Critters (1986)


Written & Directed by: Stephen Herek

Story by: Demonic Muir & Don Keith Opper


Dee Wallace .... Helen Brown
Billy Green Bush .... Jay Brown
Scott Grimes .... Brad Brown
Nadine Van der Velde …. April Brown
Don Keith Opper …. Charlie McFadden
Terrence Mann .... Johnny Steele/Ug
M. Emmet Walsh .... Harv
Lin Shaye .... Sally
Billy Zane .... Steve Elliott

Special Appearance:

Ethan Phillips .... Jeff Barnes

Release Date: Theatrical: April 11, 1986






A group of little monstrous aliens named the Krites escape from a galactic prison which is on an asteroid and stole their fastest ship that could fly across the galaxy.
A group of intergalactic bounty hunters chases after them and tries to capture them. They disguise themselves into human beings. One of them disguises himself as a rockstar and the other into various other human beings when they realise that the Krites are landing on planet Earth as they try to tear up the town looking for them.
The Krites look for food so they land on Earth after the ship crashed in a farmland of Kansas where they kill and eat the farm animals and try to eat the family living there too.
The family there are endangered and tries to put a stop to them with the aid of the bounty hunters as their power and phone lines have been destroyed along with any vehicle transportation.
But yet, the more the Krites eat the farm animals the bigger they get and more powerful and deadly.


Neat moments for the beginning of the film revealing a comet as well as corny looking space aliens discussing an issue involving the Krites as this for sure will interest anyone who's into these type of sci-fi out of the ordinary outerspace flicks. Also neat 80's special effects moments with a space ship stow away zooming off and shooting lasers which is highly entertaining.
Nice shot on the stars in space with the opening credits occuring as this for sure is another great taste for an 80's sci-fi/horror flick. Plus we spot nice morning shots on a farm and the objects surrounding it.
Nice energetic moments with the family at the farm starting their day having breakfast as well as involving a sibling rivalry between Brad and his rebellious teenage sister April as this all looked natural with all that's happening.
Then we cut into the comedy which takes place at a sheriff's office in which we spot the secretary Sally having a stressful conversation with her officer Harv as well as a drunken Charlie McFadden getting out of jail in which there's alot of off the wall topics happening which I personally didn't find funny at all. However seems to lighten the story a bit before the terror starts to happen for anyone who hates to get scared later on.
A nice add on with April and her boyfriend Steve Elliot going to a barn to make out and listen to music on their ghetto
Some impressive moments and nicely focused situations with Brad working on some dynamite as well as crawling on the roof to spy on his sister while suddenly spotting a UFO flying down in which the surroundings on all of this looked well set.
Nice moment with Charlie riding his bike and seeing the UFO zooming past him which is another nice 80's special effects moment but looks a bit cheesy in today's standards.
A perfect situation with Ug spotting a music video of a rock star as well as neat special effects close up shot on his face starting to to change shape.
Also an impressive shot when the UFO has landed in a field and seeing subtitles on their language and discovering food which is one of the cows out there leaving a creepy horror impression.
There's a nice night shot with Jay and his son Brad going to the field to see what has landed as well as a nice back shot on a dead cow being eaten which doesn't look pleasant at all along with a nice misty surrounding by he night shots that were used. Another great horror shot as well as to the surprise on the results of this cow afterwards when thy check it out. Nice add on's here indeed.
Also a perfect horror timing with the woman of the family Helen breaking a plate after being startled as well as trying to look out the window to see what the noise was as this makes you cringe a bit wondering if a surprise attack will happen or not. There's a perfect effects shot on some firey red eyes looking at her. Another perfect horror touch.
A nice setting with a deputy spotting something underneath his car as which makes you cringe and having a deadly feeling in which there's good close up camera shots on this along with a sharp object hitting his neck as this grabs your attention a great deal.
A perfect corny moment wiht a preacher at a church doing his ceremony and the bounty hunters crash in with the police car asking for the Krites and nuke some stuff there as this looked suspenseful and exciting to watch.
Also another neat moment when they enter the bowling alley and look at a ball wondering if it's a Krite and hucks it as well as some powerful moments on Ug demanding for the Krites. Plus neat special effects moments with his sidekick changing his presence when he spots someone else there which is a memorable moment in the story.
Another creepy moment is when a few of the family members go down in the cellar of the home and discovers their electricity has been torn up as well as Harv goes near a fuse box to find out what's making a sound which makes you cringe and having a sinking feeling something will leap out and attack. Boy does it look terrifying when we find out on what happens next as this looked incredibly painful to watch.
A nice moment on Steve putting his hand on his ghetto and suddenly a Krite appears and bites him as well as a this thing attacking him which adds perfect terror to this scene as well as April trying to hit it with an object and it continues to dodge as this makes you watch and wonder if she will survive this incident.
The suspense packs up when they spot a shadow of a Krite eating a chicken and becoming larger which adds more terror to the story as well as them trying to run to their door when they roll towards them and the door is locked which often is the case in a horror film and works in nicely here. For sure keeps you in suspense wondering if they will survive and will survive this.
Also some funny moments on the Krites tearing apart places inside the house like pillows and even a witty situation with one of them asking a stuffed E.T. doll who it is before biting it's head off. Nice dark humor that will make you laugh for sure since it's an inside joke as the lead actress in this film starred in that one too. There's also a funny moment when another Krite is on fire and jumps into a toilet bowl.
Alot of great action and suspense when the bounty hunters plan to go into the home and nuke these little monsters as there's a nice explosive shot on the toilet.
Perfect dark shot on a giant Krite dragging a passed out April to their ship as well as neat moments between both Brad and Charlie sneaking into the ship and planning to drag her out as well as neat looks on the inside of the ship as well as spotting some Krites and them trying to be silent which looked all nicely put in.
Bottom line is this was a similar idea like Gremlins since these one's are troublemakers too and offering similar comedy yet these little things are more deadly. A fun flick as I watched it on TV and at the time I was slowly getting into horror films but I loved sci-fi too and this had both with lots of dark comedy. It was a well done flick and lots of action with the rolling furballs that are destined to kill and eat. I loved it even more watching it the second time as it had great special effects and a total 80's touch to it.

The acting is well done Dee Wallace Stone (Helen Brown) does a good job as always and this time she is not encountering a loveable alien that wants to go home to his planet like in E.T.. Shows a perfect sympathetic and understanding motherly behavior. Also does a good job reacting to fear on what she spots in a window and acting anxious about it adding a nice hype to this. Also does a great job freaking out as well as going into hysterics in many scene's as this shines off terrifically. She's a true character actress and has no boundries.
Billy Green Bush (Jay Brown) does well as a farm owner and a strict as nails one too showing a off a good seriousness to his behavior as well as doing a nice job getting stern in a certain scene too. Also does a nice job focusing on what he spots in a field as well as having a perfect firghtened reaction to what happened to one of his cattle. Also does a great job reacting in pain when he's attacked. Had the perfect farm man looks for the role so he was a nice choice here.
Scott Grimes (Brad Brown) was a total ball of energy and lots of spunk and charisma into his role as a mischievious preteen in the flick as he did a nice job playing games and knowing on how to act believeably rambunctious along with focusing well on his hobbies. Does a great job by trying to act heroic when the terrors are starting to happen too. Yes he studied this role inside out.
Nadine Van der Velde
(April Brown) does a nice job as a typical teenager going through a phase of rebellion and attitude too. Does well acting stern along with really getting into her make out scene's too. Plus does a great job freaking out when she spots a Krite attacking as well as freaking out when trying to hit one in which she goes with the flow a great deal. Shows a good emotional attitude too.
Don Keith Opper
(Charlie McFadden) showed a perfect versality in which he does a great job being hyper and crazy as a drunk who just likes to cause trouble and acted perfectly alert to alot of things around him. Yes he really added a ton to his role while doing this which was a classic performance and a nice key supporting role. Also does well showing off a perfect seriousness and emotionless when he has a clone shape as a bounty hunter in the flick as if he was someone else. He added alot of great challenges to all this.
I also enjoyed the seriousness performance of Terrence Mann (Ug) as the head alien bounty hunter. He presented himself extremely well on the camera and really stood out in this film. Showed a nice expressionless bad ass attitude too and had a great strong personality too which worked in his favor big time. Had great blocking while firing his weapons or getting forceful towards someone else.
M. Emmet Walsh (Harv) was annoying as the head county bimbo sheriff. Seemed a little too medicre with what he was doing although he was trying his best to be energetic in his scene's. I just couldn't give him enough positive credit for all that he did here. Yet was convincing as a typical idiot in the county.
Lin Shaye
(Sally) tried to act like a natural ham by being the bimbo secretary with her whiney speaking and although she showed decent characteristic's with her speaking I didn't find her funny at all when she was trying her best to be this way. Yet she did the best that she could and was still a convincing character actress and always does a good job with whatever I've seen her in and she was just starting out in the acting industry while portraying this role regardless.

The odd bite marks from cows and people etc as well as Krites being devoured but nothing too gory as most people who have strong stomachs can take it.

There's music composed by David Newman who doies a nice classical score in the film as we hear alot of strong violin playing especially the suspenseful music for the terrors occuring. Also for the beginning of the film neat adventureous music that sounds totally 80's sci-fi like and it packs a perfect punch especially for the opening credits that's used in the flick. Plus a nice versatile moment when dawn breaks at a farm and the music is very peaceful and pleasant sounding suitng this peaceful situation. Also a nice ending synthesizer music moment for the rolling credits as this is yet another perfect 80's touch to the film.

We also have 3 songtracks by 3 unknown 80's hair rock groups but they sound fantastic
"Power of the Night" performed by Mann
"Leather" performed by White Chicks
"Still You Turn Me On" by The Mix.

Critter 1: They've got weapons.
Critter 2: So What?
[Critter 2 is shot off the porch]
Critter 1: Fuck!

Ug: We're here for the Krites.

Critter 1 [Looking at a stuffed E.T. doll]: Who are you?

Charlie McFadden: Call the army! They're here!