Chatter (2015)

Produced & Directed by: Matthew Solomon

Written by: Matthew Solomon, Joshua Carl Allen & Jeremy Fox


Brady Smith .... David Cole
Sarena Khan .... Laura Cole
Tohoru Masamune ....  Martin Takaji
Laura Niles .... Alex Hausland

Special Appearances:

Alison Haislip .... Carolyn Terry
Richard Hatch .... Nate Terry

Release Dates: L.A. Thriller Film Fest: April 26, 2015; Shriekfest: October 2, 2015; RIP Horror Film Fest: October 30, 2015



Agent Martin Takagi (Tohoru Masamune) is monitoring the Internet Traffic for the Department of Homeland Security as he goes deeper into other peoples personal discussions in which he spots a married couple David (Brady Smith) and Laura (Sarena Khan) temporarily living in different parts of the world as well as discovering that their home is haunted and slowly acting strange or their skype is calling them.


The start of the film looks fun and low budget indie like when we have someone using a skype and spot cheesy special effects of a dark figure ready to terrorise these two which thee effects looked computerised but that's what made it fun to watch.  
Alot of hilarious moments between both married couple on skype David and Laura getting funny and kinky on skype with Martin Taakaji spying on them on his monitor looking unimpressed with this as this offered perfect timing.
We also have a good serious discussion between the two of them and then a figure walks past David in which she gets anxious telling him offering good suspense in the story.
Also a nice moment when David goes into a place and finds a doll as well as discussing it which adds some good mysterious flavor to the story.
Nice moments when they're on skype sleeping and suddenly we see the figure near one of them which also looked perfectly spooky.
There's a perfect moment when Alex Hausland tries to get lustful towards David on skype and he tries to ignore her and being short with her in a couple different scene's as both of these were strongly done in and looking realistic.
Perfect situation when David calls up his manager asking if there's children in the building due to what he hears and found out there isn't any which is another nice hauntingly mysterious feel to everything.
Also some good strong moments with David's boss Bob complaining that he didn't send the files that were due which he sent them as this was another nice drawing moment in the separate scene's we spot here giving it a haunting feeling as well as stressful and pressuring moments too. We also get some laughs when Bob plays David the file with goofy comedic music.
Also a good strong and aggressive moment when Martin's boss comes in to talk to him about something serious as this was mildly intense and done in a good fashion.
Many perfect chilling moments when the skype automatically contacts someone or vice versa and no one is there showing good frustrations as well as clues of paranormal activities happening especially with a door in the background slamming by itself.
There's a perfect strong moment when David is shocked by what he sees with Laura having an affair with her boss on front of his computer screen which makes you wonder as if he's dreaming or not.
Also more moments with no one there on skype and we spot David's friend in a trance sitting there on a bed as well as some anxious situations which draws you in greatly to the horror happening here.
Nice moment with Bob driving his car and answering David's skype and he isn't there and gets distrcted and suddenly an accident happens as this makes you jump out of your seat.
A terrific psychological moment with Laura getting into a heated argument with David on him calling the police to check up on her which reminds you on realistic situations with bad moments that has happened in someone's life and wondering if they will separate due to this.
A good moment on David checking out a doll and suddenly a scary moment happens which really worked.
Plus we have a perfect intensity when David calls Alex out accusing her of the prank skype calls and threatens her to stay out of his life which was perfectly drawn in and a nice add on making this scene totally believeable.
A good moment with David's friend skyping him in a hospital and telling him a dark secret which looked effective.
A funny moment with Laura seeming possessed talking to David and we see her passing a ball to something invisible as this looked well done and offering a funny and spooky moment combined into one.
We get an ending that is worth watching as it opens a door for a sequel making you excited to see more causing the paranormal elements to be really deadly.
Bottom line is that this was a great flick as it offers both found footage stuff with skype and offering non found footage on scene's with a security guard watching this all happening. A great flick since Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. The filmmaker can really go far with this one. Worth checking out.

The performances were very realistic and well done for the most part as Brady Smith (David Cole)  stole the performances and lived to play a spunky lively type of person offering a good charm and guy next door looks that women would fall for. Does well with his flirtatious and caring hubby attitude as well as coming across as convincingly humoress too. Plus was great showing his frusterated, shocked and aggressive actions too along with being fearing adding a total hype to all of these mentioned above. He was a true character actor and can go places.
Serena Khan (Laura Cole) was another great actress as the loving and spunky wife drawing this in perfectly along with a good bubbly attitude and excitement. She really knew on how to get into a happy conversation. Also does well getting anxious after spotting a ghost type figure on skype and drew this in powerfully. Plus was great showing her intense aggressions when angry when the police comes to check up on her as this looked truly dynamic and believeable. Had a perfect fearsome reactions to the terror happening.
Tohoro Masamune (Martin Takaji) draws in a good serious persona as a security cyberstalker reacting well to being bored or unimpressed to what he spots on the skype messages. Does well reacting surprised and concerned to what he spots as well in which he comes off the camera very well by behaving like this. His looks and motives were suitable for who he portrayed in this flick.
Laura Niles (Alex Hausland) shows off a good sleaziness to her role as well as showing it off strongly towards someone onto skype when she tries to tempt this person by offering a convincingly wicked charm into her role of the film. Shows off a good spooky type of performance by popping here and there.

A butt and brief breast shot was revealed by Laura Niles' caracter before going into a shower.

The composing was low budget but decent sounding and extremely effective too especially for the haunting moments in which we have many low keyboard deep and gloomy sounds as this sounded truly spooky. Plus there's odd hissing noises as well as howling types of effects along with screechy noises too. Plus some light echoey piano music and some cymbal clashings too sounding strong. We hear the high violin tunes which isn't shabby either. All of this was put together by Rick Butler and Fred Rapoport.