Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011)


Produced, Wirtten & Directed by: Joel Soisson


.... Allie
Tim Rock .... Tim
Billy Drago .... Preacher
.... Oksana
Duane Whittaker .... Pritchett

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 30, 2011



A couple named Allie (Kelen Coleman) and Tim (Tim Rock) are stranded in the desert of California and try to take refuge in a deserted church type farm area owned by a creepy Preacher (Billy Drago) and his sleazy wife Helen (Barbara ) as they ask for a tow truck which won't arrive till the next day.
The two of them discover that the church is run by a devil worshipping cult as well as a child from Gatlin is trapped in a barn that causes some deaths as well as terrifying nightmares which involves Allie and her disturbing past.


We spot a lame prologue taking place in 1973 which seems to be as how the town of Gatlin got the way it has been in which we spot children jump roping and one of them making a voodoo doll of some sort. Then we see some person returning from cadet school or something like that and giving you the impression that it was his birthday. Also spot a disturbed looking child approaching him after he spots some killings as this doesn't look suspenseful at all as it was intended to be and awfully cheesy to watch which I had an impression that I was in for another bad film like the previous one.
We then spot a couple Allie and Tim stranded with their vehicle in a desert of California which confuses me since that's miles away from Gatlin but things seem a bit more impressive when the story is rolling as there's a good creepy moment with them entering a ghost town and someone's home asking for a phone in which there's a good creepy presence by a Preacher questioning them as this looks unwelcoming which draws in well to a horror story.
There's also moments when Tim is talking to the Preacher's wife Oksana while trying to use a phone as there's moments when she is trying to make passes at him as this wasn't convincing enough and looked rather lame to what we spot here.
There's some flashback sequences which added interesting colourisation to the story of sacrifices as this briefly catches your attention and looked fairly well done too.
The best scene's however are truly dark when Allie catches the Preacher and his wife revealing a dark secret with trapping a child in some sort of a barn in which this makes you watch carefully when the couple try to escape and discussing on what's happening in which was a great add on to the story so I was thinking that I wasn't gonna lose hope on this flick just yet since this was strongly done.
Also we spot some very good and intimidating moments with the Preacher catching them as well as him being cold about stuff and the couple being in a strange disposition on what to do as you wonder if a struggle will happen in a way of escaping as this was strongly put together.
Perfect moment with both Tim and Allie trapped in a room trying to bang on a window while they catch a sheriff coming out of his vehicle and checking around as well as a neat special effects shot on him shooting up in the air as this catches you by surprise and looked very effective wondering what the hell that was for. It was for sure something different that you don't often see in a horror flick.
A nice still moment on Allie out in the cornfield in Gatlin with the children attacking her with dagger's and other objects as well as nice slow motion moments on her lying on an ojbect and being carried as well as other twisted stuff like this inclduing some voodoo dolls being involved. You get the impression that this is a nightmare sequence and wondering when she will wake up from this. It was impressively put together.
A nice calm moment when we spot a supporting character named Pritchett giving a gift to the Preacher and Helen which is a toy truck and the vehicles to the kid they have locked in the barn which seemed to be a key object to the story when we later on watch as to what is going to happen here as well as both Tim and Allie slowly approaching him and trying to find a way on leaving the place in which this gives you a sinking feeling that something may happen that's not good at all.
Perfect moment with Tim and Allie driving along a highway in Los Angeles as well as a truck with stored vehicles in front of them which makes you watch carefully while we spot this child playing with the toy truck which looked like a voodoo type of magic happening here in which there's suspenseful type of moments on these stored vehicles crashing off this object and them trying to dodge them as this for sure looked terrorising in a Final Destination type of fashion.
Bottom line is that this was another lacking film and a huge disappointment to the fans of the legacy big time and more so than in the previous sequel. It really makes you wonder if this was a true sequel or not. It barely ever reveals the cornfield except for the dream sequence. Mind you part 3 didn't show so much of that either and the rest was taken place somewhere else but it had more style. This film was made on a bit of a bigger budget and did have some good mysterious moments which I thought would've saved the story but boy was I disappointed in it big time. Although it didn't have so much of a conclusive ending like the rest of the films I sure as hell hope that this marks the last of the series since they were stating to get more pointless each time. None of them were that great to begin with.

The acting is well performed and a much smaller cast than the previous too which is proabably why the film was mainly a bore.... (Allie) does her role very well and comes across sharp as someone with a disturbing past and really shows it off by doing that. Shows off a good aggressive attitude when necessary offering perfect energy within this. Plus she does well by acting frightened and quite tense when someone approaches her strongly or when she tries to escape. This all draws her adrenaline pretty good here. Also does a nice stern job with her demanding behavior while riding in a vehicle quarter way through and having a feeling something wrong is going to happen. Also does well with her stunned behavior later on. Shows off a nice emotional attitude here and there.
Tim Rock (Tim) seemed to come across nicely as the husband in which he has a good outgoing type of personality. Was clear with his speaking as well as being well alert with everything especially doing a good job by acting anxious when he discovers a terrifying secret and really getting into this showing intense adrenaline. Also does a good job with his choked up soeaking and acted convincingly nervous while confronting someone. Also does a good job by being cautious in many situations and acting believeable by doing this.
Billy Drago
(Preacher) was the best out of the cast with his creepy presence and gruff speaking. He for sure comes across as a demented one by how he strongly approaches towards someone and had great timing with his aggressive attitude as well as just getting into your face making him intimidating to be around. Studied this part inside out and had a great tall type of presence as well as his scruffy looks which also was a great bonus proving himself to be a worthy character actor.
(Oksana) was way too medicre in her role and doesn't seem to be very inspirational in her mysterious part. When she acts sleazy towards someone else she doesn't seem to look confortable by doing this as she was supposed to have been. Also doesn't breeze too well in other scene's either. She wasn't terrible just nothing too special. Oh well not everyone was cut out to play a part.
Duane Whittaker (Pritchett) breezes later on in the film but had a nice key supporting role as he shows off a good charming type of personality coming across as a type whom is helpful and laid back. Yes he for sure showed good characteristics here which was a pleaser to his part and seemed like those good guy types. With what he does you do wonder as to how he comes into the story making his performance truly secretive.

A woman with her breasts revealed is tied up on a stretcher during a flashback sacrifice.

A face is slashed during a nightmare sequence in a cornfield
Bloodied bodies are revealed during a car accident.

Alot of different composing and not sounding low budget at all. In fact it sounds very much like the music in today's standards in which we have some good smooth violin playing as well as some dark creepy trombone music. Plus there's other deep creepy sounds which fits into the plots perfectly. Also some good banging noises and metal scraping sounds too. We hear a ton of clear chiming music which stands out perfectly well. Also some nice brief chanting music for some deadly moments as this sounds very different too compared to what we heard in any of the previous films. The music was put together by Jacob Yoffee.