The Coffin (2008)


Written & Directed by: Ekachai Uekrongtham


Karen Mok .... Sue
Ananda Everingham .... Chris
Florence Faivre
Aki Shibuya .... Mariko
Hoi Lin
Napakpapha Nakpresitte .... May

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: October 30, 2008 (Singapore); European Film Market: February 5, 2009 (Germany); Bangkok International Film Festival: September 28, 2009




Chris (Ananda Everingham), a claustrophobic architect does it in the hope of saving his fiancée who's dying of terminal cancer. Sue (Karen Mok),
a nutritionist visiting Thailand from Hong Kong does it to save her own life after being diagnosed with a lethal brain
tumor - one week before her wedding.

After the ritual, Chris and Sue experience what appear to be miracles in their respective lives. But soon, they find themselves confronted by a series of bizarre and terrifying incidents. With the help of a professor specializing in paranormal cases associated with the ritual, they set out to exorcise the ghosts that haunt them, and attempt to reverse
the wheel of karma.
A single mother and full time stripper at her local bar named Corri (Starr Andreef) can't seem to get her life together at all especially after she is bitten by a vampiress named Laura (Diana Frank) and left for the dead.


Ridiculous horror film which tried so hard to be like others such as One Missed Call or The Grudge with the ghostly activities as well as it having english or other language used which makes it even more confusing while trying to understand what they're saying.
There are some good directions and effects with the ghosts appearing and haunting their victim which almost makes you jump... and I mean almost which fails.
The film was made on a descent budget and doesn't show musch killings at all in which the makers tried to make a horror film entertaining with just hauntings but yet the plot was quite weak as I didn't understand most of it at all other than people returing after dying from natural causes.
There's some artsy moments with some people in coffins as well as showing hundreds of other coffins as well as strange dream sequences happening in a field which looked fairly amusing to watch and wondering what these scene's are all about.
I did get a kick out of some moments when a certain person spots another person who is supposedly dead stalking them and the other doesn't see anything at all. There's nice dark moments too with a gravedigging moment which was a good touch too. Other than that there was nothing much about this flick worth watching.
A good close up camera shots on the character Sue in a coffin talking directly at the camera and then the camera turns away pointing to a bunch of other coffin's whilch looked well done.
There's a good shot on Chris in a field chasing after May with a good shot on him flying in the air after he touches her which makes you wonder what that was all about. Then there's a nice dark shot on him in a coffin crying out in fear along with a nice shot on a tear rolling down his cheek. There's also a good ghostly shot on May next to him with a good light effect shining on her.
There's a terrific shot with a car strolling across another street with a truck slamming into it which is a great jumping moment along with good close up shots on the remains of these vehicles.
There's some interesting discussions between Sue and Jack with shots on them having a discussion and their blocking looked pretty good too.
There's a nice approach by one of the other characters weeping towards Sue telling her the devastating news about her boyfriend and Sue herself letting her know he's in her room in which there's good takes with this person looking in the room and telling her that no one is there and then a good shot on Sue spotting him sitting at her bed.
There's a good shot on Sue talking to this character about a situation she starts to weep but then there's a creepy shot with this person bending down to her face and then a shot on her with a burnt face speaking demonic towards her.
There's many good camera shots looking up and down on Chris digging up a grave.
There's a good shot on Sue standing in a hall of mirror doors reflecting a ghoulish shot on another person and then approaching towards her and attacking her which showed good horror timing.
There's a nice shot on Chris talking to Mariko near an ocean front which looked peaceful and then later on a good ghostly and gruesome presence by May slowly walking up towards Mariko talking evilly towards her with a nice shot on May screaming hysterically bending down and losing control.
There's good shots and discussions with 3 people doing some researching on the computer and watching videos to find out some clues on the paranormal activity that's going on as it looked serious as if they are really getting into it.
There's a great shot on May going into a cremation oven and opening up a coffin getting anxious with a great moment on another main character dragging her into the coffin with her screaming in fear as well as a nice shot on the oven heating up with her trying to struggle to get out in which this was highly energised.
There's a nice peaceful moment during a dream sequence with Chris sitting next to Mariko trying to talk to her in a peaceful manner which looked terrific.
There's also a good tense moment with Chris in the coffin and blood pouring all over him with him screaming and struggling with the blood drowning him out.
There's also a good dialogue between Chris with Sue having a heavy discussion as to why deaths happen which looked quite powerfully done.

Bottom line is that this film is a sleeper but not a bomb which I had to give it one bat for trying their best to make it the best they possibly could. It's just poorly written and very forgettable too with some ripoff elements of Final Destination.
This film was inspired by a true event which disappointed me even more as I usually like those types and not alot of effort here.

The acting is in very average shape as the lead actress Karen Mok (Sue) seemed terribly plain with just the nice looks doing all the talking with her performance in which she won awards in other shows with her acting talents which surprised me so maybe this part she couldn't adjust to. She's not terrible. Just average. She doesn't do too well when she cries on set either which seemed to lack a bit.
Ananda Everingham
(Chris) as another one who is being haunted by a former girlfriend of his shows some descent energy in his role as well as his serious attitude too. He knew how to act anxious and scared with upsetting emotions too. He does well being aggressive while digging up a grave.
Aki Shubuya
(Mariko) showed a nice sensitive attitude to her part as well as knowing how to cry in fear along with her blood dripping screaming when she's being terrorised by a ghost in which she brought all of this together perfectly and found her to be the best out of the whole cast.
Florence Faivre
came across nicely as the sympathetic type in the film showing a good calmness with her words. She also looked beautiful in the film which really helped with the character that she portrayed.
Hoi Lyn
seemed to do an average job as a mellow type when he's alive and came across very creepy like when he returns as a scarred ghost in which he does a better job. I don't find him to be a versatile actor though but can do a good job playing a horror character.
Napakpapha Nakpresitte
(May) showed a perfect evil presence on herself as a scarred ghost with her long dangly hair and expressions. She certainly let it out too when she spoke evilly towards the other actor.

There's scarred faces on two ghostly figures separately done in the film.

There's some light peaceful piano tapping during the silent moments in the film plus we hear some jungle drum thumping during some dream sequences with the chasing scene's too. To top it off there's some thumping sounds and some slamming effects too.