Crocodile 2: Death Swamp (2002)

Directed by: Gary Jones

Written by: Jace Anderson & Adam Gierasch


Heidi Lenhart .... Mia
Chuck Walczak .... Zach
Jon Skaroff .... Sol
Darryl Theirse .... Max
David Valcin …. Justin
James Parks …. Squid
Martin Kove .... Roland
Steve Moreno .... Brian
Billy Rieck .... Pete
Anna Cranage .... Julie

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 13, 2002






A bunch of criminals who rob a jewerly store with lots of money go on a plane trip during a thunderstorm and hijacks a plane. The head criminal named Max (Darryl Theirse) shots one of the people driving the plane and accidentally destroys one of the engines and the plane crashes in a Mexican swamp with very few survivors.
One of these survivors happened to be Max who holds everyone as hostage and trying to get out of the desert while there's a crocodile that killed the head pilot (Dan Martin) and the gang of criminals shoot it to death but yet another one which is the mother and much bigger and more ferocious is stalking them and eating them one by one.
The innocent survivors have two things to worry about, being killed by this crocodile or being killed by these criminals.
One of the people residing at an all inclusive resort at the hotel named Zach (Chuck Walczak) tries to save his girlfriend Mia (Heidi Lenhart) who is one of the survivors form the plane crash with the aid of an American ambassador named Roland (Martin Kove) but they may be in for danger as well.


The performances and the story is very impressive for the film due to it's low budget as he can offer the odd jumps in the film even if at times the crocodile looks fake at times with the CGI effects.
There's a cheesy beginning with Max leading his gang to perform a robbery at a jewerly store with good shots on it all.
There's great tension with him holding up the plane and nice scared reactions by the passengers. Plus we have good shots on Justin acting psychotic while holding his gun at some people.
We have good panicked reactions on supporting actor Dan Martin as the pilot of the plane trying to do a safe landing after his gears are wrecked.
There's good shots on the half of the plane landed in the swamp with Max acting nasty and demanding to everyone to get stuff out as well as throwing a good blow to the airplane pilot and this pilot acting aggressive towards him.
We have a good shot on them carrying on through the swampy water with a good jumping moment on the crocodile snatching this pilot with him screaming in pain. There's good shots on the gang of villains shooting their guns at the crocodile.
We spot a good comedic discussion with Zach getting upset when he hears about the plane crash standing at a bar and then getting demanding with one of the people that works there to do something and then we get a good shot on Roland acting drunk with two beautiful women flocking him. Yes that moment brought some good humor.
We do have another good comedic discussion between Zach and Roland asking him to help him out on finding his girlfriend in a hotel bathroom.
We have some good shots on the two of them in a helicopter trying to find some clues near the swamp.
Good discussion between Mia and Squid when she drugged him with his alcohol as we spot some good close up shots on them and he does well getting sleepy and acting out of it.
We spot a good scene with the survivors from the crocodile incident by running away in the swamp with a great attack scene by the crocodile along with a good close up shot on the crocodile picking up one of the women in the pack and gulping her down.
We spot a good moment with Zach noticing a cigarette lighter and then a good jumping moment with the crocodile coming forward and him falling to the ground and Roland telling him not to move with the croc slowly pointing it's mouth at him.
We have a terrific moment with Roland grabbing Max and pointing a gun at him while he acts aggressive along with Sol pointing a gun at Zach with him freaking out as to wonder who will drop their gun first.
There's some good struggling moments between Mia and Justin with him pinning her down and then a good shot on the crocodile smashing through the floorboard.
We have many other jumping moments with the crocodile attacking in other areas.
There's a perfect effects shot with the croc lunging at a helicopter flying in the air and it landing in the swampy lake exploding.
There's a good struggling moment with both Mia and Zach on a blown up raft trying to escape from the crocodile showing many suspenseful shots and trying to make up a plan on destroying it.
Bottom line is that I enjoyed the first film but this sequel had no relationship to the first so what gives naming this one a part 2 and just changing it alltogether? Maybe it's because the first one was directed by a legendary horror filmmaker from the 70's and 80's so this would be a good one to make money.
Well it did looking interesting in a cheesy kind of way but the story seems to go around in circles a bit but there were some good humoress moments with the odd jumps too. Also, it gives you the right to be afraid of flying when the plane is about to crash too during a thunderstorm during a hijack with criminals on board.
The crocodile looked a bit phony and so did the CGI effects but hey this is a direct to video low budgeter.
I did like the criminals attitudes as they were intinidating and not wanting to mess with them so I will give a thumbs up to that. Also, towards the end of the film looked creepy just when you think the survivors are over the terror and enjoying their holidays it's not over to say the least or is it?

The acting is not too bad at all as lead actress Heidi Lenhart (Mia) seemed to do well showing off her performance and good solid energy to her role too along with her aggressions for the struggling moments too.
huck Walczak (Zach) does his job well at freaking out when he needed to as well as giving off a good performance with his constant aggressions in order to try and save his girlfriend. He seemed to stand out and showed a good sense of humor too when his character wasn't trying to be.
Darryl Theirse
(Max) lived to play a bad ass criminal in the film showing his blunt aggressions and does great blocking when he acts violent too or shooting his gun. Plus he showed nice vicious expressions to top it all off. There's terrific raging aggressions with him in a scene towards everyone and then they tell him about the giant crocodile and he acts ignorant to them which looked energetically performed for an example. Another good presence with him pointing a gun at his fellow actor near a helicopter and speaking coldly towards him. I found him to be the best actor in the film.
Martin Kove
(Roland) brought off his humor nicely playing a drunken womaniser out to help find the people from the crash and proves he still knows his stuff as an actor since his hey day back in the 70's and 80's.Brings it on well in a scene when he is acting out of it by being drunk.
Billy Rieck
(Pete) really had the perfect creepy look to him and performed even creepier as another criminal in the film. He knew his part inside out. Man I wouldn't want to mess with this guy at all.
Anna Cranage
(Julie) wasn't forgettable at all playing a pill induced basket case stewardess in the film as she showed a nice tense and depressing behavior to her part. She was one of the most memorable supporting actresses.

There's a piece of a crocodile's arm
People are chewed up spitting out blood
A half of a corse is discovered in a swamp
Many bloody gunshots

There's good strong orchestral music for the terrific parts with the crocodile attacking along with great banging sounds and thumps too for these types of films. All in all the music is very necessary composed by Bill Wandel.

Roland: Guns don't kill people! People kill people!

Mia: Light up my life motherfucker!!!!