Child's Play (2019)


Directed by: Lars Klevberg

Written by: Tyler Burton Smith


.... Karen Barclay
.... Andy Barclay
.... Voice of Chucky
.... Falyn
.... Pugg
.... Detective Mike Norris
.... Shane
.... Doreen

Special Appearance:

.... Henry Kaslan

Release Date: Theatrical: June 21, 2019




A single mother Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza)works at a store and tries to hole her relationship with her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) together although she has a boyfriend Shane (David Lewis) who this child hates.
It's two weeks before Andy's birthday in which someone is about to toss the latest invention for technology called the Buddi Doll in which she grabs a hold of and gives it to him as a gift in which he grows attached to this object but however this doll will do away others that aren mean to him as well as putting this child in danger to top it all off in which this object wants him all to himself and will kill more just to be with him.


Okay now we spot a beginning which is a confusion wondering if we're watching a commercial before the film but it's someone advertising the Buddi doll which looked totally kookie and was thinking that this looked ridiculous but then afterwards bounces into a place in Viet-Nam where there's a factory of workers and the boss bullies one of his employees as this all looked convincingly dark to watch as well as to what this worker does to the doll which made the horror story happen as this was different than the original as there was no magic spells on a soul being put into the doll. This remake didn't mess with the original during this situation but still while watching the story unravel I didn't like it and will get more into situations here.
In a scene taking place at a store things looked hokey with an employee Karen Barclay dealing with a disappointed customer and so fourth which was a joke to watch as well as another customer returning the Buddi Doll and she gets charming towards one of the workers there that's about to take it back and she gets charming for her to have it for her sons 13th birthday present. This moment drew me in a bit but nothing to brag about either.
Uplifting situation with her bringing the present home to Andy to open which shows today's technology as to what this doll does in which it seems exciting on trying out this new gift and so fourth.
Then there's moments with Andy talking to the doll that now calls himself Chucky as well as his negative comments towards his Mom's boyfriend Shane and his pet cat as this left me a sinking feeling that this doll will do away what this kid doesn't like.
Andy makes himself a sandwich while Chucky is watching him and stabs the knife down on the cutting board as this left an impression that this could influence the doll to do some nasty deeds while spotting him doing this.
Then Andy makes some new friends and they watch the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in which there's well focused moments on the doll watching all that is happening as well as the gruesome killings on the TV screen which also left me an impression that this doll will get even more deadly ideas on all of this.
Things become truly intimidating when Shane confronts and challenges Andy as this for sure looked very dysfunctional and almost abusive as I almost got the impression that he will strike this poor child and made me think that Chucky will do him in soon as the moments here makes you wished that this guy is dead.
What confuses me is that Shane goes to see his daughters as I was confused wondering if he has a wife and kids or is he divorced and visiting them or yet he's having an affair with Karen but I didn't find that there was any explanation to this at all.
Afterwards Shane climbs up on a ladder to remove Christmas lights from the house in which the scenery looked perfectly dark as I got a feeling that something deadly is going to happen to him with everything that was set out here. Boy is it painful and struggling after what happens to him.
Then the tension piles up when Andy finds out to what Chucky did and gathers his friends to try and hide what this killer doll did wrapping a decapitated head up and trying to explain to his mother what he was doing which offers the dark comedy into the story which looked extremely dry.
Then there's a disturbing moment when Andy sets Chucky up and tries to destroy him when he pleads that they're friends as it makes you want to feel sorry for this poor doll as well as to what he will do to Andy later on which is not a pleasant feeling at all.
When the friends finally dispose of the doll then things turn mysterious as we spot a perverted type which I am guessing is the landlord of the apartment suite where they all reside in as he picks up the doll and puts it back together only to use for his jollies while watching the residents in their bathroom and such as I got the feeling that Chucky will do him in and boy does it look clever by what he does to him with pressuring moments. However none of this saves the flick from bombing.
There is one of the final moments that almost earned a bat but just not quite when Chucky turns on Andy in a store exposing on TV screens on what was recorded of him as well as later on the store going chaotic after what happens to someone promoting the Buddi dolls and the group of kids try to come to the rescue along with Andi being alone by trying to save his mother from Chucky's grasp but it still earned a bomb regardless. It seemed to pay a homage to the first sequel of the original series but that one was alot better by a longshot.
Bottom line is that this remake didn't mess with the sequel as there was no killer putting his soul into a doll as well as what goes on with the kid and the doll but the story was so boring and uninspired and heard bad reviews before checking it out and they were right in which there needed to be more suspense and action than what this clunker had to offer. Better off next time. Hopefully a sequel won't arise although there was a door left open for one if you saw the very ending of this one.

The acting seems quite decent in which (Karen Barclay) pulls it together as a single mother trying her best to raise her child by herself as she shows some caring type of behavior as well as showing a good attitude on not liking her job. She also offers some good energy when trying to get to the bottom of stuff. So she shows it off as an okay character actress.
(Andy Barclay
) brought it on with his spunk as a happy go lucky type of kid in which he shows a good outgoing attitude as well as adding some versatality being fruterated or upset. Plus does a good job crying onset too. Plus shows off some good energetic and anxious attitude whenever he had to behave this way. He studied his role incredibly well.
(Detective Mike Norris) was one of the best out of the cast offering a good sarcastic type of personality as well as acting lighthearted too. He also shows off a good gruffness as well as his tough as nails type in which he packs a punch big time within all of this.
(Shane) was probably the best in the cast with his supporting role as he does well by acting like a typical asshole whom is believeably closed minded as well does a good job by acting dominant in a scene and coming across as a convincing bully. Reacts well to being in intense pain while struggling near the end of his performance.
(Doreen) shows off a nice bubbly and charming attitude as well as acting warm and approachable. She seemed to be sharp within everything that she did even if her supporting role wasn't too big. But she made a memorable performance.

Gruesome scene's on a TV screen revealing Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 like flesh being torn off someone's face or a head sliced open.
Flesh is stripped off someone's face.
Leg is sawed off.
Bloodied slit throat.
Lots of violent bloodsheds.

Bear McCreary composed the music for this flick but it was only half good in which there's sounds of chiming and toy piano type music as this was an attention grabber but at the same time it sounded a bit irritating. But there was some odd chanting harmony sounds as well as deep synthesizer music as well as echoey violin music which sounded catchy. At other times with uplifting music for the happy moments along with echoey piano music sounded too modern for my liking.

Andy Barclay: [on finding Chucky's present] What the FUCK?

Chucky: What's my name?
Andy Barclay: Han Solo.
Chucky: Did you say Chucky?
Andy Barclay: What? No. Not even close.
Chucky: Chucky.
Chucky: I like that name... Chucky

Andy Barclay: Go away.
Chucky: That's no way to treat your best friend.
Andy Barclay: We're not friends.
Chucky: I'm sorry to hear that... because if I can't be your best friend, nobody can.
Chucky: You said it yourself. "Everybody leaves you."
Andy Barclay: What did you say?
Chucky: You'll see.

Chucky: [mockingly repeating what Gabe said earlier to him] Let's open you up, and see what's on the inside.

Doreen: [to Chucky] You Hobbit motherfucker!
Chucky: [insulted he sends her car straight into a parked vehicle] Heads up... BITCH

Karen Barclay: [Decapitating Chucky] Don't fuck with my son