Creature (1985)

Produced & Directed by: William Malone

Written by:
William Malone & Alan Reed


Stan Ivar .... Mike Davison
Wendy Schaal .... Beth Sladen
Lyman Ward .... David Perkins
Robert Jaffe .... Jon Fennell
Diane Salinger .... Melanie Bryce
Annette McCarthy .... Dr. Wendy H. Oliver
Marie Laurin .... Susan Delambre

Klaus Kiniski .... Hans Rudy Hofner

Release Date: Theatrical: May 8, 1985




Astronaut's are exploring the world of Titan's wasteland and discover an alien life form that's 2000 centuries old and awakens it then possesses them to drive their ship to crash into an Earth space station.
A U.S. space ship crash lands on the planet and they discover numerous corpses as well as an abandoned ship or so they think only to discover a maniacal sole survivor named Hofner (Klaus Kinski) who was on a rival mission and tells them about what is happening there after one of their crew members named Susan (Marie Lauren) was dragged away by some life form there.
It seems this creature feasts on any living thing that lands there as well as sucking the brains out of them and turning them very evil and zombielike too.
The surviviors lead by two men named Mike Davison (Stan Ivar) and David Perkins (Lyman Ward) with their female traveller Beth Sladen (Wendy Schaal) tries to find some way of destroying it before they're next but this thing seems to be indestructable.


The work in this film is very trashy as there's a cheesy discussion between supporting characters as astronauts discovering something on one of Venus' moon in which was trying so hard to make it look effective but it fails big time.
We also spot a real cheesy moment on technicians on a sattelite near a moon reacting to the astronaughts ship heading towards their satellite in which it looks very amateurish.
We have many scene's on the main character's having discussions in their ship to venus as even that needed improvement. However, there's a descent conversation between Jon Fennell and Susan Delambre as a couple speaking very calmly about a situation and then making out with one another which looked not too bad.
We spot some cheesy shots on the main character's going outside on Venus' moon and discovering a ship there along with some interesting shots on them looking around the ship.
There's a cheesy camera shot aiming towards Susan with her screaming and pounding on a metal door. Then we have a good shot on her being dragged along with Jon freaking out on the other end of the door which is fairly passable.
We have a good shot on
Hans Rudy Hofner coming up from behind Melanie Bryce as if he was mugging her and then she uses brutal force on him. The work on this was at times off but looked better than most of the scene's mentioned beforehand.
There's a good shot on Jon lying down and Susan speaking to him on the other side of the glass outside calling to him which seemed cheesily spooky. We also have a good shot on her stripping down and then coming on to him with a shot on her holding an object towards him.
There's a good shot on
Dr. Wendy H. Oliver in a dark room calling for one of the crew as the setting looked dark and nicely done for a good chilling feel to it. Then there's good shots on corpses hung. We show a good approach with Jon attacking her and then the creature coming up from behind her. There's also a good close up shot on Jon with his torn open face cackling.
There's a descent brief discussion between Hans trying to flirt with Melanie and she shows a good attitude not to try anything. We spot many good camera takes on the two of them spotting corpses and then Susan lying there suddenly springing up with her wide eyes.
There's a nice approach with Hans trying to attack Beth Sladen with his vicious zombielike words and her trying to escape from his grips. There's many good takes on him chasing after her very zombielike.
We have a fair brief struggling moment with both David and Mike Davison trying to kill Hans with him getting creepylike towards them.
There's a good distant shot on the creature coming towards the three and then a nice effects shot on it being electrocuted.
A good moment with Mike going towards the creature and slowly giving it a boot to see if it's dead for sure as this moment truly keeps you in suspense wondering if it will grab his foot.
We have a good silent moment with Beth alone staring at the lifeless creature looking nervous and trying to touch it as this direction is even more scary cause you know something is going to happen.
We have a good shot on Ivar looking through a window of a metal door and a good shot on Beth hanging upside down with the creature suddenly looking at them.
There's a nice gruesome shot on the creature munching away on David.
There's many nice takes on Mike trying to battle this creature which is cheesily action packed but in a good way.
Bottom line is that this was a cheesy monster flick and made on a low budget so he tried his best as you can tell while watching this. Lots of critics bombed this film saying it was a terrible clone to Alien but it carries a different type of story alltogether and wasn't such a bad movie. Sure it was cheesy and made on a low budget plus being categorised as one of those so bad it's good movies.
It shows a crew of people going to a windy planet like in Alien along with this creature killing the crew one by one. It almost has a similar resemblance too except for it's glowing eyes and the head shape was a bit different too. Plus this creature was way more intelligent.
Now the story was different cause this creature put devices on people's head possessing them and making them like zombie's of some sort addind more horror to this than in Alien. Not only that, this one came out a year before Aliens did and it almost looked like they borrowed a bit from this plot but not totally.
Due to the quality of this film I doubt it played in theatre's for very long. The film is still fun to watch if you're in the mood for one of those cheesy monster movies. This creature is barely seen but mainly in the dark areas of the ship for the most part which is another borrower from Alien.
It's a shame we never found out where these monsters originated and if a sequel was made we could've found out but yet this one was almost obscure and forgettable after it's release. Oh well we can't win them all.

The acting is very cheesy for the most part since most of these actors work mainly on daytime television shows but let's try to get a review on the important one's here.
Stan Ivar
(Mike Davison) tried to show as much energy as possible as the heroic type in the film showing not so bad aggressions and knew his blocking quite well too.
Wendy Schaal
(Beth Sladen) had the right looks for the female lead in a horror/sci fi but can she act? Well let's say she is passable with the job for her role and did what she had to do. She was nothing special though but spoke her lines quite well.
Lyman Ward
(David Perkins) was probably the best out of the cast as the captain of his crew showing a nice seriousness to his part and had the right gruff looks in a sort of Clu Gulagher type of fashion. He was a convincing character actor but sometimes his energy was low like most of the cast members involved as he doesn't react too believeable by dying slowly to being munched by the creature.
Diane Salinger
(Melanie Bryce) had a nice roughness to her part as a female soldier and looked evil but was a good one in the film and showed a good toughness to her part in the film. She stood out very well.
nnette McCarthy (Dr. Wendy H. Oliver) was bloody terrible in her role as a doctor in the film who was basically a line reader trying to get into character and failing. Her screaming reactions were very phony too. Nuff said about her.
Klaus Kiniski
(Hans Rudy Hofner) was the key role to the film but doesn't seem to do the trick trying to bring his charming character to life. There's a moment with him trying to explain to the others what is going on with the life found on the planet they're at which he really tried hard to make is seem convincing and serious but fails with it as his performance looked quite cheesy. He tried too hard and seemed a little unprepared for what he had to do in the film but does well acting like a possessed zombie later on.

Marie Lauren strips down outside and exposes her breasts

An astronaut's face is splurting blood
A side of many people's heads are throbbing showing alot of blood
A face is torn off
A man's head is blown off by a laser gun
Some gruesome looking corpses lying around on the planet or hung upside down in a spaceship
A woman's head is chewed off by the creature
The creature is munching away on the captain of the ship with plenty of gobs of blood

The composers are Thomas Chase and Steve Rucker who have worked in countless animated shows with their music and it shows on here reminding you of what you watched as a child on Saturday mornings. It really didn't fit too well as we have some cheesy orchestral horn playing etc like for the opening and I was thinking absolute cheese. But there were some icy synthesizer playing like the cast going in the abandoned ship which works well and some odd good adventureous music with a human battling the creature too. I guess it's typical b-movie music.