Corpses Are Forever (2003)


Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Jose Prendes


Jose Prendes .... Malcolm Grant/Quint Barrow
Richard Lynch .... General Morton
Brinke Stevens .... Dr. Emily Thesiger
Bill Perlach .... Father James Mason
Debbie Rochon .... Marguerite
Linnea Quigley .... Elli Kroeger
Trista Favor .... Nurse Tittwana
Kwame Riley .... Lt. Anderson
Jessica Lewis .... Pvt. Crisp
Rachel Chin .... Pvt. Lee

Special Appearances:

Don Calfa ... Jack Stark
Conrad Brooks ... Mr. Fairbrass
Felissa Rose ... Gina Matthews

Release Date: New York International Film & Video Festival: March 3- July 22, 2003



A young Governemnt secret agent named Malcolm Grant (Jose Prendes) awakens with amnesia in a post-apocalyptic world in permanent darkness and overrun by the living dead and it's also dark all through the hours as the gates of hell have blown open.
To find answers to his hidden in his concious he teams up with an army led by a man named General Morton (Richard Lynch) and to stop the zombies and finding the source to do so.
However, Malcolm realises that Morton is the devil controlling the zombies and his wife Marguerite (Debbie Rochon) is also working with Morton and is trying to kill Malcolm.
Malcolm has a little help with a spirit corpse named Elli Kroger (Linnea Quigley) whom he has encountered a long time ago when she was alive and helps him survive being eaten alive by the zombies.


We have a long beginning which tells the tale of the main character Malcolm Grant and a black and white screen narrating himself on what is happening as well as looking for his lost son as well as some overly long boring plots which almost left an impression that the film was going to be a total drag. There are neat shots though of a woman swimming backstrokes in a pool but then there's a moment when she gets murdered which looked slightly phony.
Nicely focused shots however on what he does as well as exposing himself pouring a glass of milk and then later on revealing this liquid looking red while the rest of the film is still black and white. This looked extremely catchy to the whole story. Then later on the film picks up when he awakens to present day with a coloured screen as the entertainment begins a great deal as he tries to dodge zombies creeping up on him with cheesy karate kicks and so fourth as well as him battling them in a warehouse. It was off while we see this but still entertaining fun regardless.
Also some neat still shots later on with the character's names while springing into action which looked cleverly put in for a low budgeter such as this one reminding you with similar moments in other action packed flicks and of course the makers tried to add 007 tastes here.
Nice moment with the head bad guy General Morton doing his deeds and then we spot a burly long haired zombie coming in towards him and growling as he wards this living dead thing off which looked nicely done making things look like that he's in control with zombies himself.
Nicely focused moments in a white room with Morton and Dr. Emily Thesiger talking to Malccolm about what is happening which looked strongly done in and good writing with Morton discussing that it's afternoon as it's night outside discussing the gates of hell opening. Makes it a fun horror film to watch but yet alot of the times when we spit a window outside or an outdoor scene we spot locals at a store or cars driving by which wasn't supposed to happen since zombie's have taken over due to a lack of a budget on a closed set. Pretty cheesy.
We spot a situation with Malcolm taking a shower and then a cheesily bloodied ghostly appearance on Elli Kroeger appearing which was supposed to look spooky but due to the lack of sound and budget it fails to do so. Plus her bloodied make up looked amateurishly done. Still the scene grabbed your attention by how it was performed.
Also neat suggested sleazy moment with the sexy Nurse Tittwana wanting to seduce Malcolm as this offers some nice moments that we've spotted in yet again those 007 flicks which works in nicely even if it was done in a low grade fashion and not revealing any skin in an excuse to get the viewers aroused.
A nicely focused moment with Marguerite serving breakfast in bed towards Malcolm but yet leaving an impression that she's not to be trusted as well as what she plans to put in his drink as this offers some perfectly wicked twists even if the audio is a bit off while watching all of this happening.
Also more good black and white flashbacks with a creepy neighbor Mr. Fairbrass calling nastily towards Malcolm as well as some nice tied up discussions with Malcolm getting demanding towards Elli and perfect camera shots looking up on him getting demanding towards her as this flows quite well and strongly done too. However things looked confusing later on as you wonder who really killed who when it involves these three character's and what the outcome is here. Still a nice bloodied shot on Elli lying dead in a bathtub. There's also great struggling gunshot scene's between Malcolm and Fairbrass as it keeps you in suspense on who will really die here when you think that Jack is dead for sure and he gets back up.
Nice focused discussion between Malcolm and a mysterious supporting character Jack Stark talking to Malcolm in a vehicle about the situations unravelling yet it was a bit hard to hear on what they were talking about due to an audio issue as well as a certain spot on a siren of a police car going off or a truck speeding by. Things look impressive when Malcolm leaves the vehicle for a second and then spots that Jack was shot in the head which should please the horror fans. Plus him knocking out a zombie trying to approach him too which adds more flavor to the scene.
Other interesting situations when the gang goes to a hotel room where Father James Mason shows them to his wife Gina whom was bitten by a zombie and slowly turning into one as this will please zombie fans big time. However there's cheesy situations with Marguerite towards her when she offers her some tea.
A perfect ghostly moment with Jack appearing all of a sudden in the hotel room towards Malcolm and talking to him which looked slightly cheesy but in a horror entertaining way nevertheless.
A nicely focused flashback sequence when Malcolm tries to remember as to how he originally knew Morton as there's good black background shots on the two of them having a heavy discussion as well as some intense moments too.
More cheesy martial arts battling between Malcolm and one of the army troops which needed way more inspiration as it looked perfectly sloppy but yet due to the thin budget of this film seemed to mold in okay.
Good moments in an area where Elli approaches Malcolm and James by telling him on how to end the madness going on which was impressive to watch as well as later on she is gone which leaves an impression that she vanished.
More interesting situations with another soldier taunting Emily and daring her to take a swing which of course works well into the story but when we find out on what happens it doesn't look brutal or intense as it should've been.
Perfect situation with the lowdown when we reveal Morton speaking nastily towards both Emily and Malcolm while his army troops are pitted their guns at them as well as a perfect secret revealing James which is a real brainteaser wondering if he betrayed these two or not which worked well into the story greatly.
Perfect moment with Emily and Malcolm tied on top of a building on a railing with zombies slowly approaching them which looked perfectly dark and deadly as well as Elli having some witty one liners using her ghostly powers to free them and give them weapons as well as bouncing in other areas of the story as this offered perfect action timing and begging for more when it nears it's end making the stroy to be continued.
Bottom line here is that although the sound quality was not that good and you could tell it wasn't always a closed set cause you could see some cars driving by when the area was supposed to be deserted and overrun by zombies, this was overall a well-done film with it's solid good storyline and a tribute to George A. Romero's zombie flicks even if at first the story looks pointless, boring and out of shape. The film isn't for everyone's tastes though as there's been many that hated it and has seen this type before. The door opened for a sequel that was going to be titled The Corpse That Loved Me but sadly it never saw the light of day since this film was fun to watch and I wanted to see more of it.

The acting is very good and it starred many b-film actors that were in T&A films with a weak plot and proved to show their stuff in this flick that tried to focus on a good plot.
Jose Prendes (Malcolm Grant/Quint Barrow) who wrote and directed this piece played the main 007 type of character too. His writing is better than his acting but he is not terrible but needed to improve a bit on his character. He is off on his fighting against zombies or anyone else which needed to look more brutal while doing this. Also lacked of energy when he uses his voice to narrate the piece. Yet seemed to do a nice job getting demanding with someone in a flashback scene while pointing a gun at them offering decent aggressions. Plus does well while getting sarcastic towards his onscreen wife when she tries to kill him. He also concentrates well near the end of his performance while about to fire away against certain zombies.
Richard Lynch (General Morton) really knew his part well and is the best actor as he played a demon controlling these zombies proving to make his part as a believeable leader. He has a good stern behavior as well as having a perfect coldness to his speaking and draws in perfectly serious as well as evilly sarcastic too. Also shows great energy in a flashback scene bringing it out greatly. Shows good energy with his forceful attitude and ruthless behavior.
Brinke Stevens (
Dr. Emily Thesiger) really pulled it off well as a scientist in the film and knew her part inside out as found this film to be one of her best performances as she's mediocre and the same in other flicks that I've seen her in. Of course she seemed somewhat the same in this one but this character seemed to be just that way too with her serious and calm attitude. Also does well with her calm behavior when she gets aggressive which shines off well as well as the odd sarcasm too. Does a nice job acting fully alert when she is about to fire a weapon against zombies at the end of her performance which is memorable to anyone who saw her perfom in this one.
Bill Perlach (Father James Mason) came across well as a tough preacher trying to survive this whole mess as he was perfectly alert in the beginning of his performance while pulling out a rifle towards someone else. Seemed fairly okay with his upsetting emotions on what happened to his onscreen wife but yet needed a bit more improvements since I've seen better. Not to say he was terrible. Also shows off a good wickedness when he reveals his dark secret near the end of his performance and shows a good energetic moment later on with his blocking and what he does on this certain scene too.
Debbie Rochon (Marguerite) does an amazing job in the film as the evil wife and portrayed her part perfectly. I found this one to be one of her best performances ever. Shows off a good wicked charming attitude in the beginning of her performance to her onscreen husband coming across as someone not to be trusted as she was good and sharp within this scene. However her blocking at times is a bit off like when she strangles someone or her death scene which could've looke da bit more convincing. Otherwise she was dead on with her wicked behavior and coldness as well as a good cocky behavior. This film is another nice credit to her scream queen career.
Linnea Quigley
(Elli Kroeger) was impressive in her supporting role as a dead person appearing now and then and seems to have a knack to her part. She was good by coming across as somewhat ghostly but sharp into everything that she breezes through here. Also does well in the flashback sequences when she reacts to being kidnapped or getting murdered with her screams. Plus does a nice job with her upsetting reactions. Stands out well when she gives her speech to two of the onscreen characters on what to do to try and survive and put an end to Morton's evil deeds. Also offers some good wit near the end of her performance while saving the day and acting perfectly lifelike which she stood out the most while doing this.
Trista Favor (Nurse Tittwana) really comes off strongly onto the camera as the sex object but seems a little too mediocre in her role. Yet does well with her sexy presence and the way she spoke. Her role seemed to be a good key role to the story indeed.
Rachel Chin
(Pvt. Lee) was fairly okay as one of the soldiers in which she comes off nicely with her cocky and tough attitude along with showing a good sarcastic behavior along with showing a convincing taunting persoanlity as a true bitch who thinks that she's all that and more. Shows some decent energy within all of this.
Don Calfa
(Jack Stark) was another good supporting role showing great character to his part as another ghost. Offers a perfect still and seriousness in his speaking as well as acting perfectly expressionless and emotionless too. Offering a perfect mysteriousness into his presence which made his role worthwhile.
Conrad Brooks (Mr. Fairbrass) for sure comes off perfect with his crazy and eccentric attitude and comes across as perfectly evil for a mysterious neighbor in the film. Does a nice job while firing at someone or just acting menacing. Was good with his madman actions when he whacks someone with a shovel over and over although when he first knocks him to the ground looked quite phony.
Felissa Rose (
Gina Matthews) was by far the worst actress in this film and lacks in her part as someone who was bitten by a zombie. She was too melodramatic and over the top when she acts sick or in pain as well as her choking attitude when she starts to die as it was laughable and not in a good way. Good thing she was only in it for 5 minutes.

There is a bit of gore in the film like some arms on the ground that were chewed apart by zombies and a leg too.
Gina spits out blood before she dies.

The music for this film was by Jose Prendes and Thomas Park as they have some rough synthesizer playing and interesting techno music too. Also some interesting low beats and high tingling sounds too. There's cheesy drumbeats they used on it suiting the army type of situations in the film. Alot of this isn't overly noticeable as you can tell they didn't have the proper budget for a composer who can do more.
There is also a songtrack of the theme song performed by Cynthia Duvall and Jim Potts which sounds incredibly cheesy and the singing is a bit off.

Mr. Fairbrass: It's a wondeful day for a murder!

Nurse Tittwanna: Y'know I think Grant's gay
Dr. Emily Thesiger:
What makes you say that?

Dr. Emily Thesiger: (After killing Pvt. Lee with a hard punch) Hard enough for you bitch?

Pvt. Crisp: She killed Lee sir!
Dr. Emily Thesiger: She hurt my feelings

Dr. Emily Thesiger: I tried to warn you but he and the bitch were always around
General Morton:
Aint life a bitch

Father James Mason: I just love family reunions

Dr. Emily Thesiger: You're disgusting!!!!
General Morton:
This for someone who used to sacrifice goats for me?
Dr. Emily Thesiger:
I was young and stupid
General Morton:
Right on both accounts

Elli Kroeger: You owe me one (Uses her powers to free all Dr. Emily Thesiger, Father James Mason and Malcolm Grant from being tied up for zombies) ..... (Hands Malcolm Grant a gun to shoot a zombie) Make it two
Malcolm Grant:
No problem (Shoots the zombie)

Elli Kroeger: Hey, make it three
Malcolm Grant:
(spots some guns on the ground to shoot more zombies): You bet!