Cornered! (2009)


Directed & Story by: Daniel Maze

Written by: Darrin Grimwood


Peter Story .... Donny
Elizabeth Nicole .... Jess
Eduardo Garcia .... Steve
James Duvall .... Jimmy
Steve Guttenberg .... Morty
Ellia English .... Mona

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: November 17, 2009 (Italy); New York City Horror Film Festival: November 22, 2009



A masked killer is on the loose going into stores after hours and killing the employees there with a reward to anyone who catches this maniac as a delivery man named Morty (Steve Guttenberg) expresses his concerns about this at a Los Angeles liquor store that's infested by cockraoches closes up which is operated by a chauvinist named Steve (Eduardo Garcia) who gathers his employees upstairs for a game of poker as some of them have other things on their mind in which one of his employees named Mona (Ellia English) has a second job talking to clients on sex line as well as an addict named Jimmy (James Duvall) is overly paranoid of cockraoches and freaking out each time one runs by him.
Jimmy is also freaked out in which he spots the killer on the surveillance set as this killer is watching them and kills each person that goes downstairs using certain devices with what's at the store there including suffocating one of them with a plastic wrap over their head and body.


The story leaves off with a good start and some comedic timing with an employer named Steve watching the store on a surveillance camera and mocking his employees with their habits while working their shifts. A nice touch as one of those slobby type employers working in a rough part of town.
There's alot of fast action camera shooting with a suspicious man entering the store and a riot almost breaks out due to his repuation for shoplifiting which looked intense and funny.
There's great shots on the employees hanging out after hours having normal conversations and having fun along with a good close up shot on one of them named Jimmy acting out of it and Steve giving him a rough time but yet it looked a bit too planned out.
There's also good shots on everyone playing a poker game jup in the attic with a nice shot on Mona sucking on a popsicle while doing her second job with a sex chat line which seemed impressive. Then there's some good dark shots on her still talking on the cell phone looking around the area of the store and hearing some bumping sounds with her checking out to see what it is. This scene looked very good making you think that this is not a good idea. Then there's great fast shots on the killer grabbing her as well as shots on the killer slamming a freezer door on her head which looked quite brutal.
There's alot of good shots on Jimmy sitting there watching cockroaches and freaking out as well as a nice shot on him staring at three looking at him on top of a refrigerator which almost psychs you out on the takes of this.
There's a great anxious moment with him after he spots something on the surveillance TV set with Steve trying to calm him down in an aggressive fashion along with a great striking shot on Jimmy punching him out. Plus there's a great shot on him on the ground having the wind knocked out of him groaning in pain.
There's nice shots on Jimmy down in the store acting paranoid and spooked walking near some counters with a nice fast shot on the killers hands wrapping him up and then stabbing him.
There's some neat discussions with Jess getting bitchy and irritated by the TV screen flickering as well as griping to Donny about him constantly eating donuts in which the setting looked good on one of those types.
There's a good shot on Steve hanging upside down with the killer coming in with a sharp object to kill him and both Jess and Donny freaking out while watching the surveillance screen freaking out telling the killer to leave him alone which showed alot of high paced energy.
There's more great scene's which involves all Morty, Jess and Donny down in the store with the final showdown which was a perfect horror feel to it revealing whop the killer is but I won't spoil it for you who haven't seen this yet this looks like a classic moment nevertheless.
Ahh yes. This film seemed like a tribute to those old school types of slashers along with a great opening on a news report of dead bodies etc and thought to myself that I'm gonna enjoy this one and I sure did.
There's some good cheesy one liners in the store with employees having their bad habits and a boss watching them on his surveillance set and mocking them reminding you of one of those employers that's always dissatisfied.
I liked the whole enviroment on employees playing poker during the end of their shift and having a good time with bumping noises downstairs in which gives you a chill that the killer is down there but you don't know who it is till later on which makes a slasher film worthy to watch since there's alot of dark scene's that involves this killer which seemed quite necessary as well as the survivors watching this killer on the surveillance set fearing what this killer is going to do next which is a classic moment for any horror flick.
The film isn't overly bloody proving slasher films can still deliver too without the messy dead bodies since Halloween proved not to show any blood period. This film is a bit gory so I'm not gonna say there's no gore which I'd be lying.
There's also a great moment with the killer revelaing himself but at first seeming innocent and thinking to yourself this can't be since we've seen it before in a film like Friday the 13th.
In the middle of the film the killer uses platic over someone's head and body while stabbing this victim which reminds me of a famous killing in Black Christmas.
Bottom line is this is a great film and nice to watch something that's entertaining in slasher/horror industry than the garbage you see nowadays with indepdent horror flicks or a typical remake. I find the filmmakers are improving on original horror flicks and let's hope with a film like this we see more excitement.

The acting is not too bad in which we have Peter Story (Donny) playing a geeky type of employee in the flick as Donny who knew how to act like a couch potato and having a bad eating habit. He also knew how to really drive his emotions very intensely close to the end of the film which he showed some great tense energy.
Elizabeth Nicole (Jess)
knew how to portray a great bitchy attitude as well as being loud and whiny which she comes across very well as those types that are difficult to deal with. She does well with her fearfulness and bringing on some good energy as a victim in a horror flick.
Eduardo Garcia (Steve) played a perfect tough and sarcastic store owner named Steve who acted like one of those hard to please types with a gross sense of humor. He came across in the film just perfectly with his aggressiveness too. He had the right looks too to portray this part which was a nice bonus.
James Duvall
(Jimmy) looked right to play a drug addict type of employee in the film named Jimmy and came across as a stoner type showing a great paranoid attitude on cockroaches with good freaked out expressions. However at times he's a little too melodramatic and over the top.
Of course we get a special supporting role by former celebrity actor I remember in the Superman flicks named Steve Guttenberg (Morty) who has that guy next door type of charm to his character as a delivery man and knew how to portray the key role to the horror story with this film.
Ellia English
(Mona) was quite witty and outgoing with her personality when she has another job talking to clients on a sex line and really knew how to have a lustful speech with her words as she really got into it. She really came across the best out of everyone with what she did and will be well remembered. She was believeable as someone who is just full of life and a great spunky behavior too.

A body cut in half is revealed outside of the corner store
A woman's head is crushed against a freezer door
A guy is stabbed while wrapped up in plastic
The employer is sawed open while hung upside down
A womans neck is cut in half by a meatcleaver and then her head is displyed on a table

The music sounded nicely done in which we hear many thumping sounds which will make you jump that it was well put into the film. There's also low violin playing which sounded traditional for a slasher flick along with some high pitched violin screeching. There's also other low sounding horror sounds which really helps the film by making it look very spooky as well as some hissing sounds too. The composer for this was done by Konstantinos Zacharopoulos.

Donny: Where's Jess? Where's Jess you sick fuck???