Come Play (2020)


Written & Directed by: Jacob Chase


Azhy Robertson .... Oliver
Gillian Jacobs .... Sarah
John Gallagher Jr. .... Marty
Winslow Fegley .... Byron

Release Date: Theatrical: October 30, 2020





A mute autistic boy Oliver (Azhy Robertson) discovers on his ereader mobile device that there's a monster named Larry manifests itself through smart phones and mobile devices and wrecks terror by haunting others with their devices.


An awesome start to the film having a mute boy Oliver at night using his ereader with that monster story communicating with him as well as seeing things going on in his room. He puts the blankets from his bed over his head which made me wonder as to what will happen next. It definetely reminded me of my fears of the dark thinking the bed sheets will protect me.
The next day we see him at school when he has to use his ereader to communicate to the teacher on what she's educating as well as one of the other classmates griping on what he was doing which looked fairly natural.
After school Oliver is walking in an open field and is bullied by his classmates lead by Byron in which this was definetely in your face with mean kids. This moment was strongly done and looking quite natural which made me wonder if Oliver will be alright.
Some ghostly situations pop up when Oliver's mother's boyfriend Marty is working graveyard shifts near a parking lot during a wind storm and he finds a new ereader for Oliver in which there's a good shot on it showing that monster story in which there's papers flying in the air and it shows a ghostly shape as this was a great eye catcher.
The next day Sarah agrees to have a sleepover so Oliver can be more social with the kids. Of course it's the 3 bullies that picked on him during yesterday in which this is not a good feeling especially when Oliver can't speak to tell her what had happened.
The action piles up when one of the kids finds the ereader reading it out loud on the monster tale. This causes paranormal events occuring around the house as it looking powerfully suspenseful. This made me want to watch more and more to see as to what will happen.
Marty takes Oliver to his work and shows him some stuff as the paranormal events really happen here and boy is it strong with good special effects.
The next day Byron has a discussion with Oliver during their lunch break talking about past lives as the discussion flows in quite well. All of this looked good and natural.
However the moments after this get a bit dull when watching the rest of the story when Oliver and his family try to figure out on how to stop the paranormal situations coming from the ereader.
Yet, the story picks up big time when Oliver and Sarah tries to hide from the ghosts and monsters that plan to haunt them which at first the whole neighborhood loses their power making it look good and dark for the boogeyman to come out. They hide under a bed which was a great touch to every child's fear in a story. Plus more great special effects while this is all happening.
They run outside in the open field which has some pumping action as well as something said and devastating happening. This situation looked very powerful and heartbreaking to watch.
Bottom line is that this is a cleverly made film from when we were young and being scared of the dark thinking that the boogeyman will come out. This is just what it's all about. It seemed to have elements of a flick known as They. The film is worth checking out.

The acting is quite good in which Azhy Robertson (Oliver) stood out nicely as a timid mute boy in which he shows off all the actions for a special needs kid. Does well by acting upset or frightened. Shows off good fearful expressions when the terror strikes and shows off a ton of great hyped up energy.
Gillian Jacobs (Sarah) does a nice job as the sympatheic mother showing off a good loving type of attitude. Also offers some great suspenseful energy when she discovers the paranormal situations and was strong by reacting to things. Also does a nice job with her emotional attitude near the end of her performance.
John Gallagher Jr. (Marty) shows off a great outgoing and super friendly attitude. He is full of life and making this all believeable. He also adds alot of energy like the rest of the cast mentioned for the suspenseful situations really bringing it to a hype.
Winslow Fegley (Byron
) was a great young actor in this one as he was clear with his words. Also knew on how to get in your face when acting like a bully. He was a powerful force of nature while acting like this. Plus reacts well to other situations. He also shows off a nice friendly attitude. He was a good versatile actor.

Roque Baños really delivered a good flowing sound with his music throughout the storyline and offered perfect timing. Offers some great hissing sounds as well as other types of haunting and uses some nice light synthesizer music too. Has real high screeching sounds for a scene when the story is being told on the ereader which of course leads off to terror. This definetely added the perfect touch.