Crawl (2019)


Produced & Directed by: Alexandre Aja

Written by: Michael & Shawn Rasmussen


.... Haley
.... Dave

Release Dates: Theatrical: July 12, 2019; FrightFest: August 22, 2019 (UK)



A young champion swimmer Haley (Kaya Scodelario) tries to save her father from a Category 5 hurricane in Florida but is trapped with him in the cellar of the home as well as being pitted against a swarm of alligators.


The beginning shows a nice focus on a swimming team doing a session as well as good underwater shots on how they're swimming strongly especially on Haley as later on this will be the drawing card to use her skills in order to survive the madness that hapens later on.
Of course there's shots on the windows at the pool that a bad storm is coming in which offers a nice touch to the picture.
But things look greatly effective when Haley is driving through this storm with heavy rainfall happening as well as the thunder and windstorms. Plus someone tells her after an accident occuring to go back but makes an unwise choice by taking a shortcut to go to her fathers home as this is of course typical to make an unwise choice else the horror wouldn't start in the story.
Things seem cringing when she goes into his home and things are too still and something makes you jump due to the storm but I won't give that one away but it for sure looked well done.
Plus the family dog starts barking down near a cellar door as this leaves a clue that something dangerous is lurking down there but she goes down there regardless as it looks yucky as this can give you the chills as well as spotting her father Dave making you wonder if he is still alive and boy something terrorising happens big time as there's a great struggling moment when she tries to dodge and alligator as this gave me the chills.
Then she realises she has to get her cell phone out to try and get help in which she tries to be cautious on getting it as this is another still and cringing moment along with a great surprise attack which looked terrorising and making me go WHOA!
Later on there's a family of shoplifters in a boat where the flooded town is as I got a feeling these people will be the gators next meal and it looks effective by what happens later on.
The psychological moments really kick in when Dave tells Haley that they will be under water if they can't manage to get out which really is a scary thought with alligators getting in the way for their escape and being trapped.
Dave and Haley have an emotional conversation about being stubborn to find a way out which is a good pointer to put in a horror flick such as this one even if the story was starting to become bland since I figured that there's not much more scenery other than them being trapped in their cellar for the most part of this film.
The police come in and try to see if there's anyone residing as they try to call to them which made me wonder if they will be heard as well as having a bad feeling they will once again be the gators next meal. Nice camera shot looking down on the police boat with a bunch of them leaping into action although the CGI effects looked slightly off.
Then Haley tries to go towards a pipeline area although her father says it's too dangerous and the setting looked truly creepy especially when she finds out that she's in a nest which is even scarier imagining that these killer reptiles will be approaching soon as there's great terrising action fighting during what happens afterwards as I wondered if she will be devoured due to all that is happening.
While she manages to get to the floor of the home Dave is underneath this time nearly drowning as this made me watch closely wondering if she will save him on time watching second by second on what she does which was carefully shot and the timing was on target.
Then when you think they're homefree by getting a boat another floodstorm occurs wrecking havoc which looked truly intense to watch as well as being attacked by more gators which also looked intense to watch and painful moments too. All of this made me wonder if a happy ending will happen or not.
Bottom line is that this is an adventure, action, suspense and horror flick all tied in together as at first it looked promising but then it became a drag as mentioned most of the scene's were in a cellar and was saved from bombing from the terror and surprising moments involving the killer alligators as well as other creepy moments. Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas for good stories which is why I think there's remakes as this one tried it's best to grab viewers attention but was a disappointment.

Only two actors had the main roles in this oen so I will do my best to sum them up as (Haley) did a solid performance as she brought everything to life a great deal with her powerful speaking and reacting natural to stuff and so fourth. Seemed to show a good stubborn tough as nails attitude as well as showing a good emotional and sobbing attitude too when the terror strikes her aklong with crying in pain when the gators attack her now and then. Was also realistic when she tries to act cautious and being careful in certain spots as she shows good energy within this too.
(Dave) seemed to do well with his serious attitude as well as acting believeably stubborn and somewhat arrogant too. Reacts well while groaning in pain with what happened to him and getting into this in a fair fashion. Plus does well with his speech when trying to be a problem solver and acting strong with his words and emotions too which seemed very realistic. Reacts well to the intensity that is surrounding him and studied his part in a nice fashion.

Bloody alligator bites on people's bodies
Gators tear a police officer to pieces with his arms and legs
Bone on someone's leg is sticking out
Arm is bitten off

Max Aruj and Steffen Thum composed the music and seemed to be on track on what happened in each scene like the beginning when the swimming team is in practice with adventureous music playing. Plus there's low deep classical scoring in alot of the moments with the alligators roaming around or the struggling moments bringing the score to a fast hype which sounded excellent along with some groaning and hissing sounds to add more to the story too.

Dave: You need to go now.
Haley: I'm not leaving you here!

Dave: Banging on the pipes lures their senses. I can distract them for you.

Dave: We can defeat these pea-brained lizard shits.