Critters 3 (1991)

Directed by: Kristine Peterson

Written by: David J. Schow

Produced & Story by:
Rupert Harvey & Barry Opper


John Calvin .... Clifford
Aimee Brooks .... Annie
Christian Cousins / Joseph Cousins .... Johnny
Leonardo DiCaprio .... Josh
Frances Bay .... Mrs. Menges
Bill Zuckert .... Mr. Menges
Diana Bellamy .... Rosalie
Catherine Cortez .... Marsha
William Dennis Hunt .... Briggs
Geoffrey Blake .... Frank
Don Keith Opper .... Charlie McFadden

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: December 11, 1991

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Some orphaned Crites are still kicking around and Charlie (Don Keith Opper) tries to warn some kids nearby about them and how they got here and gives one of them a crystal and tells them if it is green lit it means that they are nearby and he will rescue them but however, the rest thinks that he is nuts.
However, they visit some family members at an urban tenement the Crites reside as their eggs are lying around there that was owned by an eccentric resident.
They suddenly end up hatching there and feasts on anything around there while everyone tries to save their lives from them but more and more seem to attack from all around the building whever they try to trap them out as they end up eating through doors and walls.
Will Charlie be able to rescue them all before they are all feasted on these flesh eating beasts?


There's an interesting moment with Josh reaching for a frisbee where there's branches and a hole beneath it as he really tries to get it and you almost jump when suddenly Charlie McFadden jumps out and acts crazy about Crites coming into town and how they got here as the only good thing about this movie is the flashbacks.
We see a near jumping moment with supporting character Frank in a laundry room when he tries to check out a Crite when it's too dark to see and it attacks him.
There are also funny moments like a Crite answering the phone when Briggs is trying to talk and reacts strangely after he hears the Crite talk and shows a funny reaction too.
There's also good shots of them foodfighting too, watching TV and spinning into a ball and going at full speed.
We see a nice and touching discussion with Josh explaining how his father died towards Annie.
A character in the film named Mrs. Menges was a one mean mother by hacking a Crite with a meatcleaver.
There's a perfect shot on Johnny with a Crite spinning into a ball about to attack him and Upper jumping in the way to grab it and jumping off a building while doing this.
Bottom line: Oh god what happened??? The previous sequel was making you want more but I didn't expect it to be this lame and low key. The comedy is bad and so is the horror too. The plot sucked the most as if the write ran out of an idea after watching the previous film as I nearly fell asleep watching it and hoping that it will be over soon. The story mostly took place at an apartment with the Crites invading it and people trying to get away from them. Really folks nothing special here.

The acting is very cheesy and corny but some did an okay job with it. Aimee Brooks (Annie) seems to pull off playing an intelligent teen in the film.
We also have a young Leonardo DiCaprio (Josh) in his first movie and shows some good energy and enthusiasm with his part. He probably wanted to forget his work in this film without a doubt since he moved on to much better projects.
Two twin siblings Christian and Joseph Cousins (Johnny) shared the bill with this film but hey Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen did in Full House. However, it's pathetic they did that for whatever reason. Both were charming still.
Diana Bellamy
(Rosalie) was a little too melodramatic in her role but still can seem like an interesting character
but was good acting outrageous towards another cast member in a certain scene by grabbing him and telling him about the creatures she discovered.
Dennis Hunt (Briggs) played a good landlord prick in the film as you really want to despise him.
Don Keith Opper
Charlie McFadden) was way too much this time and wasn't impressive at all.

Crites are squashed and cut in half

The music is very corny and cheesy by David C. Williams like he ripped it off from an episode of Tales from the Crypt.

Annie: We rally have to go now.
Josh: Give my regards to Mars.
Charlie: Don't be so quick. You're not as smart as you think you are.

Rosalie: Hey, you got the elevator fixed, Frankie.
Frank: Hey, not for you, Rosie. There's still a one-ton load limit.

Marcia: I still don't know what the hell is going on here.
Mr. Menges: Ain't no rats, you can be sure of that.