Children of the Corn (2009)


Directed by: Donald P. Borchers

Written by:
Donald P. Borchers & Stephen King


David Anders .... Burton Stanton
Kandyse McClure .... Vicky
Preston Bailey .... Issac
Daniel Newman .... Malachai

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: September 26, 2009



A dysfunctional married couple named Burton (David Anders) and Vicky (Kandyse McClure) are driving along their way to California as they pass the country of Nebraska and in the town of Gatlin they spot a bloodied kid out of a cornfield but Burton wasn't paying attention to the road and runs him over. Vicky is paranoid by this that he killed someone but he finds out that his throat is badly slit and that someone in the cornfield is watching them so they speed away with the corpse in their trunk.
But when they try to dirve in for help they discover that nothing has been in business since 1963 and the town is dead and then are attacked by children who do sacrifices at cornfields lead by a cult preacher named Isaac (Preston Bailey) and Malachai (Daniel Newman) in which they poison children's minds about adults being evil and deserve to be killed.
Burton manages to escape in the cornfield in which the kids are scared to go in since there's an evil lying in the field.


This remake was quite different than the original in which we have the married couple always fighting to the extreme which was not like in the original. It looked very intense so a good pointer there but however this story lacked the dark feeling of the original one. Yet this flick was more loosely based on one of the Night Shift chapters in Stephen King's book since he used his hand in co-writing this remake.
There's a nicely made moment with a child talking to the other children with his brainwashing religion while some people drag a pig there to sacrifice which looked quite powerfully done.
There's many good takes on both Burton Stanton and Vicky in their vehicle with him not acting serious about stuff and her getting discouraged as well as nagging at him. There's a nice camera shot looking down on the vehicle swerving in the road hitting a child as well as graphic shots running over the child which looked believeably brutal too.
Some nice moments after the couple realises that they are possibly being watched in the cornfield which does leave a chill down your spine plus good moments on the children spying on these dysfunctional couple wherever they go in Gatlin. Plus it's impressive when the children are scared of the cornfield which makes it very mysterious that something evil is lurking in there.
Good shot on Burton looking into the cornfield and spotting a suitcase and then a camera facing him with Malachai looking over him with a knife.
Another good shot on Malachai approaching out of the cornfield and then looking at Vicky when she doesn't see him and then trying to dodge away to make sure she doesn't see him.
Plus there's nice shots peeking in a cornfield on them as if something is watching them and then him trying to keep her quiet fearing that someone is watching them which leaves a nice creepy feel to it.
Then a nice shot on both Isaac and Malachai standing in the middle of the road watching them after they speed away with a nice cheesy quick shot closing in on them.
More great dysfunctional discussion between both Burton and Vicky when they go to a closed down diner and spotting nothing has been updated in decades with good shots on everything. It truly looked like that they were gonna lose it with each other causing their marriage to be at stake.
A nice moment with Isaac and Malachai at the cornfield talking to the children and what their deeds are to do which looked not too bad but nowhere as effective like in the original.
More good aggressions between Vicky and Burton in the middle of a ghost town and their discussions on their hatreed towards one another. There's also a good moment on Vicky trying to call out towards Burton begging him not to leave her alone while he walks away from her as well as good camera circling shots around her when she gets out of her car as well as a group of kids circling around her with her freaking out as well as many great shots on the kids vandalising her vehicle which makes you gasp on the expensive costs they're damaging that it looked believeably brutal at what they're doing. Plus there's a good shot on Malachai raising a dagger in the air with a good shot on Burton screaming as well as him plunging it down along with good shots on Isaac on a rooftop of a building doing his commands and watching over them.
Nice moments with Isaac still on the roof and Vicky screaming obscenities towards them plus a nice shot on Isaac throwing a knife towards him. There's also some descent choreography with Vicky battling against a couple of children when they try to attack him with weapons along with the nice shots on the rest of them watching this all in shock.
Lots of nice takes on Vicky running away in the field with the children running after him as well as good shots on him running in a cornfield with the kids acting scared of the cornfield which looked impressive.
There's a good moment with the kids at their meal time and Isaac about to say grace with a good shot on a little girl snickering along with a good shot on him showing an evil glare at her which looked good.
Many good shots on the children trying to track down Vicky with him trying to find other passages to run away from along with a discussion on a child talking to Malachai about him finding the man but it looked a little too cute to seem evil.
There's a nice camera shot looking up on Burton with vines pulling him as it seemed a bit suspenseful.
However, the story is a bit pointless with a bad ending and it doesn't explain itself too much on why this is all happening towards the ending of the flick especially. But there is good moments with the character Isaac brainwashing children about his religion which goes to show that alot of religions can be very brainwashing which King of course adds the psychological elements there without a doubt.
Bottom line is that the film is fairly bland with some good mysterious twists and nice performances but the story drags alot making you hope that a remake sequel won't arise.

The acting is quite good in which we have a real energised performance by lead actor David Anders (Burton Stanton) as he shows a good obnoxious attitude to his part in the film along with his arrogant attaitude and sarcasm too really bringing this part to life. A nice blocking moment with him smacking someone in the face. There's also a great shocked reaction on him when he finds a corpse in the cornfield with him screaming in a rage which looked highly energised. He really left a nice impression by acting in front of the camera and most of you would agree while watching him perform.
Kandyse McClure
(Vicky) lived to play the dysfunctional nagging wife in which her intensity and paranoia along with her raging aggressions were at the highest level you could ever imagine. She is someone you'd really feel like smacking and not wanting to be around. There's great raging anxiety coming from her freaking out and screaming at her fellow actor after a horrible incident which was highly energised as well as her getting sarcastic. Of course she was in another Stephen King TV movieremake called Carrie as the nice Sue Snell in which she totally proved her versatality in this one. I found her to be the best character out of the whole cast.
Preston Bailey (Issac) looked a little too young and innocent like to play the lead role of Isaac since in the original the other one was a bit more evil like but he does know how to act brainwashing with his beliefs to the other children and very deceiving too in which makes his role very necessary. Think of the innocent looking child Damien in The Omen.
Daniel Newman
(Malachai) as Malachai looked very similar to the original actor who played this part and almost performed just as evil and nasty. He had the right evil looks too and not letting anyone down with the performance still going with the punches in the film. He certainly studied this role very well and performed it like you'd almost imagine in the original but in his own style of course.

Two teenage kids are fornicating in a ceremony with a brief butt shot on the male and a breast shot on the female.

A pig's neck is slit open with blood gushing out.
A dead boy's throat is slit open with his body bloodily stuck to the road.
There's the odd bloody gunshot.
A boy's wrist is snapped in half.
A child's throat is shot open and blood spitting out.
Some corpses are on crucifix's

The music is very much like the original film with some army sounding drum beats along with hearing the chanting music too. There's lots of adventureous noises and sounds throughout the film as well. All of this was brought together by Jonathan Elias whom was the same composer for the original flick.