Candyman 3: Day of the Dead (1999)


Directed by: Turi Meyer

Written by:
Turi Meyer & Al Septien


Tony Todd .... Candyman / Daniel Robitaille
Donna D'Errico .... Caroline McKeever
Nick Corri aka Jsu Garcia .... David de la Paz
Alexia Robinson .... Tamara
Mark Adair-Rios .... Miguel Velasco
Lupe Antiveros .... Abuela
Elizabeth Guber .... Det. Jamie Gold
Rena Riffel .... Lena
Ernie Hudson Jr. .... Det. Jamal Matthews
Wade Williams .... Lt. Det. Samuel Deacon Kraft
Mike Moroff .... Tino
Robert O'Reilly .... L.V. Sacco

Release Dates:
Made-for-Cable: July 9, 1999; Limited Theatrical: August 11, 1999 (France); Made-for-Cable: January 1, 2004 (Finland)



During a day of the dead ceremony which occurs every year after Halloween in the city of Los Angeles, the Candyman (Tony Todd) haunts an artist named Caroline McKeever (Donna D'Ericho) as she constantly has nightmare's about her mothers suicide and her roomate Tamara (Alexia Robinson) tries to convince her that there's no Candyman.
However one of her employers at an art gallery named Miguel Velasco (Mark Adair-Rios) does a show for an audience using Caroline to say the Candyman's name 5 times in front of a mirror as he hires a struggling actor named David de la Paz (Nick Corri) to perform as the Candyman to thrill the viewers
Suddenly Caroline encounters the Candyman at a grungy subway station as he requests her to be his vicitim and kills the people around her making her a suspect for these murders.
The Candyman holds David as a hostage on some hooks while Caroline tries to find any way on rescuing him since she promised her family that he'll be safe from the Candyman's grasps


The film shows many close up shots on Caroline McKeever with her eye open and the camera circling around to expose her face as well as showing the odd bee on her face too.
There's some good shots on Caroline in a dream sequence in a white room spotting some bloody letters saying sweets to the sweet with her looking scared and then a good close up on the Candyman approaching her with his hook in the air and then a nice close up shot on her screaming.
We have a great flashback with perfect camera shots on the Candyman caressing the character Cristina de la Paz along with a good shot on him hung by hooks with bee's on his face.
We spot a good discussion between Caroline and Tamara trying to talk to one another and Tamara trying to help her overcome her fear of the Candyman by taking her to a mirror and saying the Candyman's name with a nice uncomfortable reaction on Caroline.
There's a good moment with Miguel Velasco doing a performance with Tamara trying to get her to go to a mirror and say the Candyman's name and then we have a great jumping moment with the mirror smashing and then David de la Paz coming out holding a hook and getting aggressive with her like he was a street person trying to cause trouble.
We have a good quiet moment with Caroline in a grungy subway station hearing a sound and then a good shot with a swarm of bees coming in the station and then the Candyman approaching her acting cold towards her and a nice shot on her passing out.
There's a nice close up camera shot on Caroline nervously smoking a cigarette as well as a head detective getting demanding with her which looked well done too.
There's a good camera shot looking down on Caroline crouching in a shower sobbing.
We spot a perfect flashback sequence with a nice shot on Caroline sobbing while trying to pull her mother out of a bloody tub.
There's a good shot on Caroline in a hallway and then a close up shot on a lightbulb with a bee inside and then it explodes which is a great jumping moment. Then we spot her running down to go to a door after she hears screaming which is another nice camera shot on her.
There's a nice scene between Caroline and Abuela by doing a protective spell on her by using an uncracked egg feeling against her body. There's also a good close up shot on the egg cracked with a bee coming out of the yolk.
We have a nice romantic scene between David and Caroline lying against one another and then a good shot on the Candyman next to her with her freaking out. It psychs you out a bit.
There's a good shot on Caroline on the backseat of a police car with a supporting character L.V. Sacco in the fornt seat laughing maniacally and mocking her which looks demented.
We spot many great shots on Caroline trying to get out of the police car by trying to cross Sacco supposedly dead and then he lunges out which is another great jumping moment. Very scary scene.
There's a good shot on Caroline outside during a day of the dead ceremony and the Candyman standing there next to Annie Tarrant trying to call to her in a ghostly way and then he slices her throat with his hook and a nice close up shot on Caroline screaming.
There's many nice takes on David hung on hooks with his face bloodied.
We've got a nice gothic moment with a supporting character Enrique doing a cult ceremony and a shot on Caroline tied up and gagged watching with her trying to struggle.
We spot many good moments with the Candyman coming up to Enrique and slaying him along with the other cult members.
There's a good shot on Caroline with bees all over her body and runing up to an area with painting and destroying them with the Candyman screaming.
Bottom line is that this is the final chapter of the film but it seems the same all over again however, we offer some more jumps and scares. I'm not a fan of any of the films but this one can be fun to watch by checking out some of the familiar faces in this film who have been out of the spotlight for a while. Many good takes on the city of Los Angeles as well as the day of the dead ceremony going on which makes it necessary for a horror film to take place that day.
It does psych you out with someone being troubled by abusive detectives thinking that the streets of Los Angeles really is dangerous and unfriendly. The film does have a happy ending and should stay that way without having another sequel making out they lived happily ever after.

The acting is in okay shape as Tony Todd (Candyman) knows his part inside out since he was the co-producer in the film and still acts cold with his speaking and just as menacing too. No one can do it better than him. He was great with his blocking while slaying some of the cast members during an effective moment in the flick.
Donna D'Errico
(Caroline McKeever) proved she can act in films than just be a regular on the series Baywatch as well as modelling for Playboy magazines. Can she do a good job? Well lots of people say she can't and she's not terrible and seems to do well with her emotions but when she screams or gets scared it looks at times off. Does well by getting emotionally upset in a certain scene while being forcefully questioned. She does well acting aggressive when she needs to though. She's not much of a character actress but not overly terrible. During this time period she was married to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx.
Alexia Robinson
(Tamara) seems to pull her weight well as a wannabe actress and shows nice sympathy as a friend in the film too.
Ever since I saw Nick Corri aka Jsu Garcia (David de la Paz) in A Nightmare on Elm Street I always pictured him playing a tough guy in other shows like he did in that film. He kinda is a tough guy in this film. He's a struggling actor and a family man to a poor mexican family. He was excellent with his angry behavior and shows terrific energy too. Does well by getting aggressive with someone in a certain scene which looked believeable along with screaming at this same cast member in another scene which he looked believeably dysfunctional. He does well yelping in pain during a moment where he is being taken off some hooks which he was believeable by doing this.
Wade Williams
(Lt. Det. Samuel Deacon Kraft) does a great job as an abusive detective in the film getting demanding and right to the point as well as doing a great job by acting crazy too. We have a good moment with him smacking someone but at the same time it didn't look too effective but his obnoxious words were convincing.There's a nice moment with him near the end of his performance by acting evil towards someone holding up a hook and speaking coldly and ready to attack this person. He certainly showed many characteristics in his part.

Nicole Contreras is bare breasted while modeling to be painted
Rena Riffel
is barebreasted wearing nothing but a bottom while goofing around with her onscreen boyfriend
We have some good breast shots on Elizabeth Hayes in a bloody tub

We have many bloody shots on the Candyman's hook stabbing through other people's bodies as well as their torn open bodies too
There's many hallucination sequences of a mother with her throat openly slit
The Candyman's hook stabs through a policeman's head with blood splattering out
A person is hung with his face bloodied
There's gobs of gore by some corpses lying around
The Candyman exposes his insides

Of course we hear the chanting sounds. What what a Candyman flick be without it? There's many light piano sounds throughout various scene's of the film. We hear some nice spanish guitar playing for a romantic moment.

[repeated line]
The Candyman: Be my victim!