Carrie (2013)


Directed by: Kimberly Peirce

Written by: Lawrence D. Cohen & Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Stephen King (Novel)


.... Carrie White
.... Margaret White
.... Sue Snell
Ansel Egort .... Tommy Ross
.... Ms. Desjardin
.... Chris Hargenson
Alex Russell .... Billy Nolan
.... Tina
.... Heather
.... Principal Morton

Release Date:
Theatrical: October 18, 2013



A misfit teenage girl named Carrie White () os tormented by her classmates but one of them named Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) tries to help her be a part of things when she gets her boyfriend Tommy Ross (Ansel Egort) to take her our to the prom.
The head bully Chris Hargenson ( and her boyfriend Billy Nolan (Alex Russell) plans to crash the prom by pulling a nasty prank on Carrie but she has special powers known as telekinses which can make her very deadly towards anyone who plans to humliate her that night.


An interesting and well focused prologue in the scene since we hear some screaming as well as water on staircases of a home zooming up to a bedroom in which happens to be Margaret White in labour on her freaking out wondering what's happening to her and then spotting her newborn baby which also looked well shot along with her about to bring some scissors ready to take a stab at her baby and spotting which makes you watch carefully wondering why she'd do this. Looked quite well done and dysfunctional ezplaining Carrie's history with her mother as to why she was crazy with her throughout her years.
Then after the opening credits we spot some girls going into a pool to do volleyball which is almost stays in contact with the original only that this time it's a watersport but things looked cheesy and unnatural as well as Carrie being too scared to join the volleyball team in her class. Some of the writing looked a bit off trying to have some similarities with the beginning of the original but doesn't cut it right.
Things seemed unnatural once again when Carrie takes a shower and realises that she has her period as things seemed pretty rushed here but a nice well focused moment on her dropping a bar of soap but when she freaks out it looked a little too concentrated on what she does like the makers were making things happen too much and borrowing stuff from the original but this looked slightly cheesy by spotting everything that we see here. No skin revealed with a towel wrapped around her probably due to her young age which doesn't seem to work in well while having her period compared to the original. Also things seemed to happen too fast with the mean girls throwing tampons at her but yet a nicely focused shot on one of them opening a cabinet to take them out which is supposed to draw your attention here since it was well remembered in the original. Plus a perfect special effects and shot on a light exploding in the shower. Also nice shots on Sue Snell having a good change of heart feeling bad for Carrie after the other girls are screaming "PLUG IT UP" Definetely made the scene look a little different since she was the nice girl trying to help her out later on. Plus it's neat to spot today's technology with Chris bringing out her iphone to film all this happening showing how far nasty one's can go here.
A nicely focused moment on Ms. Desjardin and Mr. Morton talking to Carrie in the office as well as good moments on Desjardin encouraging her to spit it out on who started the mess figuring it was Chris Hargenson and not to defend them which really leaves a good and caring feel for the story since we experinced bullies in our school at one point or another. Also it's impressive when Mr. Morton tells Carrie that he has to notify her mother on this with her begging them not to since we know on what's going to happen when Mrs. White hears about this along with a good shot on a water container bubbling up and neat effects on what happens while this happens. Plus there's a nice camera looking up on Margaret White which looked perfectly wicked as well as her taking Carrie home which gives you the chills while spotting this as well as others staring at them.
A nice setting after school with the friends getting toether with their boyfriends as well as a good shot on Chris wrapping her arms and legs around Billy Nolan since we both know who the main bad asses are in the group of people by how they interact with one another.
Also great argument between the two of them in the car with Carrie refusing to go in the house to talk about it since we remember from the first film as to what has happened to her which makes you think maybe this time she'll be safe. Also a nice surprising moment qwith a child on a bike punding at the car window towards her crying "Crazy Carrie" which looked different for a remake compared to what we saw in the first two flicks so this was a better twist.
Things look good and dark when she finally enters her home which we hear a loud banging sound as this draws your attention making things mysterious as to what is happening here till we spot Margaret banging her head against a wall and then trying to manipulate Carrie into saying "The raven was called sin" etc and smacking the bible at her face etc. which looked pretty intense but a bit rushed at the same time. Great moments though when Carrie tells her Momma she sinned and she gets wicked back at her wondering if she will do something horrible to her. Plus perfect intense shots when she throws her into a closet as well as neat effects when the closet door has a crack on it due to Carrie's special powers. This is a definete classic moment for this remake for sure.
There's a nice setting and shot on both Sue and Tommy getting it on in their vehicle as well as Sue discussing her guilt on what she did to Carrie in the change room as well as Tommy discussing what he did to a kid in elementary school which looked nicely put in and of course used from Stephen King's novel which was never revealed in the first two films which was worth putting into the story and done with nice style.
There's the moment when Ms. Desjardin scolding everyone for what they did to poor Carrie which this time was taking place outside of the school which seemed a little too rushed and obvious here. It lacked a bit of inspiration but some nice writing which seemed impressive with her telling them about their punishment else they're suspended which means they're out of the prom. Things didn't look well focused when they were doing excersizes as it seemed a bit sloppily done.
A nice shot on Carrie walking in the halls and a locker area sprayed with graffiti saying "Carrie White Eats Shit" which seemed pretty bizarre spotting this.
It's nice spotting to where Margaret White works at which is a tailors as there's a nicely focused shot on her at the sewing machine which looks like that she is close to cutting her finger when working on a dress. Plus we see Sue's mother coming in and apologising to her about what Sue did to Carrie as things seemed still and a bit tense with the shots on Margaret's responses. Certainly makes you watch each scene here carefully.
A nice well focused moment though with Carrie alone crying in the girls gymnasium and Ms. Desjardin talking to her on the situation with her being invited to the prom by Tommy Ross as this was nicely put together.
Yet later on in the evening another rushed moment with Billy going to the slaughterhouse about to whack a pig's head as well as asking Chris which one looks like Carrie to her as this for sure was originally written in since a remake needs to have something new along with the old. What's even more twisted is we spot Chris uncomfortably stabbing the dead pig's neck and enjoying spotting the blood which is being poured into a container revealing a sick minded bitch looking forward to pulling a prank on her main enemy. We also spot a focused situation on how they break into the school to place the bucket of blood on with the rope since we never spot this in the first two films either. Nicely done from what we see here.
A perfect creepy and still moment with Carrie walking home at night and the thunder and lightning crashing and Momma driving in and getting stern and demanding with her as this looked perfectly dark and wicked like. Well put in for a horror plot and wondering if she will get nasty with poor Carrie. Also well focused on Margaret discusses boys when Carrie telling her that Tommy Ross is a nice boy more so than in the first flick. Also great special effects when Carrie uses her telekinetic powers on her along withj a table and chairs lifting in the air and her freaking out. Plus a great shot on Carrie using her handto make these powers happen which is also a different twist for the plot here. Definetely great supernatural horror moments here.
A great moment on what Carrie does to her Momma when she tries to prevent her on going to the prom that night using her powers giving her the same taste of her own medicine which I won't spoil this but I was like "Oh yeah!!!" out loud at the movie theatre and many of you will agree within this too as well as good focused shots on the special effects happening here which looked marvellous.
At the prom though things seemed terribly rushed once again especially with the discussions between Tommy and Carrie at their table like the makers were skimming through it more from the original. However things looked impressive when Chris was trying to pull the rope with the bucket of blood but things at first seem a little tough to go through as planned which makes you wonder if her prank will backfire. But once it happens there's good close up camera shots on the blood dumping on her as well as different shots on this moment happening which is a real attention grabber. A nice artsy and bloody shot on the blood all over Carrie and then the moments perfectly psych you out when she unleashes her powers with perfect horror effects on this just adding a perfect punch here by what happens all around her as well as showing her evil attitude too.
A perfect moment with Billy and Chris try to run her over with their vehicle along with perfect effects on what Carrie does to the two of them in the vehicle adding more great vengeful horror formula looking perfectly focused here.
A great moment when Momma tries to kill Carrie which this time looked better focused and more intense with Carrie trying to struggle to get away and pleading as this added a better touch here along with better special effects on Carrie's powers bringing sharp objects to the picture raising in the air and surrounding Margaret which looked brilliant. Also a better moment when her house is about to tumble down with stones crashing through as well as Sue entering the home and begging Carrie not to hurt her which looked terrifically done too using more great special effects and Carrie's answers towards her. This moment should've been used in the original indeed.
Bottom line is that although things seem to be rushed through a bit that seems to be a way with these remakes which proves that they have been done to death but no matter what this is still a great story. It's a film for fans of remakes like Halloween for example. It also focuses alot on Carrie's Momma (Margaret White) and explainging why she does the terrible things to Carrie showing a protective side thinking that she's different than the rest of the nasty girls at her school which makes her more special and showing her twisted love towards her. This looked a bit impressive for sure. A film worth checking out but only for die hard Carrie fans like myself.

The acting is hilariously miscast for the most part as (Carrie White) really looked uncomforatable and over the top to play the misfit in this flick and was extremely mellodramatic especially in one of her first scene's while going in the pool to play volleyball which she looked a little too comedic and in a terrible way with her fearful expressions. Also when she's freaking out about her period this all seemed way too unnatural and overly acted. Yet there are scene's when she pleads someone not to do something or stresses a situation as this looked fairly okay and energetic. Also does well when she concentrates while using her telekinetic powers which also shows off nicely. Plus does a nice job when sobbing alone in a change room in the middle of the story which looked fairly natural too. She also does a great job with her wicked emotionless atttitude while unleashing her vwengeful powers really getting into a horror character big time here.
(Margaret White) stole the film with her performance as I always found that she did a great job performing in anything that I saw her in. She did a great job with her disturbed emotions as well as having a good wicked attitude along with her expressions too. Plus she does well acting disturbed or crazy just rolling with the punches big time here. Also does a perfect job hissing out her words in other areas and acting coldly really coming acorss as someone whom is creepy. Then shows a convincing attitude having a twisted loving attitude as well. She does a great job lunging out near the end of her performance with a knife too making herself looking totally crazy.
(Sue Snell) knew her stuff pretty well as the nice girl out of the crowd and definetely knew on how to react to certain things as well as doing a good job by being soft spoken and coming across as innocent like. She also really got into things big time when the suspense started to happen which looked great as well as her pleades near the end of her performance which came across as believeable.
Ansel Egort
(Tommy Ross) doesn't seem to do the trick here as the most popular boy in school as he looked too dweeby as well as the way he spoke really didn't come across well. I found he tried way too hard at what he did and was a little over the top at times. I just don't find him to be a convincing character actor at all. When he gets anxious or charming in spots it looked like that he was forced to do all of this.
(Ms. Desjardin) had the right looks to portray a gym teacher but yet sounded a little too whiney with her speaking as well as not seeming too convincing when she discipline's her onscreen students which she should've shown a bit more effort while doing this. However she shows good expressions when doing her character which seemed good. Also does a nice job by sounding understanding and sympathetic in other areas and does well with her calm attitude. She seems to add some nice spunk when she's at the prom which shows off alot of good charisma for sure.
(Chris Hargenson) lived to play this role as she was very sharp in her role as an evil bitch instead of being a whiney one like the character in the original which is a nice change here for sure. She has the perfect evil and pretty looks and studied this part inside out. Also does well forcing herself onto others as well as acting believeable by getting nasty in your face. Also was perfect with her wicked speaking and snarly voice too. Yes she was one of the best out of the whole cast indeed.
Alex Russell (Billy Nolan) seemed way too mediocre as the bad ass boyfriend who decides to do the prank. He was a bit too plain with his words and too easy on his aggressions. Also wasn't convincing with his forceful blocking either. His looks did more of the talking here since he seemed to look like a convincing masculine type of grease monkey without looking overly rough. That's all folks.
(Tina) does her job as a screechy and loud type of troublemaking teen who likes to get mixed up with wild things and shows off some great energy into her role. You could tell that she really knew her stuff for what she had to do here and is passable as a character actress for sure. She brought everything to a hype without a doubt.
(Principal Morton) drew across nicely in his supporting role here as he seemed to show off a somewhat wimpy and soft spoken behavior like we expected if you saw the first two films as well as reading the book. Also does a great job getting stern in other parts while telling someone off and having a convincing assertiveness. He for sure showed a great versatality into his role here.

Someone stabs a knife in a dead pigs neck and blood splurts out.
Someone's noce is mangled after crashing his car and the passengers face is bloodily scarred from the cracked window she smashes her face into.
Knives are stabbed into a person.

The music seemed to sound not too bad composed by Marco Beltrami as he has some good hissing or breathing sounds especially during the prologue of the film along with some nice clear violin music sounding good and slow in the odd spots of the scene's. He also knew on how to change that to a fast and suspenseful pace whenever the excitements happen in the story. Plus we hear the odd thumping and booming sounds for the jumping moments which always works in well. There's mellow piano playing which seems too common for todays films as he seemed to have this in his other flicks and just threw it in here. Plus we hear some odd guitar twanging in other spots especially scene's that involved the wild scene's with the two nasty one's Billy Nolan and Chris Hargenson. Also some perfect dark electronic music used during the eruption at the prom which sounded perfectly unique in every way. Also some great monstrous type moaning and groaning when the house starts to crumble down near the end of the movie as this sounded perfectly dark and original for this scene. So in most spots he made the film sound rewarding and horror like.

Chris Hargensen: [after Carrie accidentally hits Sue Snell in the head in Water Vollyball] You eat shit!

Margaret White: Help this little girl who's sinned in her days and ways, if she'd made innocent the curse of blood would not be brought upon her...
Carrie White: Mama that's not even in the Bible, it doesn't say that anywhere.
Margaret White
: Go to your closet and pray.
Carrie White
: No
Margaret White: Pray!
[Margret grabs Carrie by the shoulders,throws her in the closet, and locks the door]
Carrie White: No! Ow! Mama!
Margaret White: You pray little girl, you pray for forgiveness!
Carrie White: NO! MAMA! Let me... LET ME GO! HELP!
[Carrie is banging on the door and then telekineticly makes a crack in the door]

Margaret White: These are godless times.

Carrie White: The other kids, they think I'm weird. But I don't wanna be, I wanna be normal. I have to try and be a whole person before its to late.

Margaret White: [Carrie telekinetically lowers Margret down to the ground] Ahhhhhhh-ha.
Carrie White: I'm going mama.

Margaret White: They're gonna laugh at you. They're all gonna laugh at you.
Carrie White: Mama, stop it!
Margaret White: Tell him your not going!

Margaret White: I don't want you to get hurt.
Carrie White: Or you could be happy for me.

Chris Hargensen: She is such a freak.

Chris Hargensen: [Sees Carrie standing in the street after the prom] Run her down! Kill her, Billy! Kill her!
Billy Nolan: [Stepping on the gas pedal] I've got this!

Sue Snell: No! Carrie please don't hurt me.
Carrie White: Why not? I've been hurt my whole life.