C.H.U.D. (1984)


Directed by: Douglas Cheek

Written by: Parnell Hall

Story by:
Shepard Abbot


John Heard .... George Cooper
Daniel Stern .... A.J. Shepherd
Christopher Curry .... Captain Bosch
Kim Greist .... Lauren Daniels
George Martin .... Wilson
Michael O'Hare .... Fuller
Vic Polizos .... Hays
Bill Raymond .... Victor
Eddie Jones .... Chief O'Brien
Sam McMurray .... Officer Crespi
Ruth Maleczech .... Mrs. Monroe

Special Appearances:

John Goodman .... Cop in Diner
Jay Thomas .... Cop in Diner
Graham Beckel .... Val

Release Date: Theatrical: August 31, 1984



In the rough town of Manhattan, people end up being pulled in the sewers by something monstrous as a photographer named George Cooper (John Heard) and a fellow helping to feed the homeless named A.J. Shepherd (Daniel Stern) accideantally learn of the government's convert subterranean dumping site of radioactive waste that is mutating the underground vagrants as it turns them into grotesque mutants known as Canniballisitc Humanoid Underground Dwellers.
They both try to put a stop to the cover-up with the police and to destroy these creatures before they get them as they start to invade other people's houses throught basements and other areas as they haven;t got much time till these creatures feast on the locals in Manhattan.
However there's a greedy governer named Wilson (George Martin) who will stop at nothing to keep his radioactive plans fully functioning.


Interesting conry but entertaining moments with a lady walking her dog in the night with a good camera shot focused on the lid of a sewage system and an interesting shot on this lid opening and her being pulled under which is a good start for a horror flick.
We also have some amusing moments with the lead character George Cooper taking photographs from the window of his suite and ignoring his phone call as this for sure draws in your attention a great deal that he doesn't want to be bothered at all. Also a nice humoress discussion between him and his wife Lauren Daniels as well as him picking up his phone later on. Seems like a nice uplifting start while we continue to watch this film.
Good grungy scenery with A.J. Shepherd feeding the homeless as the enviroment looks unpleasant and perfect for a story such as this one as well as the discussions going on involving the him and what is happening there as well as him and George talking to a homelss man and a good close up shot on his wild eyes and his crazy attitude while holding a knife which was supposed to look disturbing and intense but doesn't quite cut it right. However it was impressive to watch and wondering if he will turn into those freaky monsters while we see on what he discusses with his disturbed attitude as this was horror campy fun to watch this scene regardless.
Also we have an impressive moment on Lauren when she is doing her laundry and hears something underneath the floor sinc ethis leaves you a creepy impression that something will eventually lurk up later on while we keep watching.
There's also many good shots with George being led into the sewage system by a homeless person and spotting alot of dark areas of brick walls which is an other impressive moment that something dark will lurk in these areas too as this looked greatly done too.
There's a perfect moment with a parents and a child using a payphone as well as a nicely moment on this child staring at the sewer lid opening and the creature's hands pushing it open in which this was effective and well done. Plus a great moment on the parent not paying attention to this as there was supposed to be a terrifying moment as it works pretty well along with some dry humor adding to these elements too as it seemed to show nice timing to anyone who has a hard time by being scared while watching the film.
An effective moment with Captain Bosch having a meeting with the mayor about what CHUD stands for as well as what is happening to their city which worked in well into the story as well as seeing the ignorance of the Mayor Wilson being closed minded and not believing the story which truly adds a good psychological feel of frusteration while feeling that something is urgently wrong and nothing is being done about it. Good shots on the discussions happening here.
A good moment with George going down in the sewer with one of the other detectives Victor and about to enter another passageway which gives you an impression that something will leap out and get this person yet the surprise attack fails by making you jump here.
A good moment when George finds his friend Victor as this leaves an impression that he's not the same once we reveal his face which was well done.
Also there's a perfect moment when he goes into another area of the sewage system and spots some of the creatures which looked dark and creepy as well as him trying not to make a sound in order not to be caught as this makes you watch very carefully and making you cringe big time.
A real effective moment on Lauren taking a shower and then trying to get something out of a plug with a surprise shot on blood spraying out on her which we expect something unpleasant will happen here since this moment was carefully focused. A nicely dark humoress moment with a child in a suite hearing a door banging while he tries to get his ball wondering if he should answer it in which this leaves also a creepy feeling that it's one of those creatures behind the door by doing this.
Perfect suspenseful moment when Lauren spot a CHUD monster and she uses her furniture to block the door as this keeps you in suspense wondering if she will be able to move them there in time before this monster comes and kills her. Also perfect shots on her trying to survive from this monster when it comes in to attack her which leaves a nice cheesy old fashioned monster movie feel to it blending in the 80's horror as well.
Perfect twisted situations with Wilson acting greedy and insane while we spot both George, A.J. and Bosch being pitted against him while he tries to shoot one of them as well as trying to drive a vehicle towards them along with perfect dynamic effects exploding and gun firings too offering perfect action surrounding all of this.
A neat comedic ending with two police officers flirting with a waitress at a diner as if everything is back to normal but suddenly it's not which is often the case when we spot a situation such as this in order to make an excuse to have it continued for a hopeful sequel to follow.
Bottom line is that this is a great 80's horror monster flick but and great for certain times too like on Halloween night with a good budget and great effects. Interesting idea though of something dangerous living in the CHUD sewage system.
Good effects on the creatures which should amuse fans of monster films. It really brings alot of scares wondering if the monsters will appear on the streets or into your buildings on where they will roam next bringing so much terror and excitement by how this story was taken.

The acting is good for an 80's horror film. Gorgeous lead actor John Heard (George Cooper) was the best actor throughout the film as a photographer trying to find some missing cases on homeless people. He certainly had a beleiveable outgoing attitude and charming personality. Also does well with his spunky attitude while taking photographs and acting believeably bubbly too. Also does a nice job with his charming behavior and sarcasm too. Shows alot of great energy when the terror strikes him by acting perfectly anxious and terrified too. He just rolls in with the punches greatly here.
Daniel Stern
(A.J. Shepherd) showed energetic attitude as someone who helps the homeless people as he has a good slick and paranoid personality. He seemed to do well by having a somewhat eccentric attitude by being goofy. Also does great when he freaks out or getting anxious by bringing this to a hype. Shows good paranoid and aggressive attitudes in a conference meeting about the pics he's taken and what he saw and throwing himself to the people there. Seemed to study his role fairly carefully and proved to be a worthy character actor as he often does in everything that I've seen him in.
Christopher Curry (Captain Bosch) shows a perfect and strong performance as a detective in the film in which he offers a perfect seriousness into what he's doing as well as stressing situations and making these moments look totally powerful. Also was great with his tense anger and really throwing the punches when the suspenseful moments start to happen just lunging out whenever he needed to during an intense situation. He was a ball of fierce energy for sure.
Kim Griest
(Lauren Daniels) wasn't too bad but she could use a bit of polishing to her part. She seemed to have a nice innocence to her role and a fair pretty face to look at as well. Seemed to do fairly okay when she's freaking out with her struggling behavior but her screaming needed a bit more improvement.
George Martin (Wilson) was terrific as a stubborn, greedy and crazy head governer knowing his part inside out. Seemed to do a perfect job with his bluntness and arrogance during a meeting with what's going down in the city. Really expresses his voice when he explains the meaning of what CHUD meant on a file. However he tried to show aggressive expressions which didn't look too convincing. Yet does a nice job losing control of himself later on in the story by acting like a madman which he knew on how to act intense within all of this and offering some nice horror characteristics within all of this.
Supporting actress R
uth Maleczech (Mrs. Munroe) lived to play a crazed bag lady as she was one of the most stood out performers in the film. She does a nice job with her gruff speaking and studied this role pretty nicely. Also does a great job with her energy when she attacks someone near the end of her performance bringing it all out greatly.
We also get a brief appearance of John Goodman (Cop in Diner) before his days in the TV sitcom Roseanne playing an officer which was a true classic with his role in the film.
Seemed to offer some good comedic timing within this along with a good sarcastic and flirtatious attitude.

Lots of gore as people are slaughtered by the creatures as their remains are splattered all over the sewers
There's a leg half chewed
A monsters head is chopped off

British composer David A. Hughes composed the music and does a fantatsic job as it sounds mainstream but very original too which really blends in. Great beating sounds especially for the opening credits. Alot of perfect deep sounds too especially taking place in the underground sewers. We hear alot of intense high ptiched sounds which sounds really effective. Plus there's low cold music as this sounds bizarre. Plus good drumbeats and great poundings with adventureous sounds when the action gets going as this showed perfect timing. We also hear clear mellow music during a shower scene and then breaking this moment with high intesnse screeching sounds for the shocking moment too. Yes sir this composer studied the story really carefully a great deal. He also composed music for shows in his area including the Man Who Made Husband's Jealous.

Mrs. Monroe: Cooper, you son of a bitch. I'm in jail. I only get one phone call. You think I wanna waste it talking to some goddamn fucking machine?

Captain Bosch: Are you kidding? Your guy's got a camera. Mine's got a flamethrower.