Chainsaw Cheerleaders (2008)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Donald Farmer


Michele Grey .... Dawn
Jackey Hall .... Chassy
Misty Marie .... Bambi
Ciara Richards .... Ciara
Rabecca Lee .... Jessica
Tiffany Shepis .... Lucinda

Special Appearance:

Debbie Rochon .... Dr. Lacey

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 15, 2008



Dawn (Michele Gray) is a troubled teen whom is sent to cheerleader camp due to having assault charges on her ex boyfriend in which she meets three stuck up cheerleaders lead by Bambi (Misty Marie) as she dares her to go to a home to try and sell a magazine to but is warned that the house is evil.
Dawn witnesses a victim there as well as a witch Lucinda (Tiffany Shepis) whom is being resurrected and takes Bambi's soul as she goes on a killing spree by ripping out the hearts of several locals there.


Ok well the opening looked cheesy with the credits and revealing a chainsaw in it as well along with a shot on the main character Dawn holding this object with a narration on her discussing her life story as I got a feeling that I was in for a corny horror plot and I was right on that.
Then we look into a prologue which wasn't badly done that involves the evil witch Lucinda having her victim that's supposedly tied down but we don't see too well as to how she is tied down but it's supposed to make us think that she just is when she seems to do a sacrifice on her but first taunting and briefly maming her as this looked fairly crafty for a no budgeter.
Then there's a scene with her being burned at the stake in a forestry area which is an impressive moment to watch looking cheesily entertaining for a start on a horror flick. The moments here looked fairly powerful so this works well in the films favor.
A midly effective dysfunctional moment with Dawn having a heathed argument with her mother about her sex on tape and this teenage kid being rebellious about it all as this drew me in greatly even if at times things seemed too planned out. Yet it's a well written in moment on an upset parent wanting to press charges against her boyfriend which seemed natural for a parent to do when they find out someone having sex with a minor.
Then later on some hokey moments when Dawn catches her boyfriend Dax with a burly looking girl and she beats the crap out of him as you don't often see this in a flick but these moments were well shot. Seemed to offer lame comedy into these situations.
Then a nice discussion with her parents talking to her about the assault charges Dax plans on doing and the arguments happening as this looked powerful on their interactions back and fourth.
Then cheesy discussions with a shrink Dr. Lacey towards the family on what to do as there's well focused shots on her and the family back and fourth which was nicely concentrated.
Then there's the moment on a cheerleading practice as this once again looked corny to watch as I had a bad feeling the story will carry on like this but there's good moments with the coach telling the cheerleaders about Dawn joining the cheerleader camp and her being troubled as well as later on these stuck up girls talking to Dawn and her acting stand offish as well as manipulative moments with them against her which caught my attention nicely too. The timing was fair on all of this.

A nice touch when the girls challenge her to go and sell something at a house that reportedly having bad things happening there which always work well in a horror flick along with her going to the home and trying to sell something which looked campy when she is about to enter the home and see a resisent with a chainsaw looking like he is doing some landscaping watching her but this didn't look convincing at all as well as her knocking on the door and a mysterious one Angelique answering the door as well as a good background shot on what looks like a victim in a bag and Dawn herself spotting this. Alot of this was supposed to look effective but it only looks half good.
Plus another good moment when Dawn spies on the home later on with a nice cheesy effect on Angelique summoning up the witch to present day and what this witch does to her as this was fun to watch along with Dawn being caught spying and the lanscaper trying to chase after her and attacking her as this was fun to watch as well but not as intense as it was meant to have been.
Another neat special effects moment is when Lucinda comes on strongly towards Bambi near her vehicle as well as showing some sort of venom coming out of her mouth which is a nice horror touch as you kinda guessed that Bambi herself is possessed now.
Then more lame moments when we spot Dr. Lacey being attacked in bed by what looks like a rapist in a mask and then finding out it's some guy she had an affair with as well as him begging her to get kinky once again with her even talking to her later on near a payphone as I rolled my eyes that this was a case of bad writing.
In another scene there's the cheating boyfriend Dax getting it on with the burly woman and a nice creepy shot on a ghoulish looking woman coming in for the kill as this looked well done.
More exciting moments start to occur when we have the possessed Bambi coming in for the kill with other people as well as a cheesy looking make up effects revealing some spiked horns and creepy eyes but hey this is a no budgeter so they did their best here. Also a good moment when the detectives come in and she uses her powers to tell one of them he's only going to blow his brains out which you get a sinking feeling that her powers will work and this looked well done. Kinda pays a tribute to a scene in Last House on the Left.
Great heroic moments when both Dawn and Chassy act heroic and ready to take on possessed Bambi with good shots on them holding chainsaws and ready to attack as well as powerful and gruesome moments on what happens to Bambi as well as cheesy special effects later on with Lucinda appearing later on and acting powerful. All of this was crisply done in a fair fashion.
Bottom line is that this flick almost made it to being average but there's alot of stale and lame moments making this one quite a bad flick but in some spots campy horror fun. Not a film meant to be taken seriously though. I found this flick annoying at times as it needed some inspiration to keep it going and making it worth while. Sorry folks.

The acting is quite over the top and unnatural in which Michele Grey (Dawn) seemed to show a good outsider tough girl with an attitude type of behavior but sometimes she's a little too dramatic when she stresses her words. Yet she was a great ball of energy as well as showing off her intensity in a fair pace too. Does well with her energetic blocking bringing it to a great hype. Shows nice action and behaving heroic with a chainsaw which she offered great energy onto this. So she had many nice pointers here and there but needed a bit of work on her characteristics.
Jackey Hall (Chassy) came across as a typical bimbo of the cheerleading squad but however she makes what she does a little too obvious. She knew on how to act stuck up though. Plus had the cute girl looks for her role which helped within her characteristics. Yet there's scene's that she's off with her performance like crying on set as this looked terribly fake. It's hard to cry on set but she was very rough while behaving like this. Offered some mild wit when she goes in and tries to save the day using a chainsaw though.
Misty Marie (Bambi) I must say was one of the best performers in this flick as she does her job marvellously as the head cheerleader plus shows a good stuck up and snobby attitude. She seemed to offer a convincing cockiness to her part of the flick. She was slick with her speaking too adding some spunk as well. Also does well acting possessed and sneaky about stuff. Shows a great wickedness to her speaking as well. Also offers some great energy when she sneers or is about to attack which shines off nicely. She was a convincing character actress.
Ciara Richards (Ciara) also offered some nice spunk into her role offering a full of life type of behavior. Seemed fairly convincing with her outgoing type of behavior in which this shined off greatly. Knew her stuff inside out and shows a good charming behavior too. So a nice pointer for her throughout all of this.
Tiffany Shepis (Lucinda) was the best in the cast as she knew on how to portray a witch with her powerful and forceful speaking as she knew her stuff here. Was convincingly evil with her actions and knew on how to be forceful towards others too. Had the perfect looks for the part which was another great pointer.
Debbie Rochon (Dr. Lacey) seemed to show it off nicely in her appearance as a shrink in which she shows off a good and calm type of behavior. Yet when she reacts to nearly being raped her intensity needed a bit of improvement but she wasn't terrible. Knew on how to feel lustful in a dream sequence. Plus was good by being short with someone else and turned off too.

Debbie Rochon pulls down her top to feel her breasts.
Burly actress Emma Paduraru has her top sinking low to reveal her big breasts while getting it on with someone.
Misty Marie shows her breasts while taking a shower in the girls changing room.

A throat is bloodily slit
Many hearts are ripped out and tasted but these objects look phony
Some sort of a serpeant breaks through a woman's throat
Side of someone's face is chewed off
Decapitated head is revealed

Alot of the music is annoying techno current sounds which doesn't fit into the plot making the film look terrible with the scene's but there are times there's effective icy sounds as well as scraping and hissing noises along with the deepness for the real creepy moments in which this makes up for what the other score is. All of this was put together by Grandfather Spell.