The Cave (2005)

Directed by: Bruce Hunt

Written by: Michael Steinberg & Tegan West


Cole Hauser .... Jack
Morris Chestnut .... Top Buchanan
Eddie Cibrian .... Tyler
Rick Ravanello .... Briggs
Marcel Iures .... Dr. Nicolai
Kieran Darcy-Smith .... Strode
Daniel Dae Kim .... Alex Kim
Lena Headey .... Dr. Kathryn Jennings
Piper Perabo .... Charlie
Vlad Radescu .... Dr. Bacovia

Release Date: Theatrical: August 26, 2005



A group of cave divers and scientists explore a newly found cave in Romania. A rockfall blocks their exit. They delve further into the cave and discover some unusual looking small sea creatures but then they spot these gigantic prehistoric looking ones too that have wings. They are parasites that kills and eats people.
They notice that their head scientist named Jack (Cole Hauser) starts to have strange side effects and begins to behave like these creatures.
Were these creatures once humans too and then were turned into something deadly and monstrous?
They must go further into the cave to find a way out even if it means sacrificing their own lives by battling these creatures.


Some perfect shots on the scenery of the cave as well as the team going under water for the investigation. There's a perfect situation when one of the team members checks out some sort of a sea creature which gives you the chills that this might be a bad idea to investigate in it. This was an exciting film as you are waiting for the terror to begin. Also we spot on a screen monitor on what he found talking to the other people as sometimes the screen black's out which adds some suggested suspense whether or not the terror is striking him. A perfect teaser for the viewers for sure.
Perfect shots on the team swimming around and finding skeletal bones on the bottom of the ocean which is another good touch to the horror story as well as to what will unravel later on while we continue to watch.
A good shot looking up on Strode and then something falling on him which is a nice near jumping moment. Plus there's a good terrorising situation with a good shot on a monster zooming down on him and pushing him into some water. Nice shots on all of this making this moment look entertaining for horror fans.
Plus there's nice struggling camera shots taking place between the character's Jack and Top Buchanan in a thin cave climbinb up to spot on what they see which looks suspenseful since we see scorpions crawling towards them as this doesn't look pleasant at all as well as a nice brief shot on a monstrous looking creature ready to attack as this for sure looks spooky for a monster flick indeed.
Fairly effective situations between Briggs and Tyler duking it out as this looked fast action paced but yet not looking brutal enough. However the intensity on the others looked high paced when they try to break up the fight showing some good adrenaline.
A perfect well focused moment when Dr. Kathryn Jennings takes a look at a cut off claw from a monster and suddenly it moves which will make you jump right out of your seat as the timing for this when you least expect it was dead on target.
Some neat effects when Jack starts to grow intense with a wavy screen when we spot the monster appearing which adds a mystery to the flick wondering as to why he reacts on this. Another good attention grabber in the story.
Nice camera shots circling around the character Dr. Nicolai with a fair suspenseful shot on something pulling him down and briefly spotting the monster doing this as this really draws your attention a nice deal and a good dark shot on this as well as the others crying to him and trying to swim towards him which looked well done. Then we spot the results of him while the creature is dragging him near a cave while the others trying to keep swimming to him as this looked fairly creepy too.
Many great close up takes on Charlie climbing up some rocks which keeps you watching in suspense wondering if she will fall or the monster comes to get her. Also nice dark shots on her entering a cave and then a perfect great monstrous shot on the beast slowly capproaching her and she tries to get away as well as great suspenseful takes on her falling and then hanging on her rope from her climbing. Plus some nice suspenseful takes on her jumping from one area to the other as well as a nice shot on this monster flying down and trapping her with perfect close up shots on her trying to take a knife and find some way on killing this beast which makes you watch carefully each second on what's going to happen here.
We also have some good discussions with the other people discussing that Jack isn't human anymore as well as neat dark moments on Jack going through different changes which looked impressive.
A perfect setting in a cave surrounded by fire and other types of situations which the set designers were superb within all of this along with a perfect graphic and aartsy situation on Briggs being impaled to a stone wall speaking weakly towards Tyler which seemed good and dark. Plus there's alot of great struggling moments like Katheryn trying to dodge the monster that flies towards her which looked impressive spotting all of this. Plus a great heroic moment with Jack flying in the air ready to leap on the monster and do battle with this beast as this always works in an action horror flick such as this one.
Then we spot the ending moment involving both Kathryn and Tyler when you think there's a happy ending we spot Nicolai herself acting a bit strange and leaving a door open for a sequel but this film didn't have a big enough following to make one.
Bottom line is that I was almost thinking of the flick the Boogens when I heard about the plot. This seemed to borrow more elements with flicks like Mimic and Aliens but it does carry a story on its own. Great effects too as this film wasn't the highest budgeted one so we have to give the makers great credit for what they put into it and is watchable all the way through. You don't want to miss a thing with this one.

Cole Hauser (Jack) lived to play this role as someone whom was perfectly dark and serious along with his cold speaking too. He does well when he is starting to show his evil side growing when he slowly turns into a parasite. Shows off terrific aggressions which shines off marvellously. Also shows a great forceful type of behavior when he reacts to a painful moment in certain parts of the story. Also was great by acting heroic while going into battle. He studied this part inside out. Plus his performance seems to make him seem older than he really is.
Morris Chestnut
(Top Buchanan) fit the role portraying a soldier in the flick as he shows a nice seriousness and great spunk to his role as well as having a fairly macho type of attitude but not too macho. He really shows off some good struggling energy while climbing through caves along with him acting anxious. He brought it in nicely here.
Eddie Cibrian (Tyler) certainly was sharp and solid in his speaking and motivation as he shows a believeable no nonsense type of behavior and coming across as someone whom is perfectly intelligent and a great one who's second in command with his troops. Shows a good tough as nails behavior too rolling in with the punches. Never let an ounce of energy down with whatever he had to do in his performance here.
Rick Ravanello
(Briggs) showed off the most effective supporting role in the film as he was believeable by acting sarcastic and cocky. Also comes across as portraying a major ass as you feel like wanting to hit him from his smart remakrs towards others. Drew in alot of terrific adrenaline with his aggressive or violent attitude. He also does well with his anxious atittude when the terror strikes him. Plus does well choking his words out when he is suffering in pain. Yes he was one of the best here.
Marcel Iures
(Dr. Nicolai) was quite good with his speaking in his serius accent and knew on how to portray a professor along with his right look too which was another nice bonus to his role. He seemed to vcomes across nicely with his bright behavior. Also does well when he reacts in intense pain choking out. Had a nice focus to what he did here.
Lena Headey (Dr. Kathryn Jennings) drew into her role well too as she seemed to know her craft portraying a scientist while having close attention to her work as well as being perfectly serious on what she has to tell others. Does a nice job by getting stern at times when urgent matters start to happen as well as doing a nice job with her energy while trying to survive the madness happening to her showing off a fair fearful attitude.

Some people are getting killed and eaten as well as small creatures chewed up.
A fellow is impaled by sharp rocks on a wall.

The music is also amazing with the dark low keyboard playing when the researchers go underwater as well as good bass guitar thumping too. Plus we hear the odd screeching sounds which was sharp to the story. Nice fast suspenseful violin playing like usual for the adventureous moments which always works. Great drum thumping sounds for the real fast action used in the story. Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek sure know how to compose a film making it suitable for the story.

Charlie: They fly! They frickin' fly!

Kathryn: At first, I thought it couldn't survive outside of a cave environment. Now, I'm not sure. I think it wants to get out.