Carnosaur II (1995)

Directed by: Louis Morneau

Written by:
Michael Palmer


John Savage .... Jack Reed
Cliff De Young .... Maj. Tom McQuade
Don Stroud .... Ben Kahane
Rick Dean .... 'Monk' Brody
Ryan Thomas Johnson .... Jesse Turner
Arabella Holzbog .... Sarah Rawlins
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. .... Ed Moses
Neith Hunter .... Joanne Galloway

Special Appearance:

Guy Boyd .... Joe Walker

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 23, 1995



A group of technicians is sent to a top secret mining facility to investigate a mysterious power shortage led by a greedy man named Maj. Tom McQuade (Cliff De Young).
The place is deserted with alot of damaged rooms. They find a kid named Jesse Turner (Ryan Thomas Johnson) who is shocked by what had happened there as one of the people named Jack Reed (John Savage) tries to help him out.
Everyone tries to search out the cavernous tunnels and discovers a bunch of prehistoric beasts that feasts on each of them. They try to escape but one of these carnosaurs hid out in the helicopter which was their only escape and feasted on the pilot named Joanne Galloway (Neith Hunter) and their helicoter crashes and explodes.
McQuade tells them what is going on about these carnosaurs but for some reason he seems to want to keep some of them alive and will do anything to do so even if it means killing some of his men before they kill these monsters and bringing them back to their base before the mine explodes in a nuclear meltdown


The film shows a good outdoor scene with a fellow acting nervous calling to the carnosaur and then later on a shot zooming in on him with him trembling. Then there's great shots on the factory with things being thrown around and some hellraising moments too.
There's a good moment with Maj. Tom McQuade instructing other before going on their mission in which it looked serious and well done.
There's good shots on the main character's in the helicopter goofing around and having discussions.
We spot a cheesy moment with the people discovering Jesse Turner acting in shock and taking him to a place to lie down and trying to talk to him. I didn't find it at all too believeable.
We spot many good discussions with Jack Reed acting sympathetic towards Jesse giving it a nice heartwarming feel to the story and one of the best moments too.
A good shot on a carnosaur looking down on Ed Moses with him looking up and looking nervous. Plus we have a shot on him being thrown by this ferocious beast.
We have a good shot on a supporting character Joanne Galloway getting ready to start up the helicopter with a carnosaur behind her and then a shot on her struggling and being eaten by this beast.
We spot a shot on the helicopter crashing on the ground but you can tell it's a model. However, there's a nice effects shot on an explosion.
There's a good moment with Tom explaining what's happening and discussing about a prehistoric life breeding in the labratory and Ben Kahane acting saracastic about it all which looked quite natural.
There's many good shots on some of the characters trying to explore the hallways of the labratory for any carnosaurs.
We spot a good brawling and struggling moment between Tom and Jack with great intense actions on the two of them along with good camera shots on the surroundings.
There's a good shot on the main characters in a room and then a carnosaur crashing through the roof and grabbing Sarah Rawlins as well as a shot on the carnosaur attacking her with great struggling reactions on her as well.
We spot many shots on carnosaur's attacking with their jaw open ready to take a bite as well as trying to break through things in the hallways.
There's a good shot on the characters in the head labratory room with smoke shooting down and their reactions on what to do.
We spot a good shot on a giant carnosaur stomping towards Jesse and then later on a good shot on the carnosaur picking up a corpse of what was a federal agent. Neat effects there and great camera work.
There's many perfect takes on Jesse driving a crater and battling this giant beast. I found this to be the most adventureous scene of them all.
Bottom line is that normally sequels aren't better than the originals I find but I enjoyed this one by far as it seems like a completely different story alltogether and I think it is.
The film was cheesy but it's so bad it's good. It really cloned Aliens but it was taking place present day on Earth with scene's very obvious to what I mentioned like having a kid playing an older type of male Newt along with a male Ripley acting fatherly and caring to him. Plus we have a battle with a giant carnosaur close to the ending of the film too.
There were good effects on the carnosaur's as well as lots of adventureous explorings at the laboratory and the canrosaurs attacking the people one by one.
Check this one out if you enjoyed cheesy direct to video films during this time period in which you won't be disappointed.

The acting is quite good since we have a well known talented cast performing in this flick. John Savage (Jack Reed) was by far the most memorable one of them all showing a tough but nice and caring side to him along with great violent aggressions when he had to do a battle. Does well hollering in pain during a certain scene. Yup one the best I found.
Cliff DeYoung
Maj. Tom McQuade) really knew his part giving orders to others along with acting like a scumbag too proving to be a good backstabber in the film with his greedy actions too. He also does well panicking for the supenseful moments.
Don Stroud
(Ben Kahane) was my favourite actor for this film showing a nice sarcastic attitude as well as showing a great charm to his character with the right looks too. He shows nice versatality to what he had to do.
Ryan Thomas Johnson
(Jesse Turner) who played the kid in the film however tries way too hard and he didn't pull it off all that greatly. He wasn't terrible but needed some improvement and can do so with future acting gigs in which he can study his craft well. There's a scene for example in which he
isn't convincing with his devastating screams when someone is falling to their death due to his poor acting skills.
Miguel A. Nunez
(Ed Moses) didn't have a huge part in the film but showed a great bubbly and outgoing attitude in which I have often seen him do in flicks like in Return of the Living Dead. He also showed great paranoid expressions too. He certainly was quite a character as always in shows.

There's many bloody scratch marks
An arm is chomped off along with other body parts
A head is chomped off along with the arms and legs too

We hear some high pitched and the odd screechy music composed by Ed Tomney with some low sounds too for the real creepiness to the story. Alot of this sounds almost similar to the Puppet Master flicks.