Critters 4: They're Invading Your Space (1992)

Directed by: Rupert Harvey

Written by: Joseph Lyle & David J. Schow

Produced & Story by:
Rupert Harvey & Barry Opper


Don Keith Opper .... Charlie McFadden
Paul Whitthorne .... Ethan
Angela Bassett .... Fran
Anders Hove .... Rick
Eric DaRe .... Bernie
Brad Dourif .... Al Bert
Terrence Mann .... Counsellor Tetra / Ug

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: August 22, 1992 (Germany)

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Just before bounty hunter Charlie (Don Keith Opper) triggers his gun to destroy the last two Critter-eggs, he gets a message from Ug (Terrence Mann) that it would be illegal to extinguish the race from the galaxy.
He is sent in space with a transporter with the eggs in a deep sleep and awakens 53 deep-frozen years later in a ship with a half dozen of people in a private wreckage heading to Earth as they never have discovered their own home planet.
Unfortuantely the eggs have hatched and the Crites are on the loose laying more eggs and planning to take over the ship as well as feasting on anyone there.
At first the crew of the ship thinks that Charlie is a suspect after their crazed captain named Rick (Anders Hove) was killed but then they experience these creatures killing another one of their crew member as well so they plan to snuff them out before they are next.


A nice beginning where the last sequel left off with Charlie McFadden looking around the suite for Crites and was nicely touched with a computer effect showing Ug's image appearing talking to him about his next mission.
A good shot of outerspace along with a futuristic group of people performed by the rest of the main cast socialising and arguing about stuff as well as having difficulty commanding the ship.
A nice shot on Fran showering while Rick shows pleasant expressions making out for him to join her and then throws a nice sucker punch and looking aggressive too.
There's a good discussion scene between Ethan and Rick alone together with him acting crazy with his actions and then a good shot on him swinging a fire extinguisher at Ethan's head.
Funny but gruesome looking shot of a baby Crite charging into Rick's mouth.
Good and panicky discussion between Charlie and Ethan when they are stuck in a trash compartment trying to get out.
Nice shot on two Crites leaping on Bernie with him spinning around crying in pain.
Bottom line is that this back to back sequel was an improvement yet it takes almost forever for the Crites to come and wreck terror and havoc. This flick can easily be considered an Alien clone as it had similar elements to it as the people in the future are aboard a ship with some alien creatures stalking around and they plan to blow it up. However, they do add some different elements too like an avil bounty hunter climbing on board and other stuff like that. Let's hope this film will be the last one though as the story became terribly trite and bland.

The acting is powerfully good with a great experiences cast involved. Don Keith Opper (Charlie McFadden) made up for his performance and knew how to act energetic and nutty as ever.
Teenage actor Paul Whitthorne (Ethan) is dynamic with his energy as well as the youngest crew member on the ship and could have had a promising acting career.
Does well with his nervous frustrations trying to control an elevator in the ship. He also does well by screeching towards someone telling him that he is not his father when he tries to hunt a Crite down.
Angela Bassett
(Fran) pulled her weight perfectly and portrayed her role well by being tough when she needed to be.
Anders Hove
(Rick) was perfect playing an arrogant and crazy captain of the ship. He
looked great by trying to blast open a stowaway crater with a laser gun expressing some anger there.
Brad Dourif (Al Bert) does well when he tries to call for another cast member and warns him that some Crites are coming towards his way and he acts ignorant about it not taking him seriously and scooping up some pills he spilt.
Terrence Mann
(Counsellor Tetra / Ug) was different with his character this time turning evil and seems to portray that part alot better.
He appeared very well after aboarding the ship and acting evil towards everyone with his screaming and being demanding to find the eggs of the Crites. He did well by striking a cast member as well.

There's a butt shot on Angela Bassett while taking a shower.

The music is alot better and fits with the story by Peter Manning Robinson and I can tell you that he doesn't sound at all cheap with his composing.

Ethan: I guess Rick's had a little too much coffee again?
Al Bert: Rick has got a bug up his butt. See. He's gone and discovered himself a magnetic space anomaly. And he's gotten stiff in the jock.

Fran: Asshole!
Al Bert: Eh, Captain asshole.

Al Bert: Congratulations, Charlie, you have just murdered the ship.

Charlie: You an alien?
Ethan: No, do I look like one?

Al Bert: Rick and Bernie are dead. For all I know we may have been infected by some alien germ. So unless anyone else has another suggestion, I propose that we just hole up here and wait for them to come rescue us. They will be here any minute.
Ethan: Yeah. If we don't blow up first.