Carrie (2002)


Directed by: David Carson

Written by: Bryan Fuller
Stephen King (Novel)


Angela Bettis .... Carrie White
Patricia Clarkson .... Margaret White
Rena Sofer .... Miss Desjarden
Kandyse McClure .... Sue Snell
Emilie de Ravin .... Chris Hargenson
Tobias Mehler .... Tommy Ross
Jesse Cadotte .... Billy Nolan
Meghan Black .... Norma Watson
Chelan Simmons .... Helen Shryes
Katharine Isabelle .... Tina Blake
David Keith .... Detective John Mulcahey
Miles Meadows .... Kenny Garson

Release Date: Made for TV: November 4, 2002





A 17 year old girl named Sue Snell (Kandyse McClure) is being questioned by the police led by a detective named John Mulcahey (David Keith) about her school being burned down and all the murders that occurred there at the grad prom including her boyfriend Tommy Ross (Tobias Mehler).
Apparently a put upon misfit named Carrie White (Angela Bettis) was responsible for these murders as she has telekinetic powers and is presumed dead.
The police are questioning more of the survivors as well about Carrie. But the story starts too before prom night as Carrie is constantly being tormented by her classmates.

After gymnasium Carrie got her first period and thought she was dying and all the girls teased her about it.
Then they wrote Plug it Up on her locker with tampons stuffed inside.
Her crazed mother Margaret (Patricia Clarkson) locks Carrie in her closet after she hears about it thinking that she has sinned.

The next day the girls get a detention doing aerobics on the athletic field else they get a 3 day suspension and refusal to their prom tickets.
The head bully Chris Hargenson (Emile de Raven) skips detention but has a deadly plan for Carrie as her and her boyfriend Billy Nolan (Jesse Cadotte) as they go to a slaughterhouse and Billy kills a pig their for it's blood to dump on Carrie since Sue asked Tommy to take Carrie to the prom.
But when the prom night happens Carrie and Tommy are voted for the prom king and queen as a set up.
But after this prank happens everyone is in for the terror of their lives as well as the local town.


The story is good but he rushed it a bit the story still took the time to explain the plot in the film regardless.
We spot a perfect confrontation in a room with Detective John Mulcahey and Sue Snell by being questioned about the tragedy of the prom and Carrie White. They showed true chemistry off of one another and good shots on them and their expressions too.
We spot some good camera shots at a ball field with people like Tina Blake taunting Carrie when she's up to bat and Carrie doesn't look focused at all with the game and the girls looked good giving her a hard time when she strikes out.
There's some nice shots of the girls looking over Carrie lying on a ground in a shower thinking she's bleeding to death and teasing her. During this moment there's a good angle of the camera shooting up with Miss Desjarden holding Carrie and a light on the wall explodes.
There's also a good flashback sequence with Carrie as a child staring through a wooded fence and having a conversation with her neighbor bathing bare breasted in the sun and then Margaret White speaking wickedly and drags Carrie away which was also impressive as you want to try and protect the poor innocent child from the clutches of her.
We see a silent setting with the classmates in the hallway staring at Carrie while going to her locker that says PLUG IT UP written on it and a good shot of her opening the door with tampons spitting out of her locker and everyone bursts out laughing as well as a nice close up shot on Chris Hargenson with a dirty look expressing her hatred for her.
We have an impressive shot with Margaret's face turned to a wall with Carrie walking up towards her and then tells her that she's a woman now before the commerical break.
Later on it almost looks heartwarming when Margaret sits on a chair and holds Carrie and tells her to say what she said about her sinning and then of course Carrie denies. The picture shows a nice silent moment and slaps Carrie in the face which makes you jump a bit. We spot a nice close up shot on Margaret dragging Carrie to a closet.
A nice close up shot on Carrie with perfect expressions by concentrating in her room trying to make her hairbrush move.
Miss Desjardin makes a nice entrance in the girls change room acting happy talking to the girls about the prom which she of course is acting sarcastic expecially when she asks people like Sue who's taking them to the prom and then shows nice menacing looks when she throws tampons out of her bag and really scolds them which made the scene look really effective, serious and strong.
There's great shots of the the students passing a message around and laughing staring at Carrie which was started by Kenny Garson and Carrie knowing this which for sure gives you a realistic feeling on bullies anyone had experienced doing this in school along with a school teacher writing on a chalk board with this happening which psych's you out with all of this happening at the same time.
We also see a nice and strong discussion with Chris' father being forceful and demanding towards the school principal in the school office about having his daughter go to the prom. We spot this principal seeming very wimpy about the discussion but then gets almost as tough as nails when he becomes very straight forward about the incident and telling him he will take legal action as well which was a nice change to his personality.
There is a perfect soft dialogue between Sue trying to convince Tommy to take Carrie to the prom in a living room as they both knew how to have a nice conversation and to make it come out right.
We spot a nice dark quiet moment with Carrie and Margaret talking to one another while finishing dinner as well as a silent moment between Margaret. Then something happens that is harsh with her towards Carrie. Great dark moments when Carrie uses her powers towards Margaret to make her stay put and telling her Momma that she's going to the prom which seemed darker than in the original.
We spot a memorable discussion between Carrie and Miss Desjardin before the prom about which I will always remember in the film on a crazy mother poisoning her daughter's mind about taking a risk on sinning if they go to her prom which really happens with wicked parents to their children.
Another memorable terrific moment when Miss Desjardin talks to Carrie about after school putting the bullying behind her and how people change while attending their 10 year reunion which looked realistic to watch this being talked about. The scene was perfectly written in.
Another memorable moment was when Miss Desjarden confronted Tommy about being expelled if Carrie isn't enjoying herself which came across terrifically between the two of them and perfectly put into the story.
There's a great effects shot when the blood dumps on Carrie's head and lots of it too as this was an attention grabber big time.
There is a perfect shot on a basketball hoop is spinning around on the gymnasium wall and then crashing on one of the nasty students .
A nice shot on Carrie walking in the streets with cheesy effects of things exploding including telephone poles and stuff like that which looked incredibly suspenseful at the same time.
A perfect dark shot on a door opening and Carrie walking up the stairs to enter the house.
Bottom line is that the story is a little rushed and fast with the moments happening as well as not as effective but of course in a TV-movie that is common. Otherwise a nice remake of the 1976 classic! It is a bit rushed in some places but Stephen King knew how to make a solid storyline in his novel so that didn't matter. Also, some of the plots were loosely based on the novel too and not the 1976 motion picture.
Plus, most of the characters were off of the book too. This TV-movie was apparently a pilot to a TV series that never saw the light of day which was a terrible shame as I was looking forward to the series. I still couldn't figure out why fireballs would fall out of the sky when Carrie was a child.

The acting is very well done. Angela Bettis (Carrie White) knew her craft just as much as Sissy Spacek did in the orivinal. The way she acted tense and shy was so real you would've wondered if she was really like that. Also was perfect by showing no expressions and acting tense too during her time in school. Shows some nice shocked expressions when she thinks she's bleeding while taking a shower which is really her period and is good at stretching out her hands as if her fingers were crooked. She was also good crying on set thinking that she was dying while lying down on the ground. Shows great aggression and upsetting emotions afterwards when she gets slapped by her onscreen mother. Does well reacting to her onscreen classmates secretly taunting her by tensing up which she was sharp by doing this. Was wondeful by behaving tense when she uses her powers in order to force someone to stay put and speaking coldly. Really shows a nice zombie and expressionless like look to herself during the moment when the prank strikes her.
Katharine Isabelle (Tina Blake) was another great troublemakeras she was the best. Her character got on my nerves as her sarcasm would piss anyone off who didn't like bullies. I loved her work in Freddy Vs. Jason as well.
Patricia Clarkson (Margaret White) as the religious fantatical mother Margaret White was great as she was silent alot of the times whenever she does something wicked based on her beliefs. She wasn't as intimidating or menacing like the way Piper Laurie portrayed the role plus she looked so wholesome and loving which was the downside. In a certain scene is impressive when she seems silent at a dinner table and then throws her drink at the character Carrie's face.
Rena Sofer (Miss Desjarden) was also terrific as a strict and tough gym teacher making her character really come to life as her name was from the Stephen King novel as Betty Buckley's character name was Miss Collins. She especially performed greatly with her fellow actress by slamming her to a locker and really getting enraged with her. Does a great job acting uplifting and sociable to Carrie about afterschool life as she added some great spunk into this and made on what she was talking about totally believeable. Was great with her stern and serious attitude by warning someone at the prom in order to protect someone else from getting hurt which also looked greatly performed on her end. There is an intense scene with her pushing Carrie's head into the water of a bathtub which was strongly performed.
Jesse Cadotte (Billy Nolan) was truly creepy and would make you want to stay away from him. He wasn't loud like John Travolta was but he was blunt and firm which made the character more intimidating as well as manipulative and intimidating too. In a scene he really knew how to be demanding and intimidating when his fellow actor chickens out to kill a pig forcing him to help out by getting the blood from the pig as it looks realistic of a bully forcing another bully. Shows some nice evil and mocking expressions when he is about to kill a pig with a sledge hammer. Performed really creepy towards his onscreen girlfriend and threatening her if she squeals on him about the prank as he was perfectly intimidating coming across this way. He also taunts her quite well when he tells her to pull the rope tied to the bucket of blood.
Kandyse McClure 
(Sue Snell) knew how to play the intelligent head highschool girl as Sue Snell as she said her lines clearly with real meaning to her part. Was good and calm especially when she is questioned and acting cool about it all. Does a nice job acting kind and polite towards the people she cared for and really getting into this as well as offering a believeable sense of humor too.
Emilie de Ravin
 (Chris Hargenson) didn't seem to have the stunning looks as the popular highschool head bitch as she looked too plain but yet knew on how to have a sneering reaction to her main foe as well as getting lippy as well as hard headed towards her onscreen gym teacher. Was great by throwing two of her shoes off and showing nice aggressions after she hears what her punishment was for the trick she pulled with her onscreen classmates.
Tobias Mehler 
(Tommy Ross) played the true heartthrob boyfriend taking Carrie to the prom and seemed to come off believeable as a nice popular highschool jock. He wasn't really convincing towards the onscreen character Carrie when he asks her to the prom at first but seems to work it out well when his discussion starts to flow with her.
Miles Meadows
 (Kenny Garson) had the perfect look as a highschool troublemaker and performed it just as well. Was great goofing off at the pig farm by taunting the pigs in a certain scene. Does extremely well by getting sickened out after the pig slaughtering incident happens. I met him a few times and is a cool guy.
Of course we can't forget David Keith (Detective John Mulcahey) as the serious head detective in the film bringing the perfect chemistry to the film with his role and fit the suit extremely well. Really knew his stuff when he was questioning someone about his trespassing at the pig farm. Made this scene look realistic with his performance.

The music was composed by Laura Karpman. I wasn't too thrilled with it unfortunately as there was sad violin playing and woodwinds too.
There are also songtracks performed by HypnogajaSky TylerShy BoySandra Lima and Kirsten Kauffman.

[Talking about Carrie White]
Detective John Mulcahey: Was she a friend of yours?
Sue Snell: Carrie didn't have any friends.
Detective John Mulcahey: When I was in high school, even the biggest losers had a bird of a feather.
Sue Snell: She wasn't a loser. She just didn't belong.
Detective John Mulcahey: Why do you think that is?
Sue Snell: It's not brain surgery. We are talking about Carrie White.
Detective John Mulcahey: Maybe she didn't want to belong.
Sue Snell: Everybody wants to belong. Anyone who tells you they don't is lying. I think Carrie wanted it more than any of us.

Chris Hargensen: [about Carrie] God, I hate her!

Tina Blake: Dude! Carrie's "Aunt Flo" is in town and she's freaking out!
Chris Hargensen: Are you serious?
Tina Blake: Yes! Come on!
Chris Hargensen: Oh my god!
[girls follow Chris and Tina to showers]
Girl in Locker Room: Did you get your period?
Girls in Locker Room: [chanting] Period. Period. Period...

[Estelle wakes up to find Little Carrie standing next to her]
Estelle Horan: Hi.
Little Carrie: What are those?
Estelle Horan: Breasts.
Little Carrie: I wish I had some.
Estelle Horan: You'll get some. You just have to wait a few years.
Little Carrie: No, I won't. Momma says good girls don't get them.
Estelle Horan: Your Mom is such a hypocrite - she's like a C cup.
Little Carrie: Momma said she was bad when she made me. She calls them dirty pillows.

Estelle Horan: [calling after Little Carrie] Do yourself a favor and run away from home!

Chris Hargensen: You can't talk to us like that! My dad's a lawyer.

Chris Hargensen: This isn't over. This is so not over, it's not even in the same area code as over!

Tina Blake: [to Carrie] Oh, hey Carrie! Do you want to come sit in Chris's desk today? I just, I don't think she's going to be using it since you got her kicked out of school!

Carrie White: Does everyone think they can go on playing tricks on me?

Sue Snell: [watching Chris walk in] Has Chris said anything?
Helen Shyres: Only that she hates your guts.

Carrie White: You're doing this because you feel sorry for me.
Sue Snell: This is not a pity thing. I don't feel sorry for you.
Carrie White: Yeah, you do. You feel sorry for me because you think you're better than me.
Sue Snell: I don't think I'm better than you.
Carrie White: It's okay. Everyone does. Doesn't mean it's true, though.

Chris Hargensen: I mean she practically talked me into getting Botox last year!
Carrie White: Maybe she thought you needed it.

[Carrie has just slammed a door and upended a table]
Margaret White: Witch!
Carrie White: I'm not a witch, I just... sometimes... I can move things.
Margaret White: I should have known when you let the fire come. Sin never dies.
Carrie White: I'm not the only one, Momma. Other people can do it, too. I read about them on the Internet.

Margaret White: You've gone so far astray, I fear for you.
Carrie White: You really think I'm going to burn in hell, Momma, just for going to my prom?
Margaret White: I don't want to think about what's going to happen to you. Sin knows you now. It will find you.
Carrie White: Momma...
Margaret White: Your sin will find you, Carrie, and when it does, not even Jesus can help you.
Carrie White: [exasperated] Jesus will help me. He will help me if I really need him.
Margaret White: Not if he doesn't love you anymore.
Carrie White: Jesus loves everybody, Momma - even me!

Detective John Mulcahey: Do you consider yourself anti-religious, Sue?
Sue Snell: No. I just think some people take it too far, that's all.
Detective John Mulcahey: And you disapprove?
Sue Snell: Look, I'm all for believing whatever it is that you want to believe; but you say "religion" and I'm thinking Da Vinci's "Last Supper". Jesus looks sad, the apostles look miserable - I don't want to go to their party. Shouldn't religion be more like "Dogs Playing Poker?"
Detective John Mulcahey: Dogs playing...?
Sue Snell: Poker. I can't tell you what any of the apostles are doing in "The Last Supper", but I can tell you that the little white bulldog is holding an ace under the table. See? That's fun. I'm engaged. There's awe and wonderment... That other stuff is just ritual and punishment, and it's way too weird and way too serious.

Carrie White: They're called breasts, Momma. All the girls have them. They're very fashionable these days.

Helen Shyres: Oh my god, where did you get that dress?
Carrie White: I made it.
Helen Shyres: [Impressed] Shut up!
Carrie White: You shut up!
Helen Shyres: Seriously, you made that?
Carrie White: I did. I... I like to sew. It's a real simple pattern.
[walks past Helen]
Helen Shyres: [gasps] Look at your ass!
Carrie White: What?
Helen Shyres: Okay, after seeing your ass, the whole "nun in street clothes" thing is no longer acceptable.
Tommy Ross: [to Carrie] That was a compliment.

Tommy: We should have a rule: If they do something in a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie, we're not allowed to do it in real life.

Sue Snell: It wasn't your fault. It wasn't all your fault.
Sue Snell: We shouldn't be here. People thinking you're dead is sort of contingent on nobody seeing you alive.
Carrie White: Where am I going to go?
Sue Snell: I don't know. Somewhere where they don't know you.
Sue Snell: I'll drive you as far as Florida. Then I have to come back.