The Crazies (2010)

Directed by: Breck Eisner

Written by: Scott Kosar & Ray Wright


Timothy Olyphant .... David Dutton
Radha Mitchell .... Judy Dutton
Joe Anderson .... Russell Clank
Danielle Panabaker .... Becca Darling

Special Appearance:

Lynn Lowry .... Woman on Bike

Release Date: Theatrical: February 26, 2010

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A toxin that's in the water in a small town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa changes people in which they start to lose their sanity alltogether in which two officers named David Dutton (Timothy Olympant) and Russell Clank (Joe Anderson) spots a local resident named Rory Hamill (Mike Hickman) carrying a shotgun in a ballfield and David is forced to shoot him to death while Rory's surviving family is upset with him.
David tries to talk to Mayor Hobbs (John Aylward) into shutting the water off but he refuses and tells him the crops will die if he does so.
Next thing that happens is that him and his pregnant wife Judy (Radha Mitchell) are taken away separately by an army force.
David manages to save Judy from a deadly incident the two of them along with Russell and another survivor named Becca Darling (Danielle Panabaker) try to survive this incident on their own but everywhere they go the places are deserted with people infected by this virus and tries to kill them since the water they drank makes them deadly.


I don't usually like remakes better than the original one but however this one I did like better since the original was a little too bland and was hard to tell if it was a horror film or an action flick with horror elements. This one really proved it's point that it was no doubt a horror flick since there's alot of people infected by this virus and acting deadlier than in the first one. In fact they do look like zombie's although accroding in a Fangoria article these people are very much alive, they're just infected and controlled by this deadly virus.
There's many great special effects used in this film with vehicle explosions and houses getting caught on fire. The original one had this too but this remake really brought out the goods to pack all the suspense and terror. The ending is one of the best which involves this but I won't spoil this to anyone who hasn't seen this yet.
The story is similar but there's different situations since that's what a remake should be with four people trying to survive this madness but yet are being terrorised by crazies everywhere they go which seems quite creepy.
It's all about survival of course before anyone else loses their sanity along with their journey. There's also alot of great fighting scene's in the film and near close deaths which looks almost very realistic. Plus there's many great shots on an army of people fleeing a small town like in the original too with soldiers wearing gas masks although we don't see these soldiers in uniform as often. Plus there's alot of nice scenery on a town that's deserted too which packs the suspense even more since there could be the odd one creeping around and ready to kill.
There's a good shot on a baseball field with both David Dutton and Russell Clank watching and then a good shot on someone walking in the middle of the field with a gun looking disturbed as well as David trying to talk reasonably to him as well as a nice shot on Russell raising his gun and a nice close up shot on David taking a gun out and shooting him.
There's a good moment with a wife trying to call for her husband at her farm and going to a barn with a good shot on a wheat tractor going with her trying to call to him as well as a nice shocked look at her when she finds out he's not driving it and some good moments with her racing into his house with their child and then the family man in the house going crazy by dumping gasoline all over the house and lighting a match with good shots on the house going in blazes. The scenery on all of this looked incredibly mysterious and well done which kinda psychs you out as to why this is all happening.
There's a good shots on a forest area near a swamp involving people like David and Russell in a motorboat trying to discover with a good camera shot looking down on them with the shot zooming away from them.
A good brief discussion between David and the mayor about him requesting to shut off the water services with him refusing to do so which looked like a realistic look at a mayor being ignorant.
There's nice intense shots on an army of people taking everyone away with good close up shots on David trying to struggle from this as well as Judy Dutton getting anxious from all of this.
There's some great powerful moments with David being pitted against a mortician trying to kill him with his electric sawing tool with good shots approaching David on all of this with Russell trying to shoot at the mortician. All of this was fast paced and full of great action.
There's good shots with Judy and Becca Darling strapped down in an orderly and then Bill Farnam entering with a pitchfork and starting to stab the people strapped down with good close up shots on the two of them screaming in fright as well as a nice shot on him scraping the pitchfork along the floor.
There's many good takes onthe main characters going into a house and taking stuff for their journey as well as another moment with David opening a door and spotting Judy tied up and gagged and then a great leaping shot on a supporting character Curt Hammil behind him and choking him with a rope and a good close up shot on Judy's face gasping looking as if he is really struggling for breathing. Then there's a nice camera shot looking up on the wife holding a gun and acting wicked and crazy with all of this ready to shoot them which looked powerfully done with the shots and actions on everyone.
There's great fast action shots on the gang driving in their vehicle with a helicopter terrorising them making you wonder "What the hell is going on???". There's also a good shot on them in a car wash with soap filling the windows as well as car wash lunatics trying to attack them by breaking the windows which all looked suspenseful and terrorising.
There's perfect camera shots on David, Judy and Russell walking along a deserted road.
Great intensity and anger with David towards an intelligence officer next to his wiped out vehicle getting demanding and violent towards him as well as a good shot on Judy shooting him in the head with David himself getting into a rage with him in which all of this looked powerfully done and extremely intense too.
There's some nice side shots on both David and Judy in a deserted diner trying to call out to anyone as well as great dark shots on people creeping around the diner trying to attack them with great shots on them looking zombielike as well as the two of them trying to get away into a truck and speeding away in which they react well to being anxious with all of this.Bottom line is this film is a bit better than the original but however it's nothing too spectacular other than some interesting attack scene's and some descent effects like mentioned above with a good strong direction on it made this film becoming above average but if you're into something alot more you may want to skip this one.

The acting is quite good in which lead actor Timothy Olyphant (David Dutton) was strong with his character in the flick showing a nice calm side to him and being sympathetic too. He also really knew how to act angry and aggressive with his violent behavior too when needed for the moments when him and his survivors are trying to get away from everything. He porved a nice versatality in his role on the film and can pass nicely as a character actor indeed.
Radha Mitchell (Judy Dutton) who played his wife really showed a good emotional behavior to her role with her sobbing as well as her anxious behavior too. Plus she really knew how to be terrified with all that's happening. She seemed to have a fair amount of energy throughout her performance.
Joe Anderson
(Russell Clank) really knew how to act aggressive and very two faced in his part of the film plus had the nice tough looks which really showed off on the part he played as some sort of a traitor. He certainly knew his stuff using weapons too and acting deadly with them pulling off a ton of energy with all of this. There's a good nasty aggression with him pointing a gun at two of his fellow actors and trying to be in control in which he did this well by acting evil towards them.
Most of the other cast members had small roles in the film and it was difficult to review their performances but they pulled off alot of terror as the crazed one's in the flick and deserved good credit for their effort and hard work since these were locals from where this flick was shot which was in Georgia where gigs are very scarce and mainly Hollywood actors get the lead and supporting roles whenever something is shot there.

There's some bloody looking corpses
David Dutton is being stabbed by an electric saw tool in a morgue
Some people are being stabbed by

There's lots of great hissing and windy sound effects used throughout the whole film as well as some piano echoes too. There's some adventureous playing too quarter way through the film which made the film look very effective all done by Mark Isham.