Credo (2008)

Directed by: Toni Harman

Written by: Alex Wakeford


MyAnna Burning .... Alice
Clayton Watson .... Jock
Rhea Bailey .... Jazz
Chris Jamba .... Seth
Mark Joseph .... Scott
Nathalie Pownall .... Timmy

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: September 12, 2008 (Hungary)

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Five friends are forced to confront their darkest secrets when they are trapped inside an abandoned building in central London. For Eden Hall is a place of total dereliction where light is banished and evil now reigns. It is the hunting ground of a master of deception who plays a deadly game manipulating his victims’ deepest fears. To overcome his tricks, they must discard the credible and put their faith in the impossible. To survive, they must first dare to believe.


There's many nice shots on the characters walking through the hallways of the abandoned psyche ward as well as one of them named Jock calling out on what he spotted in a room.
We see a good shot on Timmy walking down a dark hallway and into a washroom with good nervous looking expressions.
There's a good peaceful moment between Alice and Timmy having a discussion the next day near a window which looked natural.
We also spot the two of them having a discussion taking a shower about suicides of people as well as nice shots on both of them talking. We spot a good blocking moment with Timmy coming up to Alice and kissing her with a nice shocked reaction on her and then Timmy getting upset realising that she's straight and quickly running out of the shower room.
We spot a good scene between Jock fixing a pipe for the shower room with him getting sleazy towards Scott about sex and what action he's got with women and him getting defensive and stuttering which looked well done.
There's a good moment with Alice lifting her head up after hearing some sounds walking through a hallway after a power outage and trying to find her friends.
There's a nice meeting with everyone about to use a ouija board and Jock getting fresh and then getting sarcastic after finding out one of the women is a lesbian when Timmy blurts out she's a lesbian and then getting upset as all of this was strongly done.
We spot some good shots between Jock and Seth acting ghostly and warning him jumping out of nowhere and Jock being prickly towards him.
We spot a good shot on Timmy in a room hung with everyone running in and reacting shocked freaking out.
There's many good shots on them trying to run out of the asylum with close up shots on them trying to open the doors and realising they're locked as well as shots on them stooping down and groaning on what to do.
We have a nice close up shot on a mother acting haunting like and nasty towards Jock with a nice close up shot on him clenching his teeth and screaming out.
We have many good camera takes on Alice, Jazz and Scott going through a small corridor with their light as well as Jazz alone panting and acting scared on where to go with a great surprise shot on a hand grabbing her.
There's a good close up shot on both Alice and Scott reading a diary on the going on's of the place and how to escape.
We also spot a good shot on Scott entering a room with Alice having her back turned and sitting on a bed speaking coldly and then acting nasty towards him.
There's a good dark shot on Alice quietly entering a room with Seth hiding near a corner and then approaching her creepily and then a nice close up shot on her getting a knife and stabbing him.
We also spot many great close up shots on the main characters using the ouija board to ask it questions and using a small glass for the object to control it.
We have a good close up shot on Scott looking at his laptop with good upsetting expressions after spotting what he sees.
Bottom line: It's really interesting watching these types of films on what could go on in an abandoned pysch ward and wonder if it is haunted or not which does show a nice effect to it. However, the story seems to go around in circles only having the odd horror feel to it and it really doesn't explain itself too much.
There's some good performances and nice intensity here and there with what is going on plus it almost had that Blair Witch type of feel to it as well as Session 9 too.
The film was almost original but just not quite there yet and the plot was a bit slow too.
We have some realistic going on's with students as some act sarcastic and some act insecure too which looked believeable at young adults being the way they are and not acting mature about stuff and learning from their errors too. There's also some good flashback sequences too which kinda explains on what happened at this abandoned building.

The acting is in good shape as lead actress MyAnna Burning (Alice) shows a nice powerful performance showing nice serious characteristics to her part in the film as well as acting stern when needed to plus speaking coldly too. She showed great energy throughout all of this.
Clayton Watson
(Jock) was perfect playing a jack ass in the film with his sarcastic actions and chauvinist remarks towards others as he is a believeable asshole in the flick and shows nice intensity too during what's coming to him in the end.
Chris Jamba
(Seth) really presented himself well as a street person of some sort acting very creepy and a bit ghostly like too with what he had to do. He showed a nice wide eyed expression every time he presented himself in a scene.
Mark Joseph
(Scott) showed a good insecurity to his role and nice shyness too as a pterified one through all that is happening. Was good in a scene by getting physical and screeching making it almost look psychologically performed. He brought alot of characteristics throughout the whole story.
Nathalie Pownall
(Timmy) was another good one showing her sensitivity to what she had to do for her part as well as showing a good depressed mood too. She also had a great tense expressions showing it all to the screen. I found her role the most effective in the story.

There's perfect sharp low toned violin playing with the screeching violing music too. We hear some windy sound effects in some of the spots throughout the story too. There's the odd banging sounds to top it all off which was all composed by Kim Halliday. We listen to a nice peacefully choir singing during the closing credits too.