A Whole lot of Soultaking chuckles with Chuck Williams by Greg Tiderington

Chuck Williams is a hard working actor and working continually in independent horror flicks in which we know him best in his supporting role as the goofball named Tommy in the 1990 flick 'Soultaker' which also starred Joe Estevez and Robert Z'Dar whom he has worked with them in other projects too.
He has also had roles in other horror films like 'Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter', 'High Tomb', 'Horrorvision', 'Groom Lake', 'Dark Walker', 'Slices' and 'Fistful of Brains'
He's also worked in many non-horror flicks too and can be remembered as the part of Elvis' Boy in the dark comedy classic 'BubbaHo-Tep (Starring Bruce Campbell) along with making appearances as Igor in the television shows 'Halloween... Happy Haunting of America' and 'Monsterama: A Tribute to Horror Hosts'. He has done voice over's for shows like 'The Night Driver', 'Zombie's Eat Brains and Clay' and 'Christmas is Here Again'
To top it all off he has worked as a producer, writer and director for his own films.
I had the honor interviewing this talented fellow with his experience in horror films and you can check out his official site at: www.chuckwilliamsfanclub.com Plus you can email him any questions at chuckwilliamsfanclub@yahoo.com

.At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

The first time I performed was as a child at Roberts Elementary school in Tucson, AZ  for the Christmas Holiday Show! I had an amazing 4th grade teacher named Mrs. Johnson....she had me singing almost everyday in class...I'll never forget that...there I was up on stage singing to "O Holy Night"...only with a zither playing behind me....so basically singing acapella....that was a tough song to sing as a kid.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

No, never...I was fortunate to be able to go to movies every weekend as a child at Davis Monthem Air Force Base in Tucson because my dad was in the Military.  I saw tons of movies and then I got turned onto Godzilla when my dad got transferred for to Japan for 3 years.  I remember coming back to the states and talking about this giant green monster and no one had any idea what I was talking about...lol

What was your first horror film?

The first Horror film I worked on was "Monster in the Closet" as a extra.  Everyone in Hollywood worked on that film...lol...it was the first time I got to see the beautiful Stella Stevens in person and later on her and I became friends when we both had the opportunity to become a celebrity judge for the "Miss World" Pageant together in Texas.

How did you find out about auditions for 'Soultaker'?

I was starting to move into producing by this time and they asked me if I wanted to produce it.  I really came to Hollywood to be an actor and thought if I learn how to make movies I would always be able to find work as an actor, nothing else, creating my own projects. So I ask them if I could audition for it instead and they said yes.....

Who were you up against at the auditions for Tommy Marcetto?

Funny story here, I was cast originally cast as Brad and then later on they met David "Shark" Fralick at one of the auditions and thought he would play a mean Brad and thought I would be a funny Tommy....so they called me and asked me if it would be alright to play the other part and I said "Of course, I just want to be in the film"  You have to remember, the only acting I had done before at this time, was for the t.v. show "Young and the Restless"  This was going to be my first feature and plus it was being shot in Mobile, Alabama.  That sound exciting to me.

What was the most memorable experience did you have on set shooting for this?

Tons of memories on that movie....one of them was regarding the picture car.  We suppose to shoot the big scene where Brad suppose to run the car into the tree and we all die....Of course, just like Jaws....all we kept hearing on the radios was, "The Picture car is not working, repeat, the Picture car is not working.  So there we are all sitting in it and wired for sound, stuck in the car for over an hour,  while transpo is trying to fix that clunker... 

What was it like performing at the dance party in which I found it a little odd that it took place in the day and not at night?

Well, that is low budget for you....If you shoot at night with lots of people, you need lots of lights and a lot more crew memebers....I luved it...I met a lot of great folks of the town while shooting those scenes.  Plus, Michael Rissi the director, was a pleasure to work with.  He came up with that bit of me kissing both girls right there on the spot.... I had to shoot that scene several times...it worked for me...lol

The scene where you and your fellow actors driving at full speed in a car looked intense what was it like shooting that scene?

It was intense..you got to remember, we didn't have all the full rigs you have on a big budget movie.  There is no process trailer on this one.  As you know, you strap the 16mm film camera on back of a truck and go for it......so there we are, driving 80 miles down a road like a bat out of hell,  with no police escort in front of us or back.  That is what makes independent film making so much fun...as long as you don't die...lol

Who did you enjoy working with the most in the film?

I always enjoy working with everyone, but this was the first time I got to work with now my good buddies Joe Estevez and Bobby Z'Dar.  I went on to work with them a few more times in my career.  Always a pleasure and I get in so much trouble with them on sets...lol

During 'Soutaker's' limited theatrical run did you ever see it at a cinematic run?

Yes, was able to go to one of the Premieres of the film in my hometown Tucson, Az....and then it ran in two theaters there for a week...that was cool to see my name on a poster in the lobby for the first time and in ads in the newspaper, you got to remember, it doesn't take much to make me happy. There I was, my first movie in a Theater.

What kinds of feedback did you get from fans?

Well, I got lucky on this one.  As you know, it became even bigger because it was chosen to be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie for season 9 and it went crazy after that.  At one time, it was MST3K fans top of the list "Most want to see on DVD"  Thanks to Shout Factory, it's now on DVD.  I love the MST3K fans...they email me all the time, saying how much the luv this one.  As you know, it was the only show to feature both hosts Joel Hodgson and Michael Nelson.

Did you ever go to conventions due to your role as Tommy Marcetto?

No, they had stop having them by the time we came around.  I think someone should start them again.  They are so popular the series...I can see MST3K Conventions again.  I know I would show up if they asked.

You landed a small role as a police man in 'Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter'. Do tell us the nitty gritty details on your experience with that film?

Lots of waiting around in my dressing room for those little bad ass puppets to get ready....lol...I had long hair at the time and good friend/director Jeff Burr just had them put my hair up in a pony tail....Jeff and I have worked together so many times, that I have lost count....lol

You worked again with Jeff Burr in 'Ghost Gunfighter' as Shane. What was that like?

We had just finished up making "Eddie Presley" in Hollywood and we all wanted to get out of town for awhile and have some fun.  So I came up with the idea of making this crazy little horror western out in Benson, Az.  So believe it or not, here it is December, so we all packed into cars and went out and stay in cheap,hotels, having the time of our lifes. This was one the first video movies ever to be shot on on 3/4 and Beta video.  I think the whole budget was $17,800 dollars.  But boy did we have the time of our lives!  There we were, Jeff Burr, William Burr,  Dave Parker, Stacie Randall and a great little cast and crew...I would do it again in a heart beat.
What kind of a release did it get?

It was released overseas to a couple of countries and then MTI Home Video released it in a collection of 10 movies.  So yes, there is life even for a small film.

A movie I enjoyed I saw you had a small role in was 'Witchhouse II: Blood Coven' playing a secuirty guard. What stories can you share with us in this one?

Director J.R. Bookwalter thought it would be great to have a bunch of cameos of his friends to appear in one part of the movie'shooting it in the Blair Witch style, which was very popular in those days.  It was fun...my choice of style of acting in the movie was a tribute to one of my favorite actors, John Candy... Who I think played the best security guard in any movie "National Lampoon's Vacation"

You were also in a short called 'The Vampire Hunters Club' playing the role of Mongo which had some familiar faces like William Smith, John Agar and Forrest J. Ackerman.  What was it like working with these guys?

Bill Smith can still kick anyone's ass.....You got to love him.  John Agar was such a perfect gentleman and a heck of a guy, went to one of his birthday parties.  And of course, it was always fun to hang with Forry...many dinners and many tours of the Ackermansion....

In 'Horrorvision' you played Schizo the hotel clerk as Len Cordova's character got rough with you along with an argumentive dialogue. Was there any difficulties doing this? Do tell us what it was like shooting this scene?

My bad attempt in playing Sid Vicious, fake tattoos and all...lol....Director Danny Draven was kind enough to let me play this part.  Of course, we shot it in less than 5 hours at my friends cool Gothic store "Dark Delicacies" in Burbank using the front counter as a sleazy hotel counter.  It's funny how many people have seen this movie and talked to me about that character.

Now I really want to know about your role as an alien in 'Groom Lake' as this looks like an exciting horror-sci-fi flick as you worked with big time avtors like William Shatner and Dick Van Patten? What was it like performing in this flick?

Who doesn't want to work with William Shatner....someday the whole story will be in my book.  I was very lucky to hang with the man for over 4 months doing 'Groom Lake'.  Dick Van Patten and I talked poker...lol

How big was your role and what did you do in it?

I played the lead Alien in the movie.  If you see the cover of the dvd, that's me.

Who did you play opposite against in it?

One of my favorite actresses in the world is Amy Acker.  This was her first feature film and she was a pleasure to work with.  There was a great all starring cast in this movie.  William Shatner, Amy Acker, Dick Van Patten, Dan Gauthier, Tom Towles, Brenda Bakke, Rickey Medlocke, Duane Whitaker, Dan Martin and John Prosky.  They all came out for Shatner.

Did this film go to theater's and do you have any great memories?

No, it was never made with that intention. We did have a few premiere's for it and at the Opening Premiere, one of the highlights for me was when William Shatner introduced me to his close friend Leonard Nimoy...every true Trekkie's dream.   It also became a Scfy Premier Presentation on their Channel....it still runs today.  Plus it has been released twice on DVD and all over the world.  The latest version has a special exclusive interview with William Shatner.
You had the title role in 'Dark Walker' as well as had a hand in writing it? What was this film all about and what inspired you to do it?

Well we lucked out that "Hobb's Grove" a haunted attraction in Sanger, Ca let us shoot at their great location.  That was half of the battle.  The other one was, that Director Danny Draven and a hand few selected crew members and cast, went out to make a little ambitious monster movie.  It rained, it got crazy, you name it and it happened.  This was the first time in my life I thought we are not going to be able to finish this movie and less we get off of our asses and turn our hats around and get dirty.  And just like a pro football game, we were down at the half, but Danny and the great crew and cast pulled it off.  21 days later, we wrapped and we look like we had been though the fire.  lol

What kinds of things did you do in the film?

You name it we all did it.  It was just one of those films that we all wore several hats.  If you get a copy of the 'Dark Walker' on dvd, watched those bad boy behind the scenes footage. 

What was the most memorable scene did you do while performing in it?

All of them and I mean it.  I loved playing the monster.  Today there is a soundtrack, trading cards, 2 horror masks, t-shirts of the character, paintings and fans just luv this popcorn movie.  Believe it or not, the mask was featured in Universal Studios movie "Knocked Up" and "The Girls Next Door" Season 5 on E channel and countless horror documentaries.  Also featured in Danny Draven's "The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie.   Not bad for a little monster movie.

You played Igor in a made for cable flick known as 'Monsterama: A Tribute to Horror Hosts'.

The first time I played Igor was for "Halloween...the Happy Haunting of America" which is now out on a 2-Disc Collectible DVD. Then Kevin Burns, the Executive Producer of many awesome reality shows like "The Girls Next Door", "Kendra" and "Holly's World" wanted to bring Dr. Shocker (Daniel Roebuck) and Igor back to life for his Monsterama: A Tribute to Horror Hosts show.  He loves these characters and thought they would be perfect for it.  It was the first time that we were shot in HD on a very cool set.  Hopefully someday you will be watching us host your favorite horror movies on your favorite Cable show.....Long live Dr. Shocker and Igor!
You worked with Lynn Lowry in a horror short titled 'Night Visit'. What was your role in it and how did you get involved?

Honestly, I don't like doing shorts....I always think, let's make a full length movie instead.  But for some reason, I have been asked to be in several directors shorts.  Which I always say yes, because I think it's an honor that they are asking me.  I know it means a lot to them to try to get the best cast possible to showcase their work.  So on 'Night Visit', my long time friend Kenneth J. Hall ask me if I would be in it.  He said I would have the opportunity to be in bed with the beautiful, sexy Lynn Lowry from George Romero's "The Crazies".  How could I resist.  Then he went on to say "Lynn will be wearing lingerie in the scene.  I immediately responded "I'm in"...lol

You were in a horror anthology called 'Slices'. What memories would you like to share with us doing the shoot of the film?

I worked my ass off on my segment. "The Exterminator"  I did the Robert De Niro "Raging Bull" thingy were I gained an extra 25 pounds for the role, the heaviest I have ever gotten in my life,  I let them shave my hair off in the flick, totally bald. Oh yes, I did my first shower scene...lol.
They tortured me so much in this film,  I remember screaming so hard in this movie from take after take, that I had a raging headache for two days...no joking.  I remember saying on the set...the only thing I wish we could add to this scene, is that George Clooney could walk in while I was being tortured and that way I know the whole world would see this flick.  lol...Great guys though, the directors and crew who put "Slices" together....honestly, hearts of gold.

A film that grabbed my attention was 'Bryan Loves You'. Is Tony Todd really intimidating like the roles he usually portrays in horror films?

I love Tony Todd, I have worked with him a couple of times....I mean, who doesn't love "The Candy Man"  and he just has a great presence.  That voice...get out of here....it rocks!  I have never said this before, but I think Tony should release an album of smooth jams...lol...I know I would buy it.

What did you do in this one?

It's funny, I got to work with Lloyd Kaufman in the scene which was a treat for me.  I mean, come on, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films.  Him and Roger Corman will be remembered far after I am dead.  So in this movie, I played a crazy cult brained washed out victim and after we did our first take.  Llyod the man, came over to me and said "Chuck, your really good" and I said, "Then why don't you hire me for you films?" and he said "Because your too good".....we both laughed.

Apparently you have the lead role in the 2008 horror flick 'Loved One's' as Gus. Were you happy that you got a lead role in it?

I was lucky to do a string of movies after the success of "Bubba Ho-Tep"  Loved Ones was one of them.....It's always fun to act.  I was also fortunate that my good friend Willard Pugh (Color of Purple) came out for a few days and worked with me on this one in Seattle. We played detectives.  We were lucky that the dvd came out right after the success of the "Twilight" movie.  Vampire movies got very hot and this movie is all about Vampires!

Is there any other films or T.V. shows you have coming out?

Just finished playing a Queen Anne's Pirate in Johnny Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which comes out next summer in 3D, plus I am in the first episode of Showtime's "Californication"  playing a detective with David Duchovny and Carla Gugino.  And just finished working on Don Coscarelli's new movie "John Dies at the End" which has one of my favorite actors in it, Paul Giamatti

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?

'The Wizard of Oz', 'The Silence of the Lambs', 'The Shining', and all of mine!

If you were a horror film actor for a day whether he was alive or dead who would he be?

Lon Chaney....there is no other!

What show were you in that you cherished the most to this day?

Don Coscarelli's Bubba Ho-Tep....Loved working with Bruce Campbell and the Elvis Boys!

What is a show you were in that you'd like to change?

Nah...no regrets...It's all part of this awesome journey we all take!

What are your ambitions in life?

To end world hunger.....there is no reason for it!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Waking up every morning and thanking God that I am still alive!