Crinoline Head (1996)

Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Tommy Faircloth


.... Derrick
.... Paul
.... Robyn
.... Cathy
.... Trish
.... Jenny
.... Bodhi
.... Greg
.... Mark

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 6, 1996



A group of students go vacationing at a summer house by the lale in which someone tells the friends about the legend of a killer that later on hunts them down one by one.


First while watching this flick by how it was all done I knew I was looking for trouble as it's amateurish to the extreme especially the bullies towards the stuck up alpha sigma girl Jenny which looked too silly to watch and it wasn't funny to the least. I was aware the film was going to be bad but not like this.
Also in the story everyone gets ready to go away to a house in the great outdoors and there's lots of terrible moments and overlong situations to kill the time like another snooty one whom is Trish putting make up on and so fourth in which this was closely concentrated I kid you not while the makers could've been more creative and they didn't which is sad.
Meanwhile some of the guys plan to go away and one of them doesn't like bears or bugs and is afraid of going. C'mon this is a lame excuse and a case of terrible writing!!! God this was so lame to watch!!!!
Then there's more time wasters when Trish tries to hitchhike for a ride to go to the house which looked uninspired and over the top along with the rest to what I was talking about and then after the long scene's I was convinced the opening credits wouldn't occur but surprisingly they do and made on a bad computer screen.
While everyone is travelling they make a pit stop and one of the friends goes to check out a graveyard but nothing exciting ever happen s and this moment was another waste of time.
Then along the way they're stopped by a creepy looking transvestite as this was supposed to bring some weirdness to the horror story and yes it's weird but in a bad way as I rolled my eyes just watching this scene unravel.
When they are partying it looked incredibly stale with them drinking and laughing but nothing special going on as if they've never partied in their life as well as two guys trying to discuss actresses on sitcoms but they sound rather gay within everything that they do on having the hots for chicks.
The next day at the breakfast table Paul discusses on what happened at that house they're in once with murders and a killer not being caught which was supposed to bring you the chills but fails miserably. Flashbacks could've been necessary for this moment but there is none.
Robyn and Cathy go to a worn out shack where they see doll parts being hung and explains the killers theory on all of this as this looked mildly fun to watch but nothing to brag about either.
An extremely annoying moment in the story is when Jenny practises her cheerleading routines and tries to guide Trish which looked incredibly humiliating to watch.
It took so long for the horror to come in but it came in eventually as we see a juggling camera shot through the wooded area hinting that it's the mysterious killer and it looked like an inexperienced person filming all of this like they're doing a home video. The murders happen but nothing really too gruesome due to a lack of a budget as the killer even stuffs a pack of celery down someone's mouth and kills him. No joke I tell ya and the other slashings aren't that much better either.
One of the killings also includes someone taking a dump with the killer banging on the door and then afterwards coming in and making her drown in the toilet this is soooo gross.
Then there's the moment with one of the survivors Robyn thinking that Paul is the killer and freaking out which looked too over the top and trashy too.
When the killer is revealed there's a confrontation between this maniac about to move in to kille Robyn when she tries to reason with him which is a bit better than the rest of the junk that was mentioned here but it was still pretty amateurish regardless and the final moments were nothing special to mention either as it looked too simple.
Bottom line is that this looked like a group of dorky friends decided to make something fun with their home video camera and decided to distribute it as it was amateurish in every way possible. This was garbage so if you haven't seen this flick you're not missing out on anything believe me. I can see why this one was almost unheard of.

It looks like the actors were friends of the filmmakers who had no experience at all as they didn't seem to know what they're doing. In other words amateurish and terrible to the extreme!!!! However lead actor (Derrick) seemed to show off a husky presence and a good stern seriousness with his speaking but he was of course wooden but not as bad as most of the cast involved here. He tried his best as you could tell by his performance.
(Paul) was another actor who seemed okay with his work in which he shows off a nice stand offish attitude as well as acting a bit accentric too which seemed fairly convincing. Tried to do well telling the story of the killer but needed more enthusiasm within this though.
) was however very stiff and too overly dramatic within what she was talking about and when she freaks out in a scene it looked obviously terrible by what she was doing. Yet when she tries to reason with the onscreen killer she isn't overly shabby.
(Cathy) was the best out of the cast as she seemed to carry her weight pretty well showing off a butchy and no nonsense type of attitude. Shows some good aggressions whenever she needed to behave like this. At least someone knew on how to get into character which is alot more than I can say with the rest.
(Trish) was a stuck up type and gets carried away while behaving like this as it didn't show off as natural. She seriously needs some acting lessons big time by what we see her do in her part of the film.
(Jenny) was the worst in the cast as a stuck up bimbo in the delta sigma. Over the top wasn't the word for what she did here. Not even acting lessons can help her as she is not cut out for this industry and should be embarrassed within what she did here. She got on my nerves big time within whatever she did.

The composing by Michael Borwegen didn't stand out well at all as it was weak with the creepy tones and odd chilling synthesizer piano music. Not much of this was used throughout the story probably due to a very weak budget of the flick itself. Sorry folks not much here to discuss about it.