The Monster Dog terrorising Interview with Carlos Santurio by Greg Tiderington

Carlos was once an actor in Spain as he had the main supporting role in the obscure 1985 cheesy werewolf flick 'Monster Dog' which starred shock rock legend Alice Cooper in which he portrays a crew member to him and going to a mansion to film a music video since the Coop himself portrays a famlus rock star. He was attacked in the end by a bunch of dogs as well as being dragged in by a mutant one.
The flick was made by an italian filmmaker Clyde Anderson but Carlos got tired of the acting industry and quit acting shortly after the film's release.
He became a businessman and is launching an advertising business which is a different step comapred to his former life in showbiz.
In the early 80's he did take a shot at directing and writing a couple of short films in his hometown of Spain and in 2008 he produced a flick as well which is a drama titled 'Return to Hansala'
All in all it's been a great priviledge to interview his experience in this flick as I always wanted to interview someone from this film and was nice enough to accept it. Let's go into it shall we???

  At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

It was at nineteen, when I began to act in short films

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

Not really, because at that time, in Spain, it was not very common to produce this kind of films

How did you hear about auditions on 'Monster Dog'?

I heard about it thorough my manager at that time.

What were you asked to do at the audition?

I had to act a transformation in werewolf, because the director thought I was an option to perform the character that finally played Alice Cooper.

What was it like to work with ALice Cooper? Were you a fan of his music?

I knew Alice Cooper as a singer before the film, but really he wasn’t among my favorites. However, to work with him was a great experience, although he was a shy and very reserved person. Probably, our different languages were an inconvenience.

He quit drinking alltogether to my understanding shortly before shooting this film am I right?

Yes, I never saw him drink and never felt his breath smelling of alcohol. He was very focused on work.

Do you have any memorable experiences working on set you'd like to share with us?

In general, to make a B movie with very low budget was funny. For example, the special effects for the film were:  a lot of smoke, a mechanical head of the monster dog, and a costume of the monster to wear a German bulldog that was never used because it was impossible to put it on the dog.

When you were out in the mist at night being stopped on the road was it actually a roadway or was it on a studio set?

It was filmed on a studio set.

What was it like doing that scene?

It was very uncomfortable, because of the mist was actually oily smoke.

The mansion looked fun performing can you tell us your experience being there?

It is an old mansion on a hill, near Madrid, that still exists today. His appearance was very gloomy and very abandoned, facilitating the setting of the film and helping actors to enter in a psych situation of terror.

When you all were prepping for the music video it looked like you all had fun doing it. Was this a cherishable moment?

Certainly the shooting of this part of the film was like breathing fresh air. 

How was doing the scene of Alice Coopers song "See Me in the Mirror"? Along with a flashing light on a figure in the window that crashes down shortly after?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it was quite normal, the most spectacular was the shot of the fall of man on empty cardboard boxes.

Now I remember a pack of dogs attacked you to death when the terror struck. Was this a real struggle to do and did you get hurt? Do tell us the story on this!!!
Was it really dangerous?

Yes, it was, that scene should have been filmed by specialists, but we, the actors, who at that time were young and unconscious, didn’t opposed to shoot it by ourselves.
To simulate the attack dogs, trainers got us meat between clothes, so the dogs nipped us and one of them bit me on the face, making me a small wound. It was not important, but it could have been.

What was the director like to work with and were you ever cast in his future projects?

It was an Italian director who specialized in B movies and boasted of having written the script in a month as something heroic. He was a nice guy but his behavior was not very ethical with actresses, particularly with Pepita James, which he cited in his hotel room to rehearse the scenes and try something else ... She told me anxiously.
After this film I never saw him again.

Who did you like working with the most on set?

Obviously, with Alice Cooper and Victoria Vera. They were from whom I could learn more.

Was a sequel ever planned on this flick? It was sad by how it all ended.

I heard something about this, but it was only a rumour.

It says the release date was late 1984 but on the closing credits it says 1985. Is that an error? I understand it got a limited theatrical release in Italy?

I think that the shooting was in 1984, but the movie wasn’t finished till 1985. Did you see the premiere of it? What was it like?

In Spain the film was never released in theatrical.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from the movie? I always wondered what Pepita James or Victoria Vera was up to?

No, I don’t. Really I left my career as an actor long time ago. Victoria Vera already was a famous actress when we shoot the film. Her last work has been “Salome” for tv, with Jaime Chávarri as a director. Pepita James did some works after Monster Dog, but left the career. She was born in Ibiza, her parents were English hippies living there. She was a very shy girl.

Do you get feedback from any fans of the movie?

Yes, occasionally someone contacts me for this film or another (see imbd)

Have you acted in any other horror flicks? Do tell.

No, this was my only horror flicks.

Are you still acting at all?

No, as I told you before, I left my career as an actor in 1985, disappointed with the movies that was done in Spain at that time. I wanted to live other life out of cinema industry, but come back in 2008 producing Return to Hansala (Retorno a Hansala).

What are you doing today?

I’ve done a lot of different things in my life. Currently, I am launching an advertising business that can give me money to finance film projects. To make films is a very risky business and you need to have other sure and permanent sources of income.

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror movies?

Nosferatu, but, I prefer psychological thriller. Do you want to know something funny:  The artistic name of the director was Claudio Fragasso;  as he was a bit arrogant, jokingly, we called him Claudio Fracaso (failure in English), in Spanish very similar phonetically. Obviously, he didn’t like the joke.

If you were a famous horror actor for a day whethere he was alive or dead who would he be?

Definitely, Bela Lugosi or Max Schreck.

What show have you been in that you cherished the most?

I have the best memories of the film “Pasos Largos”. I only played in the first part of the film, but my character was lively and charismatic.

What show were you in that you weren't proud of and would like to change?

There isn’t any work that I regret.

What's your ambitions in life?

Sincerely, my ambition at the moment is only economic. It’s the basis for everything else. I have in mind to produce films, but earning money is the first. I lost a lot of money producing Return to Hansala, and with two other film projects that collapsed because of the tremendous economic crisis that hit Spain.