Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998)


Written & Directed by: Ethan Wiley


Stacy Galina .... Allison
Alexis Arquette .... Greg
Eva Mendes .... Kir
Greg Vaughan .... Tyrus
Adam Wylie .... Ezeekial
Fred Williamson .... Sherrif Skaggs
Dave Buzzotta .... Jacob
Olivia Burnette .... Lily
Aaron Jackson .... Zane
Matthew Tait .... Jared
Diva Zappa .... Drill Girl
Christopher Stinson .... Evil Corn Kid

Special Appearances:

David Carradine .... Luke Enright
Ahmet Zappa .... Lazlo

Kane Hodder .... Bartender

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 21, 1998



A married couple who lives at the cornfield in are massacred by a group of evil posessed children led by a boy named Ezeekial (Adam Wylie) and then some of his followers slaughter a couple the next day for trespassing in their cornfield as they have made a wrong turn.
Four of their other friends crash their car in the town of Divinity Falls and end up near the cornfield as well while one of them named Allison (Stacey Gallina) is trying to look for her lost brother Jacob (David Buzzotta) who is apparently in the small town area od Divinity Falls near the cornfield.
The kids aren't happy with them trespassing on their land so they walk to a small town and tries to find a bus to get back but a local Sherrif named Skaggs (Fred Williamson) tells them that a bus only runs twice a day and they missed the last one so they try to sleep in their car only to find out that the kids lit their car on fire.
They then hike to the abandoned house that was once owned by the older married coupled who got killed by the kids and then they spot their dead friends and tries to contact Sherrif Skaggs but he demands them to be oin the next bus and to leave the area immediately. None of them listen to him as Allison is still looking for her brother, they discover that the town is home to the cult of the evil children, led by eccentric old coot Luke Enright (David Carradine).
Also there is a light silo that is evil. Allison (Stacey Gallina) also discovers that her long lost brother is a member of this cult and one of Allison's friends named Kir (Eva Mendes) reads the book "For he who walks behind the rows" to discover what the children's ceremony is all about as they base it all on the book.
With the help of her other three friends, Allison must now stop this evil cult and their evil mayhem.


We spot a good night shot on the child Ezeekial walking in the cornfield and a perfect cheesy special effects with a demonic light force attacking his body which will be a pleaser to the fans big time as well as good close up shots on his eyes looking firey as this was well lit onto the screen.
Perfect still moment with a drunken father and his wife having a discussion in their home near the cornfield on what's happening as the timing looked good and gloomy as well as interesting effects on
Ezeekial using his special powers by lifting this father in the air as well as later on his cult doing the wife in as well which is a good start for the story.
Things then seem a little silly when it takes place the next day when a couple named Lazlo and Charlotte driving by the cornfield and placing blow up dolls so their friends can follow them as this seemed pretty corny to watch all of this happening. The moments then look entertaining in a horror fashion when Charlotte is running in the cornfield and spots some mysterious figures running by and spying on her as this adds some nice taste along with her being slayed but the slaying looked a bit too obvious and not catching you by surprise all too much. However things seem suspenseful when Ezeekial scolds his cult followers on witnesses as well as Lazlo watching and making sounds while hiding to see on what is happening as it makes you cringe by wondering if he will get caught.
Nice moments with the friends trying to spot the blow up dolls as well as their vehicle being stuck in a ditch near a cornfield. Plus a good creepy presence with Ezeekial and his gang of kids especially a real big one staring at them and accusing them of trespassing which is a cheesy but amusing moment and necessary for the film.
Also nice camera shots on one of the friends Kir eyeing one of the cult kids who happens to be a clean cut type Zane. This seems to draw you in wondering if they will have a romance later on in the story.
Perfect moments on the group of friends in a bar discussing to a local on the history of what happens at the cornfield and the common speech that is said which grabs the main character's attention named Allison of what happens there which adds some nice mysterious moments. Also some creepy moments with the Sheriff Skaggs wanting them to take the next bus to leave the town as this also was a good add on to make this area unpleasant for people that are out of town. Plus a good moment with them missing the bus driving by and having to wait the next morning in which we all remember the bus in Gatlin not running often.
A great disturbing moment is when they find their car caught on fire as we get a good feeling that this is all caused by the children not making them escape at all. There's a perfect moment with the big kid cornering one of the friends Greg and him trying to get out of his way which grabs your attention greatly after still being accused of trespassing.
Nice scene with Allison talking to her boyfriend Tyrus about what had happened to her family and what she remembered at the bar which was drawn in nicely here.
A perfect drawing in moment with Allison confronting Ezeekial on where to find her brother Jacob as well as Ezeekial looking at her like she was a familiar face as this showed some perfect timing to the story wondering if he was a part of her family too.
There's also a moment with Ezeekial confronting an elder man named Luke Enright discussing dark situations as this looked terribly bland while watching this and a bit too long as well. Then there's a moment when Allison meets Jacob and some tragic discussions that they have which is also a bit lagging and could've been cut shorter and also could've looked more convincing.
We spot a good touching discussion between Kir getting emotional towards Zane as it makes you think that maybe he's not so evil after all by his nice eccentric charm but yet for what he tells her about joining the cult of kids also makes you think that he's badly brainwashed for sure.
Perfect shots on a silo with Ezeekial hosting his cult ceremony which looked highly entertaining to watch along with him pressurring Jacob to climb up in jump in as this looked good and peer pressuring with him trying to back out. Later on we have some good brutal moments on a couple of kids beating the crap out of Jacob as it looked powerfully done.
We spot a perfect moment with Kir climbing up to the silo and falling in as this psychs you out wondering why the hell she did this. There's also neat cheesy type of fire effects and other types of colours surrounding the inside on the silo as this is a pleaser for fans who have fun watching low budget horror like me.
Perfect shots on a fire marshall climbing up a silo and then neat cheesy effects on flames attacking him as well as another one standing on the ground with great shots on all of this on them running around and falling to their death.
A nice sad moment between Allison with Jacob which looked good and serious as well as touching after she discovers on what happened to him and their discussions together as this looked good and strong.
We also have perfect situations with people like Zane trying to break into a locked barn door to try and kill some of the group of friends with a machette as well as another one trying to attack them with a chainsaw as well as this looked perfectly done and brutally intense too which will please the die hard horror fans.
A great shocking moment with Greg getting forceful towards Luke and then we see something grissly happening to him revealing on what he really is which had great effects I must say but might not be for anyone who has a strong stomach.
Great shots on Greg underneath a vehicle trying to fix it and we spot some footsteps surrounding the vehicle which makes you cringe on what they plan on doing with two of them going underneath with a torch and another one with a drill trying to get at him as this looked perfectly intense to watch.
Perfect shots on Allison up on top of the silo ready to dump an object in and is struggling against Ezeekial as this looked powerfully done and carefully shot too.
Bottom line is that although none of the films were really slasher flick this one is and seems to pay a tribute to the cult classic one's that we all remember watching. I must say that this one is my favourite of all the one's that I've seen adding some neat cheesy effects and action packed fun too. Neat cheesy effects especially the evil Silo in the film which makes up for part 4. It was suspenseful too and fun to watch.
It had low production values but that's what made it look entertaining too as the budget looked similar to a TV movie.
I always enjoyed TV movie type films as they have different values where you can kick back on a sofa and just watch the movie with a bowl of microwaveable popcorn.

The acting is in very good shape since we have many familiar faces in it. Their performance seems very TV acting like and I enjoy that type of acting. Stacy Galina (Allison) really knew her stuff a great deal by portraying an innocent type of teen in the film as well as coming off energetically when she is alerted to things as well as getting into a topic powerfully too. I found her to be one of the best cast members in this film and shows off alot of good spunk and energy into her performance as well as doing well within her blocking when she is struggling against someone else.
Alexis Arquette (Greg) certainly drew in well portraying a goofy type of teen who was convincing as a class clown type of personality. He definetely knew on how to get on your nerves with his dry humor and sarcasm and added a ton of energy within whatever he did especially knowing on how to get anxious when the terror strikes him. Plus was great with his growly actions during the end of his performance.
Eva Mendes (Kir) shows off a good disturbed type of attitude as well as adding alot of attitude which seemed to show off convincingly. Does well by freaking out or reacting quickly to stuff bringing this too life. Also does an okay job with her brief sobbing too. Plus does well with her strong speaking during a cult ceremony walking by looking serious and powerful by all of this.
Greg Vaughan (Tyrus) seemed to have the right guy next door looks and shows off a good appeal as well to all of this. Shows off a convincing mature and decent type of atttiude as the perefect good guy type. He also was perfect with his intensity in his performance with his aggressions changing his mood as this looked greatly done. Also shows off some great action while trying to struggle from the terror too.
Adam Wylie (Ezeekial) delivers his character well with his lines making them very solid and strong. He definetely adds a perfect seriousness as well as acting perfectly powerful with his commandments towards others. Shows a nice sneering behavior too along with showing good brutal force in other parts of the movie like stabbing someone or acting like an evil brat while trying to attack someone near the ned of his perfomance. Shows a nice brief versatality when he recognises someone offering a perfect innocence and then changing it which shines off marvellously. Plus shows a nice fearful reaction in another part of a scene as he knew on how to show a convincing weakness to his role.
Fred Williamson
(Sherrif Skaggs) plays a good obnoxious lawman with his aggression towards the college students. Has a perfect cold and dark speaking towards them as well as as coming across as bullying like. He presented himself perfectly and knew on how to be truly mysterious within whatever he did in the film. He had the most effective supporting role.
Dave Buzzotta (Jacob) was another good one as he shows some great upsetting emotions during the first part of his appearance as well as knowing on how to act confused by stuff. Also was great with his scared reactions and choked up words when he is forced to do something. Was great near the end of his performance while coughing out his words in pain and acting perfectly weak.
Aaron Jackson (Zane) showed it off nicely as one of those charming evil kids at first offering a sympathetic attitude as he makes himself seem deceivingly innocent as well as perfectly eccentric too. Also knew on how to get into a perfect rage by lunging out and attacking someone with a machette or acting violent and rolling in with the punches a great deal. He was a perfectly versatile character actor.
Diva Zappa
(Drill Girl) I couldn't forget her performance at all. She shows some perfect wicked expressions especially with her smiles as well as when she slays someone and really getting into all of this. Plus was terrific near the end of her performance with a drill really acting wild and trying to get to her victim. Yes she came across to the camera the most and was a perfect key role. She is a part of the musical family that we all remember including her legendary father.
David Carradine (Luke Enright) seemed a bit stale as someone whom is a demon disguised as an elderly man with a mysterious atrtitude. He offered a nice seriousness into his role but seemed to be a bit low on his energy and doesn't do the trick by portraying a horror character at all. Sorry this guy doesn't have it.
Also we have a cameo by Kane Hodder (Bartender) who played Jason in many of the Friday the 13th sequels as an aggressive bartender and a good job he does too.
He looked perfectly brawny and gave you that look that he is about to take a swing at you or throw you out of the club as he shows this off convincingly.

The gore has lots of blood splurtings.
There are mutilations, hackings, axeing, head split open
Hole burned in the head by a demon
Throat slashed
Throat slashed with shears
Someone falls into a bunch of spikes
A drill in the leg
Blown up by a torch.

Paul Rabjohns composing is average but acceptable as we hear some nice clear woodwinds which blends into the story during the sunny cornfield especially. Also we hear alot of metal clanging and rusty scraping sounds giving it a nice low budget horror feel too. Also hear the odd trombone playing as well as the typical deep piano sounds too which sounds not too badly done. Plus during a certain moment with someone jumping into a silo hear some brief chanting which seems to work like in the previous films. Of course we hear the banging sounds for the suggestive jumping moments as it still does the trick although alot of the scene's fail to make you jump. He composed for a number of other films including Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers which he did a terrific job with it. He also worked in the sound department for motion pictures like Blade and A Mid Summer Night's Dream.

Ezeekial: You're on private property.
Greg: Why don't you run along and give us a little privacy then?
[Ezeekial stares at Greg]
Greg: That's a joke kid!
Tyrus: Shut up Greg!