Camp Fear (1991)


Written & Directed by: Thomas Edward Keith


Vincent Van Patten .... Professor Hamilton
Betsy Russell .... Jamie
Peggy McIntaggart .... Tiffany
Mike Diamant .... Frog
Minday Myer .... Mellissa
George 'Buck' Flower .... Wino
David Homb .... Bill
James Kratt .... Ace
Nels Van Patten .... Speedy
Tin Ron .... The Druid

Special Appearance:

Michelle Bauer .... Dorm Girl

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1991



Professor Hamilton (Vincent Van Patten), his girlfriend Jamie (Betsy Russell) and his other dorm students go away campin out in the mountains but are warned by a drunken storekeeper along the way named Wino (George 'Buck' Flower) that evil demons are resenting in the area.
The gang is also troubled by a bunch of bikers lead by Frog (Mike Diamant) but still they go on their trip only to discover that near a cave of the woods there's an evil Druid (Tin Ron) with his lake monster who plans to do sacrifices with a virgin woman due to a legend of the apocalypse happening before the millenium occuring.


The beginning seemed to look incredibly trashy when we spot dorm girls getting up in the morning and taking off their clothes to try and take a shower as well as focusing on bathing their bodies too since we often see this in those typical cheesy low budget horror flicks. Almost reminds me of spotting something in Slumber Party Massacre or Sorority House Massacre on how this was all set out. Plus we have others whom are snobby on going to camp with leaving the others behind which needed a bit of improvement as it doesn't seem natural enough here.
We spot a scene with the lead character Professor Hamilton teaching his class and using humor but again this seemed tway too planned out and not looking natural or believeable but what was all going on here.
However things seemed to be entertaining nonetheless when someone announces a cancellation of a band at a pub and then starts singing karaoke which the music sounded groovy but the singer seems to be lipsynching when you watch her by doing all of this.
There's a moment when some bikers try to cause trouble for Hamilton and his gang of women when going travelling up to the mountains as this was supposed to look a bit intense but seems to weaken a little with the interactions on everyone but yet it seemed convincing enough that trouble was about to happen.
We spot a situation with Hamilton and his women spotting a campground with an indian warning about demons in the woods and not being welcomed there as this moment looked a bit amateurishly done as this moment was supposed to look serious and it fails to do so.
There's a terribly long and pointless close up shots between Hamilton and Jamie when they're making out in the doos looking like they're taking their clothes off. Ho hum.
We spot a moment with one of the character's Tiffany wandering in the woods and something grabs her which was supposed to make you jump but misses by a longshot and seemed a little too obvious while spotting on what's going on here.
There's yet a good and intense moment when one of the bikers named Speedy getting violent with two women in the forest in which this looked carefully focused and shot by how this was all put together here. Also neat cheesy effects on some lake monster approaching and gobbling up Speedy as well as nice dark shots on a Druid approaching the two women with them screaming and nice misty shots as well which certainly adds a nice low budget touch to the horror story here.
Well done moments with Hamilton getting tough against the bikers in which there's some nice action on all of this as well as good camera shots on this too within everything here.
Nice one liners with Tiffany in a cave telling her friends all on what's going on here and why the Druid is doing all of this stuff and preparing for a virgin sacrifice as it seems nice to put into a horror story such as this one while we contine to watch on what goes on here.
Perfect dark and misty camera shots on Hamilton being pitted against the Druid as well as good close up camera shots on Jamie with the terror happening to her as these moments looked fairly strong for a low budgeter such as this one.
There's a moment with one of the bikers in the lake and something attacking him while being dragged down but this scene looked terribly amateurish to watch but yet we spot the lake bubbling with blood which looked impressive.
A great close up moment between the Druid towards Tiffany with calm reasoning towards her when he forces her to drink something as this looked perfectly focused and mysterious to watch as well.
There's a perfect setting when the sacrifice is about to happen outside of the cave with neat cheesy close up shots on things. Also great struggling moments with everyone trying to save the women against the Druid which looked pwerfully done as well as nice effects shots on the Druid being caught on fire and running wild when this happens which should entertain all you horror fans who are watching these moments occur.
Bottom line is that it's a film so bad it's good. Starts off looking lame but it really improves when the horror starts to kick in like the Druid attacking or other creepy stuff like that. It's definetely a film to enjoy if you like retro low budget cheesy horror flicks. The Druid almost looked like a tame version of the character from Toxic Avenger but this one was way more serious than that flick with the odd corny humor in it. This flick was close to becoming a sequel to Cheerleader Camp but the makers changed their minds thankfully as that film was better left buried and forgotten. This story in itself has nothing on that one but a couple of the same cast members. That's it. Worth checking out if you're into enjoyable obscure horror movies.

The acting is a little mixed with good and not so good performances. Lead actor Vincent Van Patten (Professor Hamilton) seemed to ull it off pretty well even if some of the scene's he had to do looked fairly cheesy. Tried to add some good humor and enthusiasm while teaching his class. Also does a good job while trying to be cool when the onscreen bikers seem threatening and defienetely does a good job while acting tough as well letting alot of great energy come out of him. Also does well when doing a running around or going into battle. He just draws every ounce of characteristic's into his part here driving a great force here. I found him to be the best out of the cast.
Betsy Russell (Jamie) seemed to pull of her role okay as she adds some nice enthusiasm as the main character in the story adding a decent outgoing type of behavior as well as really drawing her attention to the suspense that's going on around her. She for sure let's out some good screaming when she is about to be attacked or kidnapped. She did what she had to do throughout her performance here.
Peggy McIntaggart (Tiffany) got on my nerves a bit as she seemed a little too much with her sarcasm as whiney type of attitude. Seemed to try too hard to get into character but she wasn't overly terrible in her performance either. Seemed to do okay when acting sick while being forced to drink something as well as not too shabby when she is in a trance and acting emotionless. That's about it.
Mike Diamant (Frog) seemed to have the right masculine looks to portray the biker leader and certainly draws his attention onto the screen while getting into someone's faces. Yet his menacing attitude needed to be a little more convincing in which he doesn't seem intimidating enough here. Does an okay job with his blocking while performing a fight and situations like that. Also shows a good sypathetic attitude towards close to the end of the movie while acting like a hero with what he had to do.
George 'Buck' Flower (Wino) portrays a drunken paranoid idiot as he often plays these types of roles and usually does a good job while doing so but not so much here as he's way too over the top and gets way too carried away with his freaked out attitude. I'm sorry but he needed some coaching within his character here. Made me wonder if he wasn't happy in his part and was forced to do his performance.
Nels Van Patten (Speedy) really drew attention big time onto the screen with his craziness and hyperactive behavior. Shows a perfect cackly laughter as he can potray a maniac quite well with what he had to do. Really jumped inot action a great deal while terrorising someone. He was the most energetic one out of the whole cast here.
Tin Ron (The Druid) seemed to really show off his presence well while acting monstrous and powerful while getting menacing with others as this draws your attention. Knew on how to get into battle a great deal too with his blocking. Plus shows a nice calmness and silent motive in a certain spot which adds a nice versatality into his role here.

Numerous actress' who play dorm members take off their tops with breasts exposed while getting ready for the day and waiting to take a shower. Some are exposed in the shower with their butts revealed too as well as their breasts.

A woman's throat is slit with fake looking blood splurting out during a sarcrifice

Some good guitar riffs for when the adventureous moments starts to occur especially with the bikers wanting to have some wild fun. Also we hear the odd hissing sounds as well as some cheesy ghostly synthesizer type music which fits in for the low budget horrors that goes on in the story too. There's alot of drum type playing for alot of the struggling moments and terrorising that goes on which sounded average and could've added more energy to what was happening but yet not sounding terrible either. There's also some cheesy classical violin type synthesizer playing too which didn't seem to do too much as well. All in all it really suited the story by all that was happening making the story enjoyable to watch.