Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)

Directed by: Mick Garris

Written by: David Twohy & Mick Garris


Scott Grimes .... Brad
Liane Curtis .... Megan Morgan
Don Keith Opper .... Charlie
Barry Corbin .... Harv
Tom Hodges .... Wesley
Herta Ware .... Nana
Lin Shaye .... Sal
Sam Anderson .... Mr. Morgan
Lindsay Parker .... Cindy
Terrence Mann .... Ug
Roxanne Kernohan .... Lee

Special Appearance:

Eddie Deezen .... Hungry Heifer Manager

Release Dates: Theatrical: April 29, 1988; Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1989

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It is Easter time and Brad (Scott Grimes) who survived the horrible incident with those Crites two years before travels to another town called Grovers Bend where he meets up with a beautiful girl named Megan Morgan (Liane Curtis) and meets with an old enemy named Wesley (Tom Hodges) who makes him unwanted.
A batch of unhatched Crites eggs were discovered after their last visit there and are mistakened for Easter eggs and after they hatch they end up eating many of the locals there as well as some of the cattle too.
Brad doesn't want to believe that they have returned as he convinced Megan about his story 2 years before was made up. However, they are being trapped by these Crites.
Ug (Terrence Mann) returns to Earth to try and save the day once again with Charlie (Don Keith Opper) and a new bounty hunter named Lee (Roxanne Kernohan) who has a hard time keep a form together.
They blow many away but however these Crites keep on breeding
and breeding


Nice settings of the county there and people hiding easter candies and Crites eggs around the church.
We see a great discussion between Ug and Charlie chatting with one another while they are in their spaceship.
There is also a nice conversation between Nana and a child when she gives her a nice chocolate bunny as it really looks like that they have the Easter spirit.
A nice horrific shot on a local being attacked by the Crite's in a barn.
We have a camera shot rolling in under a bed which is supposed to be a Crite and then Cindy's hand is lying there and a nice zooming in on her hand.
There's a good moment involving supporting dweeby employer
Hungry Heifer Managertaking an order sounding annoying and nerdy which looked great for the story.
We also see supporting character Wesley coming on too strong towards Megan Morgan as the two of them act well with this like a bully against an upset girl.
We have a good setting between Wesley and Brad challenging one another as it looks bad for this dude as he is about to get his butt kicked.
There's nice shot on someone dressed in a rabbit suit looking down into the camera which is of course a shot on a hatched egg. There's a hilarious moment with three Crites curled up in a ball that jump into his suit which will make you laugh as this added some good dark comedy. A perfect shot on him crashing through a church window.
We see a perfect moment with Megan trying to confront Brad about the Crites returning when he tries to convince her they aren't as it was perfectly done for a sequel.
We spot another hilarious moment with the Crites gorging out on food at a local diner and partying.
Brad was great approaching Ug and Lee
after they destroy some Crites and talking to them which looked very touching.
Both Ug and Lee really pulled it off greatly with their superweapons by blowing these nasty little killer beasts away.
A good shot with Cindy running away on a tricycle and the Crites rolling after her while Brad whacks them with a bat.
A perfect moment with Harv swinging his guns looking lowdown and tough in his sheriff uniform after shooting some Crites.
A good shot on the Crites rolling in the field along with a giant one.
The best moment was when all the Crites form into a gigantic ball and crash out of a barn devouring everything in it's site and then a spaceship crashes down on them.
Bottom line: The sequel to the original cult classic really meets up and is just as adventurous and good although many critics and fans have bombed this sequel but I find this film highly entertaining myself.
We have alot of neat effects with the shape changing of a bounty hunter and lots of laughs too.
The Crites are very hilarious and deadly at the same time as we have perfect dark comedy and great action sequences with this film having the heroes which are the bounty hunters from outerspace terminating these deadly critters. If you enjoy action hero fighting with lots of good laughs then you may adore this film

The acting is still very good as we have another two thumbs up for Scott Grimes (Brad) reprising his role and acts just as adventurous. He does well with his blocking during the struggling and surviving situations when the terrors happen around him.
Liane Curtis
(Megan Morgan) was another great one in the film as she brings so much character to her part in it as the town local trying to stop the Crites as well.
on Keith Opper (Charlie) still has the knack with his comedic performance reprising his role as well but this time as a bounty hunter. He really was energetic when he drives the spaceship towards the Crites during the near end of the story. Way to go!!!!
Barry Corbin
(Harv) does a classic performance as a tough as nails retured sheriff who stands out terrifically too.
Supporting actor Tom Hodges (Wesley) really knew his work by playing a dorky teenage bully.
Lin Shaye
(Sal) tried to be funny with her role as someone paranoid in the film but she didn't cut it as perfectly as you'd expect and almost looked like she took lessons from a Troma Team production.... Well she wasn't THAT bad so maybe I'm eating those words up.
Child actress Lindsay Parker (Cindy) is great as a nice and helpful little girl for the Easter celebration.
Terrence Mann
(Ug) is still wonderful as the head alien bounty hunter as he shows tough energy and a nice attitude too. Does well with his upsetting reactions after his bounty hunter is killed by his loud shouts.
Supporting actress Roxanne Kernohan (Lee) only had one line each time she said something but that didn't really matter as she presented herself wonderfully and was almost on her road to fame as a scream queen due to her work in this film after appearing in a documentary titled Scream Queen Hot Tub Party hosted by Brinke Stevens but sadly in the early 90's died in a car accident. Bless her soul.
Eddie Deezen
(Hungry Heifer Manager) was only in this film for about 5 minutes with two different scene's as a nerdy manager at a fast food burger barn joint but really does wonderful and will be remembered for his performance in this film giving the film that perfect slapstick moment. A hilarious performance by him when he is cloned into a bounty hunter trying to do away some Crites which was a classic moment.

Roxanne Kernohan exposes her breasts in her first apperance of the film when the outfit she's wearing is torn off exposing them.

A bit more gore in this one.
People are bloodily chewed up
A bit off hand
Cattle are devoured
Crites are squashed up and blown away

There's some comedic classical music and some adverturous music too by Nicholas Pike as it seems passable but nothing too over the top until close to the end of the film with the Crites forming in a gigantic killing ball.

Quigley: It's just a dog.
Wesley: So was "Cujo".

Brad: Nana, the critters are here.
Nana: No, shit, Bradley! Damn meat eaters!

[Repeated line]
Lee Evans: Kill Crites!

Megan Morgan: Brad, You can't go in there. Let's just get help!
Brad: Who are we gonna call? Critter Busters?

Megan Morgan: We need you, Harv. We Need a sheriff.
Harv: Go check the yellow pages.

Brad: Look!
Megan Morgan: Where are they all going?
Brad: I don't know. Looks like some kind of critter convention.