Cheerleader Massacre (2003)


Produced & Directed by:  Jim Wynorski

Written by: Lenny Juliano & Bill Langlois Monroe


Tamie Sheffield .... Ms. Hendricks
Charity Rahmer .... Parker Jameson
Erin Bryon .... Angela Caruso
Lenny Juliano .... Buzzy
Bill Langlois Monroe .... Sheriff Murdock
Samantha Phillips .... Officer Phillips
Gigi Erneta .... Deputy Adams
Nikki Fritz .... Debbie
Tylo Tyler .... Ryan
Brad Beck .... Mark
Summer Williams
.... Shelley

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Linda

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: March 23, 2003



During a school break a group of cheerleaders along with their gym teacher Ms. Hendricks (Tamie Sheffield) go up to the snowy mountains for some fun along with two bumbling potheads named Ryan (Tylo Tyler) and Mark (Brad Beck) as well as one of the employees at the school Buzzy (Lenny Juliano) who is driving them in a van but the police block the road since a killer is on the loose and murdered three people already but then they decide to take a shortcut.
One by one this mysterious killer dismembers these cheerleaders and many of the locals there are suspects to the slaughterings here while everyone decides to party and have a romping good time regardless.
Will the police be able to solve the missing pieces on this killer before everyone is the target of this madness????


The beginning starts off showing one of those clear but Z-grade made for DVD type camera shots on two horny teens camping out in a tent and of course are horny making out but yet this looked phony and so amateurish on their discussions but there is some cool footage on the killers dark shoes walking near the tent but yet this looked dumb seeing his shadow with a knife as this didn't look threatening at all. Almost looks like a rip off to one of those Friday the 13th sequels.
Afterwards there's a moment with highschool girls practising for their cheerleading routine and I was thinking I was in for bigger trouble in which this all looked so lame to watch. Then some of them hit the showers and this seemed to pay off a tribute to Slumber Party Massacre but this looked way more stale and lame on how it was all set out.
Then later on there's one of the girls running away near the lockers from the killer which was another paying tribute too and later on when
someone calls to her friend who is a victim to this killer we spot her feet in a washroom with the metal door closed but blood is dripping down. This seemed tacky as we never discover on how she was killed.
Another phony moment is when we see a local camper walking on one of those wobbly pedestrian overpasses and showing her struggling to try and get to the other side yet looking at this there's nothing to it and not suspenseful looking at all in which this was the intention. Then we spot the killers hands with a butcher knife about the cut the rope to this in which it took a while for this maniac to show up as it was focused on this poor teen struggling to get to the other side. Ho hum!
Some interesting discussions with the police figuring out this mysterious killer and blocking a road due to anyone trying to pursue travelling to a snowy mountain area until they figure out some missing clues as this is a nice tradition for a great outdoors slasher film. Also another nice traditional moment with the people going away to the mountain outsmarting the police by taking another route but then their vehicle breaks down and they end up being stranded in a blizzard as this looked cool to watch them hiking their way to the cabin. This was one of the only scene's worth watching.
While arriving at the cabin it looks creepy in the snowy night almost making you think of the house in Amityville which was probably the filmmakers intention for this.
Two potheads start to raid the refrigerator for food and of course spot alcohol as a horror film can't have this moment on them about to take advantge of the booze that they discover.
Meanwhile we spot a mysterious middle aged man named Jeremiah McPherson wandering around the woods as he is supposed to be pointed out as a suspect for the killings and it works not too bad but still looked quite cheesy with him wandering through the woods.

Also what I liked was some police officers questioning a character named Linda talking about "HIM!" as right away I was thinking of the driller killer from SPM and the flashback goes right into that scene. However this is not a sequel to the SPM series by any means since she mentions about preparing for their graduation and really it was about a school break and having a sleepover party in the actual movie. Still this looked fun to watch so another pointer here that was fun. Yet it doesn't save the film from bombing. Wynorski did this a couple times in his films Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard to Die but using a different flashback sequence from SPM.
Back at the cabin there's of course the teacher Ms. Hendricks taking a long shower but yet she doesn't get her hair wet at all and another person Buzzy telling a silly ghost story which offered some chuckles showing in the story the same characters in the moment here. Plus a couple fornicating in bed as we have to have this for a slasher film for sure. Buzzy of course stares in a wondow for a long time watching the couple fornicating while he is getting something from outside and this looked totally boring to watch. Then finally the killer approaches to do him away with an axe but it took so long for this to happen and my guess was to kill some time here. Still it was lame.
There's even a moment with the mysterious man Jeremiah battling against an undercover cop named Berman against a weapon as this was supposed to make you think that maybe the killer is revealed. Yet there's no explanation to why this madness is happening or none that I have seen while watching this.
There's a neat effect with the killer turning on some water to make the ground wet while one of the teenage girls are about to activate a power generator after a power outage due to the killer doing this to grab someone's attention and then she gets electrocuted with cheesy sparks happening and so fourth.
There is another neat effect with the house exploding after a couple of people trying to escape from the killer who is now revealed but latr on when the police and paramedics arrive the next morning the house looks good as new which is never explained either as well as a confusing moment surrounding some of the mysterious characters that were involved here.
Bottom line is that this flick tries to carry on the tradition on those old school horror flicks like mentioned above but yet fails it's attempts to do so. It seems to almost get better in certain spots but then it drags big time which is a disappointment. The story in this was confusing and pointless but when the killer is revealed things almost start to make sense as to why these people were put away. Still nothing to brag about at all. Some may want to watch it for the fun tribute to SPM but that's about it. In other words Gimme an A-V-O-I-D! What does that spell? AVOID!!!!

The acting is quite bad but this is to be expected in which the lead actress Tamie Sheffield (Ms. Hendricks) seemed that she has only had experience acting in some sort of porn film academy and was so wooden whenever she tried to get into character with her smart remarks or her strict behavior. She was way too over the top and quite boring too. She just isn't a born character actress at all and has no hope for future successful acting gigs. There's a scene where she is in a scolding manner after a gym rehearsal in which this didn't look convincing with her doing all this which was mainly due to her poor acting skills. However she does well scolding two people about drinking alcohol as this time she seemed to get into this.
Lenny Juliano (Buzzy) however was quite a ham in his role and seemed to bring on a nice witty charm with his personality bringing it to life. I found that he stole the film with his performance and really knew on how to portray some nice energy along with having a good uplifting type of behavior. He had the right looks for this too which is another bonus. Does well telling a ghost story showing great wide eyed expressions and really getting into his witty behavior with what he was talking about showing nice hyped up energy.
Bill Langlois Monroe (Sheriff Murdock) shows a good seriousness to his role as the head officer and was not too bad on studying this role. He was no award winning by any means but did the best he could to portray this type of role and was fairly convincing with everything that he did for it. He does well in a certain scene by speaking seriously towards his fellow actress in his van with good frusterated reactions
Samantha Phillips (Officer Phillips) was great in her role as she had a good strong voice for her serious speaking along with really getting to the point with stuff. I found her to be the best actress in this one and can be well remembered to anyone who saw this clunker. She had a really good drive playing one of the main officers in this flick. Two thumbs up for her.
Tylo Tyler (Ryan) was average in his role as sometimes he seemed a little too much at times or even a bit stale too but yet when he acts anxious he seemed to bring a good level of energy here. He wasn't a terrible actor by any means but needed a bit of a push with his role in it. He did the best he could as you can tell.
Most of the other performances here seemed pretty forgettable here folks as it seemed mostly all looks with these cast members as highschool chicks etc.

A woman is bare breasted in a tent while making out with her boyfriend
Two girls are taking a shower bare breasted having a conversation and their butts are revealed too.
A teacher takes a shower breast implants exposed and briefly her butt too.
A teenage girl is topless while fornicating with her boyfriend in bed.

Some blood splattering here and there with a murder happening off camera
A headless corpse is revealed at a doorway with blood spraying out

The music seemed quite strong and professional sounding with alot of high pitched violin playing for the terrors about to unravel. Also there's the odd harp plucking too which seemed not too badly done. Along with some heavy drum beats and tingling sounds too. However it seems a little too much at times which was composed by Dan Savio and sounds like he's borrowing alot from the Friday the 13th sequels with what we hear in this film.