Camp Blood 3 (2005)


Written & Directed by: Brad Sykes


Stephanie Mathis .... Jessica
Phil Lander .... Russ
Erin Holt.... Kat
Adam Van Conant .... Nolan
Denise Lorraine .... Mel
David Alan .... Tony Mercer

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: September 13, 2005




A new reality TV show is in production as 5 young contestants go to Camp Blackwood to try to be the last one in the area and to win a million dollars for spending the night there and to try and survive.
The show is hosted by a man named Tony Mercer (David Alan) he hires a woman named Ingrid (Janelle Herrera) to welcome the contestants as well as hiring a man named Griff (Jeff Swarthout) to dress up as the killer clown to scare the contestants to see if they will run away from the area.
However, both of them get killed by a killer in a clown mask with a machette.
Most of the contestants never knew what went on there but one of them named Nolan (Adam Van Conant) tells them what has happened there.
Suddenly one by one they are slaughtered by the clown as they assume it can be one of them doing the deadly deeds.


We have an amusing moment with Tony Mercer getting ready ofr his reality show behind the controls and so fourth which looked impressive by how he does stuff as well as speaking on the mic towards his contestants on what to do as there's nice circling camera shots on the contestants listening to all of this.
We have some mildly interesting moments with the contestants getting aquainted with one another but their interations seem fairly wooden when we continue to watch all of this.
There's a cheesy moment between Rick whom is supposed to be the actor killer clown pitted against the actual killer clown as well as him using martial arts on this killer which wasn't as powerful as it was intended to be. We kinda get the feeling though on who will lose this battle.
Also we spot a moment when one of the contestants named Russ is trying to grab something in the tree and a camera pans on him with a mild jumping moment that we spot here as I will give a bit of a good pointer on this. There's also other jumping moments here and there which is different for this flick and in a good way but not enough to save it from bombing.
Also we have an interesting moment with Nolan discussing the survivor from the last two flicks which was nicely put in proving that this one too was a sequel as well along with discussing as to what became of this person. However we spot a flashback sequence with a model and a photographer and her doing sexy poses which took way too long and an excuse to fill in the time.
A nicely done moment with Nolan going out of his tent at night and hearing something as well as being pitted against the killer clown which is nice to see a deadly moment taking place at night.
When the gang finds out some disappearances the next day as well as their freaked out and scared moments by all of this this looked awfully stale. Also we spot a moment between Russ and Mel thinking that each one could be a suspect as this almost worked in well but seemed to need a bit of a push while spotting all of this.
A real effective moment though is when Jessica freaks out rthinking that Mel is the killer and the clown killer creepily approaches behind Jessica and Mel tells her to turn around which is of course a peer pressuring moment wondering if she's being tricked which keeps you in suspense as well as fearing her safety too w=since someone really is appraching her.
Things looked rather annoying when Jessica tries to get away from the killer clown fearing for her life and trying to find help which got on my nerves which looked like a bimbo being freaked out.
Also there's the final moments when Jessica is fearing for her life with the killer clown cornering her in Tony's studio which didn't look at that shabby but we've seen this before in other slasher films.
Bottom line is that this was the best one but by no means is it a compliment. It almost saves from bombing simply because there's a couple of effective scene's in it than in the last two and taken in a totally different direction too but yet it's still a bomb regardless. This is easily a ripoff to Halloween: Resurrection but in the woods instead of the Myers house.

The acting is is fairly descent this time. They really worked hard on this one for it's bad plotline. Stephanie Mathis (Jessica) was incredibly annoying in her performance however in which she only seemed to have the right looks as one of the innocent types in a slasher flick but seemed very childish with her characteristics and a typical bimbo by what she does. She was overly annoying when she cries, screams or freaks out and being too over the top within all of this. She really got to me and needed serious acting lessons.
Someone who stands out is supporting actor
Phil Lander (Russ) with his macho attitude and was passable with his violent behavior as well. He offers a nice and charming romantic attitude towards his fellow actrress which he seemed to bring to life a fair deal. Also does well with his cocky attitude too. Whenever he acts anxious when the terror strikes him he is at times off though. Yet had the perfect looks and motive for whatever he had to do here so this was a nice plus.
Erin Holt (Kat) had a convincingly bubbly and friendly behavior in her part of the story and was energised too. But at times she really gets carried away within whatever she did. In other words was over the top too especially when she gets upset and trying to run away as well as being forceful which looked sloppily done within her blocking.
Denise Lorraine (Mel) was one of the best performers in the film as she comes across as perfectly mysterious in her role as a somehwat outsider and a convincing suspect for how she does stuff. She shows great anxious energy and trying not to lose it which looked lifelife. Had the right appeal and looks for all of this.
David Alan (Tony Mercer) was also convincing too and made a great reality show host which was his role in the film of course as he portrays one of those cocky types as well as showing off a great greedy type of behavior. He was a conving louse and reminds you as one of those people who cares about nothing but fame. He was probably the best out of the whole cast here as he came off onto the camera perfectly.

We have an actress named Athena Demos during a flashback sequence as a model and she pulls down her top fully exposing her breasts

A spike goes through a man's eye
A machette is stabbed in a guys stomach
A mans hand is cut off
We have lots of fake blood

The music this time composed by Terry Huud in which he does a great job for the most part having the low sounds as well as alot of jungle drumbeats for the running scene's but yet we've heard this many times in other films too. Some great banging sounds for the jumping scene's which is different in a good way for this one. However we do hear some chiming sounds which was very raw sounding and lacked alot. Near the final moments with the killer we hear different music including a screeching sound as this was very catchy to hear.

Jessica: Jesus! Why'd you sneak up on me like that?!
Russ: Sneaking??? I heard a voice and came to check it out. You always talk to yourself like that?
Jessica: Only when I'm strolling through famous crime scenes
Russ: Well don't be too afraid... Yet. We still got 22 hours left to go
Jessica: Don't remind me
Russ: I'm Russ
Jessica: Jessica (They shake hands)
Russ: You here for uh... spending a night at Camp Murder... or whatever the hell it's called? (Jessica nods) C'mon I'll show you to the others.

Tony Mercer: (Speaking on a wakie talkie to Griff) Send in the clown
Griff: On my way

Nolan: People were killed here Russ. 17 people to be exact.
Russ: Not again... What are you some kind of freakin' historian
Nolan: No, I did a little reading before coming out... First massacre was in 99. Two couples came out on the weekend for a little fun in the sun. Little did they know, their own tour guide was a deranged murderer... Dressed as a clown she ended up killing 7 people... Only a woman named Tricia Young survived... A year later, Tricia was hired as a technical advisor for a low budget movie filming in this same woods. Then, the murders began. Turns out it was one of the crew. Once again dressed as the clown. Only Tricia was escaped with her life after setting the killer on fire. But even after all of that... it still wasn't over... Not yet... A few months after the second round of murders, a Belgian fashion designer for his model came down to the woods near Camp Blood not knowing where they were. They found out soon enough.