Child's Play 2 (1990)


Directed by: John Lafia

Written by: Don Mancini


Alex Vincent .... Andy Barclay
Christine Elise .... Kyle
Jerry Agutter .... Joanne Simpson
Gerrit Graham .... Phil Simpson
Brad Dourif .... Voice of Chucky
Grace Sabriskie .... Grace Poole

Special Appearances:

Beth Grant .... Miss Kettlewell
Greg Germann .... Mattson

Release Date:
Theatrical: November 9, 1990



After the horrible incident with Chucky (Brad Dourif), Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), is sent to a foster home since his mother was committed into a psych ward.

A group of manufacturers reconstruct Chucky the doll to save their reputation for the Good Guy Dolls thinking nothing was ever wrong with it.
Chucky's soul is also brought back to life in the doll. He tries to locate Andy and a company drops the doll off at the foster home.
Andy thinks that it is just another Good Guy Doll but despises it and also tells the doll that he hates him.
But his nightmare returns as Chucky tries to gag him and then gets him in all sorts of trouble including at school when he writes profanity on one of his schoolwork but his foster parents don't believe him when he tries to warn the that Chucky is back doing these evil deeds.

Chucky will kill anyone until he tries to put his soul into Andy's body as he is turning human again even when he is in a shell of a plastic Good Guy Doll


Perfect close up shots for the beginning of the film in which we spot the broken up Chucky doll being recreated in which this looked cool for a beginning of a sequel as it carries on as a tradition to other slasher flick that have a similar them to all of this.
There's also good moments on the the group of businessmen discussing the doll as well as perfect special effects on one of them touching an object recreating this doll and perfect electrocuting special effects on this person being zapped by this which is a perfect attraction for the horror fans to watch indeed.
Perfect scene's between a social worker discussing with Andy Barclay on his nightmares and of Chucky which was brought to life a grat deal as well as showing that Andy is a bit older and more mature too since this draws to your attention a great deal.
A good moment with one of the people leaving and we spot the doll looking lifeless lying next to a doorway as this for sure leaves a nice creepy impression. Nice close up moment on someone driving with this doll suddenly moving his eyes as this was a good start to show that Chucky's back.
A great moment with two foster parents Joanne and Phil taking Andy and driving him to their home in which things seem very welcoming by the two of them while chatting with him as this looked impressive. Also a great jumping moment when they don't pay attention to the road with a Good Guy doll truck driving by which makes you wonder if they will stop in time as well as a nice touch to a sequel especially seeing Andy's reactions while spotting this vehicle.
Also good moments with Andy meeting his rebellious foster sister Kyle which was impressive on what you'd spot in foster kids as teenagers. Also a good moment with Andy's room full of toys which you don't expect for a foster parent to go out of their way to make them happy. Along with a good surprising moment on a Good Guy doll falling out of a closet and Andy freaking out as this was another good touch to this sequel.
A nice peaceful and calm moment when Joanne read Andy a bedtime story while it's thundering outside which works well into the story as well as him being scared of the storm.
A perfect moment with Chucky entering the foster home and whacking the doll constantly till the face breaks as well as nice shots on him shoevling a hole to bury him in the ground which has a nice dark feeling to everything.
An impressive moment when Andy stares at the doll and says he hates him and then the doll talks almost lost for words which adds some good dark comedy into the story along with him checking to see if the doll has batteries which is also an impressive moment since we all knew on what happened in the original flick.
Also a good moment with Phil scolding both Kyle and Andy about a broken object they found and both of them denied doing it and being punished which offers an impression that he isn't pleasant for having as a foster parent.
A great discussion between both Klye and Andy in the laundry room as well as him trying her cigarette in which there's a good funny interations between the two of them which really adds more laughing moments into the story and offfering good chemistry between the two of them.
There's also a nice moment between the two of them having a conversation while thaey each take a turn riding on a swing as this looked heartwarming on the two of them having fun and enjoying one another. Makes you feel good while watching all of this happening on two of them hitting it off and adjusting to each other.
Nice camera shots circling around Chucky having Andy tied and gagged as well as being sarcastic to him about being friends till the end along with planning to play hide the soul game to him.
Plus great moments with Andy telling Phil about Chucky coming to get him and doesn't believe him as this was great in the story since this often works with something out of the ordinary happening and thinks the witness is lying.
One of my favourite scene's that works in the story is when Andy is in school and a kid is picking on him and the teacher is acting too opinionated to listen to what Andy had to say about him speaking out in class as you hope that she'd be next to be a victim in the story.
A perfect moment with Chucky's writing on one of Andy's papers saying FUCK YOU BITCH as it made me think the same way on that teacher as well as a memorable moment when he had to stay after school while the teacher went to the principal's office to report this as well as Chucky screaming and cursing to get him out of a locked room as this was another nice horror touch to the story. Pkus a perfect moment with Chucky attacking the school teacher later on and a great shot on him coming out with a giant ruler using his nasty dark humor to her in a Freddy Krueger type of fashion as I loved this moment too and many of you fans will love this too.
A perfect still moment with Andy going down the basement with a bread cutting knife to try and find Chucky in which this looks creepy as well as him looking in a dryer and a shadow of Chucky running past which for sure gives you the chills. This was a nice add on.
Nice dark situation when Kyle digs up the Good Guy Doll from whre it was buried as this leaves off a great impression into the story as well as her going to talk to her foster Mom with her back turned not too well near a sewing machine which leaves an impression that the results would've meant that she was murdered.
A dry humoress moment when a policeman pulls Kyle over and spots her doll and discusses it as well as the doll revealing a bloody nose and her covering up as to what this doll does. I found that it worked in the story yet wasn't funny like it was intended to be.
Also a good moment with Kyle trying to chase after a delivery truck with Andy in the back and Chucky holding him hostage which Chucky flips her the bird as this was a bit funny to watch I have to admit.
The best is yet to come with Chucky doing his chant to see if he can put his soul into Andy at the same toy factory with the thunder clouds hovering over only to realise that he fails to have it work adding perfect karma to this little creep. Also perfect struggling scene's with both Kyle and Andy trying to get free from this killer doll as there's great surroundings along with perfect close up shots on dolls being created in the factory which seemed to look deadly by how this was all done. There's even a perfect moment with one of the workers caught in one of the machines with doll eyes being plucked into him as this looked truly deadly seeing this. Also great moments when we may think that Chucky is dead and they try to walk away thinking that it's all over it just isn't yet. Tons of great action and suspense into all of this which just made it for earning a 3 bat rating.
Bottom line is that this sequel is nowhere near as creepy or effective as the first one but still fun to watch and offered some neat special effects and the odd time dark humor too. Lots of action put into the story that's for sure and can be a pleaser to certain fans. It took me a while to like it better than when I originally did the first couple times as sometimes it was rushed and certain spots were slow but it moved along greatly a quarter way through. Certainly a flick to enjoy if you like Freddy Krueger type of killings.

The acting is good like in the first one. Alex Vincent (Andy Barclay) seemed to have matured more into his characteristics in which he does a good job while discussing his nightmares and getting into things very well with this. Plus does a nice job reacting to things and acting disturbed by them which also shines off nicely during situations like this. Also does well by acting curious with stuff as well as doing well by talking back. Showed a nice outgoing attitude too and making his role very likeable too. He also does a nice job acting stubborn as well as showing his frusterations which he adds alot of good energy within this. Plus does well sneering towards the onscreen doll when he says his final words which looked highly energetic as well.
Christine Elise (Kyle) plays a great teenage rebel with a big heart and turns out to be a hero. Came across perfectly in the beginning of her performance by showing an attitude which she does sharp within this. Also was great acting impatient with a situation. Plus does a nice job enjoying her conversations in another situation acting believeably happy. Plus does great acting anxious when the action starts up as well as really springing into action whenver she needed to do this.
Jerry Agutter (Joanne Simpson) drew across perfectly as a caring foster parent in the flick really doing well by getting into knowing her onscreen foster child and acting believeably warm and welcoming into his life. Also draws her attention in nicely while reading him a bedtime story and acting perfectly protective and assuring that no harm will come which also looked believeably motherly. Plus did a great job by acting reasonably and sympathetic in other spots too. Plus also does a great job by freaking out and acting emotinally upset when she spots a terrifying incident too.
Gerrit Graham (Phil Simpson) knew his craft pretty well and was very realistic as the strict as nail foster parent coming across as someone whom is closed minded and perfectly manipulative. Also shows a good and stern seriousness to his presence and speaking. Also does a good job acting nervous and alert when he spots a situation that looked deadly. Does great with his aggressions too bring it to a powerful pace.
Brad Dourif (Voice of Chucky) delivers well with his voice over talent at sounding vicious, sarcastic and nasty. He for sure has a perfect cackle into what he does as well as sounding perfectly cold when pleading to a situation as well as having a perfect gowly rage too just adding alot of punches into this. Offers good timing with his black coemdic speaking when about to do someone in. He also was great by freaking out too.
Grace Sabriskie
(Grace Poole) played a perfect counsellor in the film. She shows a nice warm and sympatheitc attitude and acts convincingly happy and caring as well as believeably patient too. Also does a good job showing her sterness quarter way through and was great freaking out at the end of her performance. She shows a nice versatality into all of this.
Beth Grant (Miss Kettlewell) came across greatly in her cameo as she for sure does well by playing a bitchy and opinionated school teacher just having a wicked type of personality. Also showed a nice forceful and stern attitude too. Shows great adrenaline when she gets demanding as well as doing a great job freaking out when the terror strikes her with perfect shocked and pleading reactions.
Greg Germann
(Mattson) shows off a good nerdy type of attitude in which he does well with his nervous reactions to stuff as well as acting like a perfect pussy freaking out when he is being attacked in which he draws all this energy to a perfect and intense hype to everything that he did in his supporting role. Yes he came off onto the camera nicely here.

There is some blood on a man's forehead after he is electrocuted while working on a Good Guy Doll which is Chucky
A foster mother's throat is bloodily slit
Chucky's hand is ripped off and his insides from it is shown.
A security guard's eye's are plucked in with doll eyes at a factory.
Chucky's head explodes.

The music was composed by Graeme Revell which has strong classical sounds to the whole story and he composed music for many other horror and thriller's. Alot of powerful violin playing and trombone music along with deep drum rolling too especially for the terrors happening in the story. We also hear alot of chiming sounds which sounds good and clear almost having that Nightmare On Elm Street type of feel to everything. We hear windy sounds as well as rusty and scraping sounds giving the film a real edge to everything. Plus some nice music for the closing credits almost having a horror circus type of music with some woodwinds and more chiming music adding the perfect touch to all of this. The music basically sounds totally mainstream like most of the composing for a Universal Studios film during this time period.

Kyle (After seeing Andy coughing after taking a drag of her cigarette): Jesus! Give me that! (Takes the cigarette) What the hell did you think you were doing?
Andy Barclay: I wanted to taste it
Get real. These things taste like shit okay? These things are very bad for you?
Andy Barclay:
Then why do you do it?
Because grown ups are allowed to do things that are bad for them.
Andy Barclay: You're not a grown up

Chucky: Why fight it, Andy? We're going to be very close. In fact, we're gonna be fucking inseparable.

Joanne: I was thinking maybe we should get something for Andy to make him feel more at home.
Phil: How about some Valium?

Andy Barclay: Where are we going?
Kyle: Home.
Andy Barclay: Where's home?
Kyle: Andy, I have no idea.

Chucky: You've been very naughty Miss Kettlewell.

Mattson: What do you want me to do with the doll?
Mr. Sullivan: Stick it up your ass.

Chucky: Playtime's over.

Chucky: I promise I won't kill anyone else.

[musing a knife that has just replaced his hand]
Chucky: I hate kids.

[Andy and Chucky enter the Good Guy factory]
Chucky: We're home.

Tommy: Hi. I'm Tommy.
Chucky: Shut up. You idiot.
[Chucky punches Tommy]
Tommy: [malfunctioning] I like to be hugged. I like to be hugged. I like to be hugged.
Chucky: Hug this!
[bludgeons the doll with a figurine]

Chucky: Shut up and drive before I kick your fuckin' teeth in.

Chucky: Eat dirt, Tommy

Chucky: Now it's time to play "Hide the soul."

Chucky: [to Andy] Snap out of it! You act like you've never seen a dead body before!

Chucky: [after being thrown through the windshield of a car] You goddamn woman drivers!

Policeman in Car: You were clockin' 60 in a 45. What's your hurry?
Kyle: I have a date.
Policeman in Car: You're gonna have to do better than that.
[looks at Chucky]
Policeman in Car: That's one of those Good Guys, isn't it?
Kyle: Yes, it is...
Policeman in Car: I love those things.
[referring to Chucky]
Policeman in Car: What's your name, buddy?
Chucky: [in his regular bad voice] Chucky.
Policeman in Car: [laughing] That's incredible!
Kyle: I'll say.
Policeman in Car: [sees Chucky bloody nose] What the hell's that?
Kyle: Have you seen dolls that pee? This one bleeds.
Policeman in Car: Okay...look, just slow it down huh? And...uh buckle up for saftey.