over the top and not acting like a natural at all. Yet seemed to come across as someone who doesn't take his job seriously and comes across as a typical annoying idiot.

Gorgeous actress Lisa Marie Bolick takes a shower full nudity from top to bottom revealed with breast implants. Of course we need this for a trashy slasher film

A womans throat is bloodily slit and her boyfriend has a machette through his chest.
Bloody stabbings (Looks soooo fake)
A hand is bloodily chopped off (A fake looking prop)
A machette stabs through a lady's head and then is stabbed in a directors head the next day
Another throat is bloodily slit
A mans eyes are stabbed out by a broken beer bottle (This one looks a little more realistic)
A womans face is badly burned

The music is again composed by Ghost and has sharp sounds almost in a cheesy Friday the 13th way. However, during the beginning of the movie it sounded terrible. There's some good effective low sounds though as well as scraping and hissing sounds which works in well and the synthesizer music which was decent and fairly okay to hear while watching the film. Many different sounds iused in this flick compared to the first one as well as it showing nice timing for the killings.

Worth: We're almost there
Tricia: I know
Worth: Bring back any memories?
Tricia: I never thought I'd come back here again
Worth: I know it's painful Tricia but... look on the bright side... When this is over, you'll be able to clear your name
Tricia: And you'll have a hit movie
Worth (Chuckles): Yeah... What can I say? A best stroy is a true story, and that's what we're making.

Adrienne: Are you okay?
Tricia: Yeah, yeah I was just thinking
Adrienne: Well don't think too long we got tents to put up??

Worth: Where are you going?
Adrienne: Home
Worth: After all I did for you???
Adrienne: Oh yeah... Well allow me to express my gratitude for you (She gives him the finger)