Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999)

Written & Directed by: Ethan Wiley

Written by: Tim Sulka & John Franklin


Natalie Ramsey .... Hannah
John Franklin .... Isaac Chroner
Paul Popowich .... Gabriel
Nancy Allen .... Rachel Colby
Stacy Keach .... Dr. Michaels
Alix Koromzay .... Cora
John Patrick White .... Matt
Sydney Bennett .... Morgan
Nathan Bexton .... Jesse
William Prael .... Jake
Gary Bullock .... Zachariach

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 19, 1999



A girl named Hannah (Natalie Ramsey) travels to her hometown in Gatlin to discover her missing mother and to find out who she really is.
She picks up a strange preacher along the way only to discover he was some sort of a spirit as he disappears in her car while she is driving.

When she arrives in the small town she finds the people there very strange and intimidating. When she arrives in the small town she finds the people living there are very strange and intimidating.
While she enters the local hospital she is grabbed by a mental patient named Jake (William Prael) and takes her to a room where a patient from an original cult of the children named Isaac Chroner (John Franklin) is as he is put in a coma after all those years when he was rumored to be dead since 19 years ago on the massacre which he was responsible for as he led a group of cult kids to kill the adults in the small town..
Isaac awakens and Hannah becomes part of his prophecy as Hannah finds out that her mother made out that she died when she was a baby to rescue her from Isaac's evil grasp.

Hannah however, gets help from the aid of a young employee at the hospital named Gabriel (Paul Popowich) to find any information on her mother Rachel Colby (Nancy Allen) and to rescue her from Isaac's evil cult.


An impressive and mysterious moment when the lead character Hannah is driving along in her vehicle and then picks up a preacher hitchhiking as well as this preacher acting a bit odd while she's driving along with her. Suddenly he vanishes later on which is an impressive ghostly moment into the story while we continue to watch all of this.
A good moment with her entering the hospital and the place looks creepy and almost dead. Plus a good moment with Dr. Michaels checking up on her as this looked mysterious along with the female sheriff Cora talking to her adding more strangeness to the plot.
A bizarre and corny moment with one of the patients named Jake dragging Hannah to a window in the hospital which seemed to be a memorable scene in the story as he shows her Isaac in a coma as there's good shots on this and it draws you in since he was the famous character from the first film. Good shots on his eyes moving and staring into space too which looked strongly put into the story as well.
More cheesy discussions with a teen named Matt talking to Hannah about a cult ceremony with good focused moments on this since this was necessary to put into the story since we often see a teen discussing this to a newcomer who goes to Gatlin.
A perfect moment with both Hannah and Gabriel looking for book at a dark library as well as a near jumping moment when Jake jumps in and catches them by surprise which shows nice timing into the story.
A perfect moment with Isaac awakening up from his coma as well as Cora caressing him and Dr. Michaels talking to him in which all the interactions here looked smoothly paced and well focused by what thy were saying to Isaac and how long he's been in a coma which adds a great touch to the story.
Great well focused discussion with Isaac speaking to Matt about their plans on his ceremony with nice shots on them outside at the cornfield which looked perfectly peaceful to watch since this all draws in greatly.
Great suspenseful shots on some water flooding near Dr. Michaels with his dispute against Isaac with this maniac holding a power cord ready to sink it in the water which makes you watch carefully by wondering on what will happen next as this scene looked fairly suspenseful.
A great shot with Hannah near a dug up grave as well as a perfect creepy shot on a corspe suddenly dangling down from a tree as this was impressive to spot into the story.
Also there's a great powerful discussion between Hannah towards Rachel Colby with a daughter discovering her mother as well as the upsetting moments between the two of them when Hannah tries to find out whom her father is and asking if it's Isaac as this for sure draws into the mystery a great deal.
A perfect teasing moment when Hannah's vehicle is caught into a ditch and then Matt walking towards her with a shovel making it look like he is about to attack her as this for sure looked purely intimidating as well as nice shots and taunting on the children in the cornfield too.
Perfect moments on the children cornering Hannah near a dirt road at the cornfield as this looked impressive to watch since we get an idea on what is going to happen later on while we continue to watch all of this.
Many close up takes on a teen falling towards a blade sticking up towards him but sometimes the camera shots were a bit too much.
There's then the moments with Isaac at night doing his ceremony as the makers tried to amke it look the same as it did in the original but this looked way too cheesy when we spot on what is going on due to a lower budget and not as many special effects either. However alot of wild shots on the kids jumping around in their motorbikes in the cornfield so there's lots of excitements happening here and there.
Nice situations between Hannah and Gabriel having a romance with one another as well as hosing themselves clean near a horse kennel as well as artsy shots on them having a lustful moment together as this draws in nicely to the story.
Also we have a perfect showdown between Gabriel and Isaac with perfect secret moments on Gabriel himself and how he can control others which was impressive using Isaac as a puppet and controlling him as well as alot of powerful situations that surrounds on what is happening here with many perfect takes on all of this.
Bottom line is that this was passable but not as good as the previous sequel. It's good to see Isaac back again though as if the sequels never happened. Time seemed to stand still between the film and the first one making out that the cult members were waiting for Isaac to awaken from his coma when he was rumored dead.

The acting is good as we have a talented cast. Natalie Ramsey (Hannah) seemed to do an okay job as the out of town person looking for her mother in which she seemed to show off some nice energy into what she had to do as well as being perfectly alerted to the strange situations. Yet there's a scene when she screams which she seemed off and a bit low on energy. However when she tries to stress something or gets frusterated when talking to someone she is on the ball with this. Also shows a good peaceful side to her when she gets inot a romantic situation as this draws in nicely.
Also it's great to have John Franklin (Isaac Chroner) returning as his presence is still terrifically performed like when he performed in the first. He does well speaking weakly after awakening from a coma making this very lifelike. Also shows a nice creepy and peaceful attitude while talking to one of the onscreen kids. Plus shows a great aggression and cold like attitude when he is about to do a deadly deed which he focused on this pretty nicely. Seemed to do a good job as always doing his cult ceremony too having a powerful presence with this. Also shows a nice weak attitude near the end of his performance.
Also there's Canadian actor Paul Popowich (Gabriel) as I remember him in alot of local TV shows and was one of the best actors in this film.... In fact the best one I'd say. Was perfectly mysterious in his presence while the story was rolling as well as having a nice charming type of behavior and a convincing outgoing attitude too. He is deceiving but very evil in his role and pulls it off terrifically. Shows off great powerful energy when doing a showdown with someone else making his part believeably invincible.
We even have former celebrity Nancy Allen (Rachel Colby) whom we all knew in films like Carrie and Poltergeist 3 and she still has her touch as an actress and shows great energy and emotions too. Does nice with her troubled attitude and also came across nice and strong with her upsetting behavior as if she's hiding something. Also was great with her aggressions when the terrors happen as well as reacting well to being tortured too and to being in pain. Yes she shows alot of great adrenaline.
But wait! Another known celebrity, we seem to have Steacy Keach (Dr. Michaels) in our main cast as well and he does well as an intimidating strange Doctor too! Shows a great focus when he's checking up on someone and shows a perfect seriousness into all of this. Also does well with his stern attitude later on towards someone else as well as acting convincingly nervous when he is about to face his death.
Alix Koromzay (Cora) does well with her eccentric type of untrusty behavior as a sheriff in the film whom is not at all there. She does well with her caressing attitude just acting perfectly smooth along with acting perfectly nuts and nicely high strung too in other situations too.
John Patrick White (Matt) does a nice job as one of those eager teens wanting to be a part of a cult in which he adds a nice hype to his behavior as well as coming across as perfectly intimidating in other spots. He for sure comes across as one of those crazy types by what he does. He had a real effective key supporting role doing what he had to do and was right on target too.
Of course we have a very believeable supporting role like
William Prael (Jake) as he makes his role as a disturbed patient seem extremely convincing as I live near a skid row area and he seemed to be performing just like that. He knew on how to jump from one scene to the other and was great with his forceful blocking too just really getting into your face a great deal.

Lots of great bloody moments as it looks so good.
There is a preacher with his throat slashed and hung.
Another is cut in half
Eyeballs are gouged out by someone else
To top it off, a suicide happens as a lady shoots herself in the head and Isaac's fate is ran through by a broken pipe.

Teri Hudd composed the music, Vladimir Horunzhy did the additional score and Tim Eilers was the co-composer as the music seems to breeze through okay. There's blowing sounds as well as light chiming music that you hear in the distance which sounds peaceful. Also the odd banging sounds here and there as this was effective too. Plus in the near beginning of the flick there's some echoey sounds which was powerful and warped sounding on target with everything that happens.

Gabriel: You oughta know better, those things will kill you.
Dr. Michaels: Why do you think I do them?

Dr. Michaels: Well if it isn't the medical miracle!
Isaac: It was Hannah's touch!
Dr. Michaels: You leave that girl alone!
Isaac: You didn't, You took her from her mother!
Dr. Michaels: I took her from this town, I was trying to give her a chance! You're sick!
Isaac: Are you ready to pay for you're actions?
Dr. Michaels: I've been paying for them all my life! It's you're soul that's gonna burn in hell!
Isaac: I don't have a soul!