Chiller (1985)


Directed by: Wes Craven

Produced & Written by: J.D. Feigelson


Michael Beck .... Miles Creighton
Beatrice Straight .... Marion Creighton
Laura Johnson .... Leigh Kenyon
Dick O'Neill .... Clairence Beeson
Alan Fudge .... Dr. Stricklyn
Craig Richard Nelson .... Dr. Collier
Paul Sorvino .... Reverend Penny
Jill Schoelen .... Stacey

Release Date: Made-for-TV: May 22, 1985



A Corporate exec named Miles Creighton (Michael Beck) dies and is cyrogenically frozen as his mother Marion (Beatrice Straight) hopes that one day he will be revived.

10 years later the procedure is a success.
After a brief coma, Miles awakens but the nurse at the hospital notices that his eyes don't look the same.
Also, when he returns home at his mansion his own dog turns on him.
Even if Miles was revived his soul didn't come with him which causes him to be evil when he is back in business causing to kill as he killed his dog when it tried to attack him at night.

His mother doesn't want to believe that he is not the same person as he used to be but when Miles runs over a Reverend friend of hers which sends him to a hospital she feels endangered by her son.


A nice opening with the title credit as it very much resembles a similar opening to Thing from Another World. Also nice dark shots on the cyrogenic room as well as a back shot on some sort of a creepy type feet walking as this was a little confusing and didn't fully get on what was happening here. Also there's one of the employees testing something and someone catches them by surprise as this for sure makes you jump a bit.
Perfect moments with a discussion between Reverend Penny and Marion Creighton on her son Miles discussing he isn't dead and was sleeping as well as talking about reviving him as this draws in nicely.
Perfect close up shots on the paramedics cutting open the stuff wrapped around Miles which looked carefully done as well as them doing surgery with nice look up shots on this as well as focusing on Miles too. This looked perfectly dark while we carefully watch on the final moments here.
There's also a good moment with a nurse feeling out Miles for a pulse and other situations as well as good shots on something moving inside of his skin as this had a perfect creepy touch to everything along with a good shot on his eyes growing wide open which also looked perfectly spooky. Plus a good jumping moment later on when someone sneaks up on her accidentally. All of this showed perfect horror timing.
Great situations with Marion hearing her son's first whisper to her in which shows uplifting moments of being resurrected which was a perfect add on to a beginning of what will later come to this character at first seeming like things are back to normal with him alive only to find that he's changed. Plus a good shot on Stacey looking at him and being upset which is a nice pointer knowing that the horror will happen later on.
A good moment with Miles in a wheelchair arriving at his mansion and his dog growling and barking at him which was a good touch to the story knowing that he isn't the same person that he once was. It leaves a nice mysterious feel to everything.
A good moment with Clarence Beeson talking towards Miles in his living room of the mansion and him reacting wickedly towards him as it for sure leaves a perfect dark impression to the story and making you wonder if something terrirble is going to happen to him later on.
Also perfect night shots on the dog trying to jump over the fence to go into the mansion and try to grab a hold of Miles which is a memorable moment to anyone who saw this and a terrible result with how Miles plans on tricking this dog.
We have a perfect moment with Clairence trying to chase after Miles up some staircases with his condition while convincing him not to be fired as this makes you cringe wondering if he will suffer or die while continuing to walking up the staircases. Certainly adds a bit of good suspense here.
A perfect intense moment when Leigh Kenyon shows attitude towards Miles when he invites her to his room and then he grabs her arm as this leaves a good intimidating impression that he will soon hurt her which is a good start to a horror moment to unravel.
A good serious discussion with the Reverend talking to Marion about her son's behavior and her being in denial about all of this which was nicely drawn in between the two of them.
Also a good interaction with him and a supporting character named Mrs. Bunch discussing a creepy situation in his cathedral about a spirit leaving a soul and another one entering it once resurrected as this leaves a chill down your spine thinking about Miles not the person he was and someone else taking over his body. This was celeverly put into the story.
Another perfect chilling moment with the Reverend walking in a park at night and looking around as you watch carefully wondering if someone will appear right before your eyes. Also a good dark situation with the Reverend towards Miles face to face asking who he really is which looked entertaining to watch and in a great horror fashion since we already get the impression that it's another spirit taking over Miles' body since the resurrection.
A nice dark moment with Miles approaching Stacey and getting wicked and rough with her as this was carefully done and making you watch for more along with a perfect moment on Marion catching them in the act as well as a good confrontation towards him as this looked strongly done.
Great creepy moment with the police going into a freezer unit as well as them spotting Miles looking dead and them touching him which makes you cringe wondering if he will leap out and attack. This for sure gives you the creeps when you watch carefully while watching these moments.
Bottom line is at first the film seems like it would lack but it really gets going. A very spooky and weird film which may disturb certain individuals. Clever and well done but evil. It was also made on a very low budget like 5 Dead On the Crimson Canvas or Monster Dog.

Due to the low budget the acting at first looked rusty but everyone did an amazing job in it. Michael Beck (Miles Creighton) is believeably intimidating as he shows a good evil expressionless look when he is revived as well as doing a good job by acting totally cold and wicked towards one of the actors that he speaks to. Also does a nice job whenever he acted menacing with a nice forceful motive throughout all of this. Also does well getting aggressive and showing a wicked charm too with his icy speaking. Yes he certainly studied his part incredibly well here.
Beatrice Straight (Marion Creighton) also is great as the emotional mother and brings alot of character in the film. She does well acting hopeful as well as having a good eager type of attitude too. She really acted convincing when she's relieved with happiness when she realises her onscreen son is alive acting full of joy. She brought this to a nice hype. Also was good acting upset while behaving in denial on stuff. Does a good job with her sterness and getting to the point with her perfect serious attitude which she draws it in perfectly without overdoing it.
Laura Johnson (Leigh Kenyon) had a great sharp type of appeal to her performance as she comes across as a smart type of businesswoman. Also shows a nice bluntness along with getting short during a certain scene of the film. Shows a good versatality when acting disturbed after an incident and knew on how to act still and upset.
Dick O'Neill (Clairence Beeson) did a nice job as an elderly and kind hearted businessman in which he shows a believeable friendly and warm type of attitude when talking to someone as well as showing a good upsetting attitude by acting a bit sad which really shows here. Also has a good energetic attitude when he is pleading and showing a good stressful behavior as well as reacting sick and choked up too letting out some great anxiety while dong this. Made all of this come to life a great deal.
Paul Sorvino (Reverend Penny) did his part smoothly as he draws in a great seriousness into this role as well as showing a believeable concerned type of behavior. Plus he came across well as someone whom is realistic on situations and acting convincingly truthful on situations too. Does well acting disturbed during other areas. Plus was perfect acting tense or frightened in a certain part of a scene too. He also does well speaking weakly in pain while he's in a hospital as if he really was in that position.
I couldn't forget the teenage
Jill Schoelen (Stacey) whom is also terrific in it and gives the film a plus. She really knew on how to express her disappointed and concerned feelings into her role. Also does well with her timid and innocent behavior since she often does this in other shows and does it well all the time. Shows it off nicely too while acting tense or scared when she is being forced into something. I also enjoyed her performance in The Stepfather.

The music by Dana Kaproff was at times having some nice touches and at times lacking. However there's many good wavy keyboard sounds which is spooky enough especially for a scene with the paramedics involved. Plus we have great cold and icy high pitched sounds. Also the odd light clanging sounds too with deadly and evil type of music suiting the dakr moments in the film which worked for a film in it's time.