Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)


Directed by: James D.R. Hickox

Written by: Dobe B. Levenson


Daniel Cerny .... Eli Porter
Ron Melendez .... Joshua Porter
Jim Metzler .... William Porter
Nancy Grahn .... Amanda Porter
Michael Ensign .... Father Frank Nolan
Mari Morrow .... Maria Elkman
Jon Clair .... Malcolm Elkman
Duke Stroud .... Earl
Rif Hutton .... Arnold
Garvin Funches .... T-Loc

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: September 12, 1995



When Eli and Joshua’s abusive father dies in Nebraska as Eli put an evil spell on him in the cornfield by turning him into a scarecrow without letting Joshua know about this evil madness, the two boys are moved to Chicago where they are adopted by William (Jim Metzler) and Amanda Porter (Nancy Grahn).
Amanda seems to adjust well with Joshua but finds Eli a little intimidating after some events she experiences caused by him as he has something deadly planned for her. She can't even convince her husband that he's a problem.
Joshua (Ron Melendez) seems content with his new home, and tries to make friends with the kids at school. However, he is not used to the city life as all through his life he lived in the farmlands and not understanding the fashions.
But, Eli (Daniel Cerny) keeps to himself and behaves very strangely since he has other frightening plans: He wants to ressurect the dark god "He Who Walks Behind the Rows".
To do this, he brought some of his corn from the field of his former home and plants the seeds in an abandonded courtyard in the city, making a cornfield where him and his worshippers gather.
Plus, he plans to sell it with his adopted father William. Once Joshua catches on to this, he must race against time to stop his brother, before he can unleash hell on Earth.


We have a cheesy but impressive beginning with a drunken father trying to chase after his son Joshua in the cornfield which there's good shots on Josh himself running through the field as well as talking to his adopted brother Eli on what his Dad is gonna do. This looked strongly put together as well as good shots on Eli looking powerful towards this drunken idiot as well as neat cheesy special effects shots on his eyes and mouth getting sewn up and turning into a scarecrow which should please the horror fans on the series of the film series a great deal.
We spot some good shots on the city of Chicago when both William and Amanda drive both Eli and Joshua to their home spotting a bunch of hoodlums etc. since it's noted for it's rough reputation.
Also some effective moments when they are brought inside to their home with a dark impression that Eli doesn't like his newly adopted mother Amanda by how they interact which looked well done as well as a good shocking moment when she opens up his suitcase and what comes out of it which works in well for a horror flick such as this one.
Plus we spot some odd situations when Joshua meets his nextdoor neighbor which happens to be Malcolm shooting hoops with his basketball as well as their odd discussions towards one another not knowing each others upbringing and how they were differently dressed up since Joshua lived in the farm area all his life. This was strongly put into the story nicely too as the oddball newcomer to the city.
Also some nice shots on Eli going near a brick wall as well as spotting an area as well as using his evil powers to grow a cornfield as the effects looked pretty good with the ground breaking up which looked well shot too while other events are happening such as a nightmarish scene involving Amanda which looked creepy to watch on what goes on with her psyching you out while he does this which was nicely pieced together.
Also a good moment with a bum near the cornfield eating a piece of corn and then vines coming out to stab him in the eyes and dragging him under which makes you jump for sure.
Along in the story there's some nice strong moments when Eli and Joshua are freshmen at their new school as well as having trouble with a bad ass gangster T-Loc causing trouble for them and nearly a fight breaking out which looked solidly done. Also leaves the impression that Eli might later on use his demonic powers to avenge this prick.
A good moment with Maria talking to Joshua after school sitting next to him which offers a nice suggested romance between the two of them adding a nice touch to a horror story since we often see this between two teenagers. Plus a good moment with Malcolm challenging Joshua to shoot some hoops as you wonder if he's skilled enough to do so and nice fast action moments on the two of them playing offering some nicely energised shots on all of this.
We spot various different scene's with Father Frank Nolan having some twisted nightmares while sleeping as one of them shows a flashback sequence of the first film with the adults being killed in a diner as well as another moment with him dreaming on a moment in the first sequel with the kids killing a doctor with needles as this adds to the story pretty well proving that this film is a true sequel.
We have a moment with Amanda wandering through the cornfield as it totally looks like out in a country area as you can tell and not in the alleyway of where the corn grew along with good suspenseful moment on her being attacked and keeping you watching as well as wondering what's going to happen next while we spot a moment with Eli drawing a deadly picture of her offering some voodoo magic which was almost familiar in the previous sequel. For sure adds some good suspense to everything.
A good situation with Father Nolan challenging Eli to teach his students at his private school in which this for sure adds more nice taste to what he has to say disturbing this old man as well as good reactions on the students too on what Eli has to say. The situations also looked sliughtly cheesy too with what goes on as well.
Another cheesy moment with one of the secretary's at the school is getting scared by Eli with nice dark surroundings while she tries to look for her lighter to light her cigarette and boy do we have a nice low budget special effects when she activates her lighter as this will please you horror fans for sure while watching this.
The best moment of them all is when both Joshua and Malcolm goes to the cornfield in Gatlin to try and retrieve the Satanic Bible hidden by one of the two scarecrows as the setting looked pwerfectly low budget and dark in the night skies. This was perfect for the film without a doubt. Also a good close up shot on a scarecrows face turning monstrous which almost seemed to borrow heavily froma scene in Army of Darkness and nicely put in. Plus and good battles with the killer scarecrow and experiencing other deadly surrounding in the cornfield which looked perfectly sturggling especially some neat gruesome evil effects that are attacking Malcolm as viewers should fondly remember this sequence the most as it looked superb and dark.
A nice moment with Eli along with Maria sitting at a dinner table with her parents about to eat the corn and while we spot Maria looking expressionless draws in a mystery that she's under Eli's power along with us staying in suspense as to what will happen to her parents after ating the corn which doesn't look pretty and a nice powerful scene to watch too.
Then we have the final countdown with Eli preaching to his kids in the alleyway where he grew his corn as well as Joshua performing his battles as well as a neat special effects on a beast entering the cornfield which looked amazing to watch with the special effects involved adding alots of suspense and terror that happens surrounding the area.
Bottom line is that this one remains to be one my favourite sequels. The cornfield in Nebraska looked darker and gloomier which was a perfect touch for the film. The story was taken in a totally different direction too but it is still a sequel to the first two nevertheless.

The acting is in okay taste. Daniel Cerny (Eli Porter) is quite impressive as the evil kid in which he is alot younger than most of the cast members who portrayed the role of the new cult leader from the previous films but yet he stood out pretty strong especially when he gets to the point with his preaching as well as having his wicked and cheeky attitude too. He for sure comes across as someone untrustworthy and has a good powerful voice within his speaking too which shines off nicely. Also knew on how to laugh evilly or getting fresh with someone else. Yes he studied this role in quite nicely within whatever he had to do here showing no fear in whatever he had to do.
Ron Melendez (Joshua Porter) drew in well as the innocent farmboy in Gatlin as he offered nice energy during the beginning of his performance while racing through the cornfield acting afraid or getting anxious showing some nice adrenaline. Plus showed a nice timid and awkward attitude while adjusting his city life making himself a perfect oddball and truly mysterious with his misfit appeal. Also shows off great blocking and energy while playing basketball bringing it to a good hype. Also does well acting anxious or rolling in with the punches when the terrors surround him. Seemed to do well with his characteristics.
Jim Metzler
(William Porter) came off nicely as a light headed type of newly family man offering a nice bubbly type of behavior towards others. He also shows off some good spunk within whatever he did in the film. Also drew in nicely whenever he acted romantic too along with acting believeably sympathetic too. Also showed a nice obsession while trying to show some people with his business on some corn that was grown in their area which he came across as nicely odd whenever he spoke about this. Yet there's a scene when he acted hammered in which he was a bit over the top while acting like this which was one of my only criticism on what he did.
Nancy Grahn (Amanda Porter) does a fairly nice job by having a warm and motherly attitude along with having the decent looks for her part in the film. She also does well with her concerned attitude as well as reacting well to being sick or freaked out especially during a nightmare sequence really drawing this in nicely. She also does well by acting anxious with her struggling behavior in cornfield when she gets attacked and showing nice fearful expressions.
Michael Ensign (Father Frank Nolan) wasn't too shabby himself as a preacher in which he seemed to focus okay on his disturbed attitude especially when he reacts to his sleep with his nightmares. Plus does a good job with his stern behavior along with getting demanding from time to time which shows off pretty well too. He also brings his behavior to a nice hype when he doesn't like something as this looked energetic.
Mari Morrow
(Maria Elkman) shows off a nice beautiful look as well as really showing it off with her flirtatious type of behavior making this realistic as well as her outgoing personality. She was convincing as one of those happy go lucky types especially while showing a trustworthy attitude. She also does well by acting romantic or making out with someone which she did a nice focus here. Also shows a nice versatality when she's in a trance acting expressionless and emotionless just being sharp by acting like this too.
Jon Clair (Malcolm Elkman) I liked the best in this film with his outgoing performance as the lead role of the Chicago city local in which he shows great style with his appeal and speaking. Also shows off nice energy while playing basketball or having a strong personality in certain scene's. He also offers some nice wit too. Offers a great anxious attitude and energy when he's struggling out in the cornfield as he draws alot of this in very powerful too.
Garvin Funches (T-Loc) had a perfect effective supporting role as a hoodlum in which he came across perfectly as a threat in a classroom with his coky and sarcastic bheavior. Plus was on the ball when he becomes a threat just jumping into action a great deal. He had the perfect bad ass gangster looks too which was another plus along with doing great by acting obnoxious within whatever he does.

Arms severed by corn vines hung on cross and turned into scarecrow.
Eyes pierced by corn vines, then pulled into ground.
Flame from lighter magically goes into a lady's mouth, causing her face to melt.
Someone trips on loose pipe and falls, back of head first, onto a spicket on a pipe.
Someone is cut in half with a sickle.
My favourite death scene which is a black man's head and spinal column ripped out by corn vines when going to Nebraska to find a solution to stop the cornfield growing in the city of Chicago.
Heads are eaten out by roaches.
Various teens are impaled and cut in half and the vines go through their wrists.
Yep the sequels are getting gorier each time. Great effects.

The music composed by once again Daniel Licht like he did in the first sequel and does a great job with it as it adds the touch to this film. There's some great strong chanting for the beginning and closing credits although not as dark sounding. Yet sounding perfectly clear with the drum booming sounds too. Also alot of scraping and metal scratching type sounds for the creepy situations. Plus we hear the odd thunderous sounds too which works in well. Alot of good orchestral music in certain spots which sounds marvellously done. Good dark music for the demonic attacks in the cornfields as well. Plus we hear many string pluckings which sounds off nicely.

We also have three songtracks from the film "The Belly of the Beast" by Littes Group, "Put it Up" and "The Birth of Soul" performed by the rap group S.O.U.L. which this sounded totally gangster and in the hood like since this is where most of the scenery takes place. Nice touches here for sure.

William Porter: We've got a brand new Japanese invention here, we call it pizza.

Eli Porter: Why papa? Why did you have to go and hurt my brother? Family is sacred papa. You know I'd never hurt you. Not even for this.

Joshua: what happened to my father? Back in Gatlin what did you do to him?
Eli Porter: Made sure he'd never hurt you again.

Eli Porter: Let us give thanks to He Who Walks Behind the Rows, who protects our crops and keeps the infidel and unbeliever in the torments of hellfire eternal. Amen.

William Porter: Eli!
Eli Porter: Let the harvest begin!

Eli Porter: With age comes blindness but we who are young have a vision and that is the gift to us from He Who Walks Behind The Rows! Our greatest Harvest is to come!
T-Loc: Harvest this motherfucker!

Eli Porter: Who was Joseph?
T-Loc: Who in hell cares?
[everyone laughs]
Eli Porter: I do.

William Porter: [hears rustling in corn] Hello?
Eli Porter: [jumps out of corn and startles Bill] Boo!

T-Loc: Hey, where you at, butt-head? You in here with me now!
Eli Porter: I'm not in here with you. You're in here... with me.

Father Frank Nolan: Who to hell are you?
Eli Porter: Father as if you didn't know!

Eli Porter: You knew who I was from the moment you set eyes on me and so did my poor foster mother. Certain people can do that Frank, I don't know why.

T-Loc: I wouldn't sit there.
Eli Porter: Why not?
T-Loc: 'Cause I think you gonna try and suck my dick.

Eli Porter: Howdy.
T-Loc: Don't give me that goddamn Gomer Pyle, Howdy Doody bullshit, alright? I'm here to get Dee.
Eli: Can't spare him.
T-Loc: What you gonna do? Preach me to death?
[Eli shoves him and runs]
T-Loc: Hey, come back here you little shit! I'm gonna kick your little ass, doo-dah. Doo-dah.

William Porter: Why should I share this with my employers? I developed the strain.
Charles: Yes I know, but ethically you're still bound...
William Porter: Fuck ethics!
Charles: My, my, my, William. I do believe that is the first time I've ever heard you swear.

Malcolm: Shit! Man, where's the fucking scarecrow?

Maria: This is first base.
[She and Josh kiss]
Maria: And this is second base.
[she lifts Josh's hand to her breast]
Josh: How do I get a home run?
Malcolm: You don't!

Malcolm: Josh, Man, if this ain't good... If this ain't good, Man, I'm gonna kill you.
Josh: It's not good. Get dressed!

[a crow perches on a scarecrow]
Malcolm: You're fired.