Cult of Chucky (2017)

Written & Directed by: Don Mancini


Fiona Dourif .... Nica 
.... Dr. Foley
Adam Hurtig .... Michael
.... Andy Barclay
.... Voice of Chucky
.... Claire
.... Madeleine
.... Tiffany Valentine
.... Angela

Special Appearance: 

.... Kyle

Release Dates:
FrightFest: August 24, 2017; MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 9, 2017; Toronto After Dark Film Festival: October 13, 2017; Sitges Film Festival: October 14, 2017; Rome Fantafestival: November 22, 2017




Chucky (Voice of Brad Dourif) has some unfinished business with Nica (Fiona Dourif) who is put away in a sanitarium in which he travels there with the help of his wife Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) but however Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) has some deadly plans for this killer doll.


A terrific beginning to this sequel in which Andy Barclay has a dinner date in which he discusses about his childhood and to what happened to others due to Chucky's killings as I was impressed while watching this along with his date being uncomfortable and leaving in which this was well put into the story since I always wondered as to what happened to him since he disappeared when Bride of Chucky and other sequels happened after that.
Then Andy is driving home to a secluded cabin in the deep woods which seemed necessary for him to be far away from anyone after all that he's been put through as well as collecting Chucky's head after what he did to him at the very end of Curse of Chucky. There's a good jump out of your seat moment while we watch on what goes on carefully and then Andy tortures him with a torch which I was cheering him on to doing this after what this evil prick has done to other over the years.
Suddenly the opening credits start to occur as this was a perfect start but then the story isn't as exciting when we spot Nica at the ward due to her pleading guilty after the previous sequel as things were a bit slow along with interactions on the other patients. Yet when group therapy starts up it's interesting on what she discusses along with other interactions on the patients. Then later on later on Tiffany coming to the ward to drop off another doll which gave me a feeling that something will happen.
The action starts up when Chucky gets a knife and is about to do someone in which made me confused wondering as to how he was there when Andy has his decapitated head at his home but the story soon explains itself much later on in the story. During this moment one of the mental patients who's a schizophrenic assures him no harm as it offers some dry humor since we get a feeling on what Chucky will do to her later on.
Later on in group therapy once again when both dolls are sitting there and Nica tries to convince Dr. Foley to try and use his lighter on the dolls hand which was making me watch carefully wondering if the doll will react or not. This was a well focused moment.
Then with one of the dolls Claire is about to throw one of them away but there's a nice surprising and jumping moment that happens here and at the same time it's unexpected and very different than the usual which works in really well.
One of the mental patients Madeleine treats one of the dolls like it's her child in which this is what grabs my attention the most which stands out greatly that this patient is totally insane as well as to what happens when she goes outside with the doll and there's a dug up hole as well as her pushing another patient named Michael into this pit with the doll and then someone pulls him out which gave me the impression that Chucky put his soul into him since this doll was thrown in with him. Makes this moment look truly mysterious especially a close up on his wicked stare as this was hard to forget to anyone who watched this flick.
Situations looked good and powerful when Nica tells Dr. Foley about her not being crazy as well as the incident with Chucky as well as explaining other moments that makes sense as to why there's different possessed dolls and so fourth as I was thinking AHA!
Later on we spot Madeleine on what she does with one of the dolls as well as Dr. Foley scolding her on what she did to her baby as to why she's in there which was a well drawn in moment to someone whom is mentally crazy.
With all what Dr. Foley was doing I had a suspicious feeling that he is not a good person at all and believe me he does something sleazy towards Nica which looked truly twisted as well as different Chucky dolls coming into action and interacting towards one another as this was mildly humorous and showing good timing within what each one had to say towards one another.
Then the fun really gets rolling as we see Andy driving into action by going to the asylum forcing himself in to be a mental patient as we all know his deadly plan which is try to kill Chucky once and for all which there's good stompin action on what he tries to do with his weapons as well as tracking others down. However it's nearly a disappointment later on when we all think that he'll succeed his mission.
Bottom line is that this was the best out of the Child's Play sequels and probably the last of it's kind since a remake is coming up. It was nice to see some of the original characters coming in to reprise their roles. Has a serious tone but gets humorous later on in the story. This one is a must for all the fans and was well done in every aspect.

The acting is very good in which Fiona Dourif (Nica) still strutted her stuff greatly reprising her role from the previous one in which she offers a great seriousness into what she is talking about as well as doing a great job with her raging aggressions while stressing a situation. Plus does a nice job when she is hypnotised making this come to life. Offers a perfect versatality near the end of her performance by having a perfect wicked behavior as she was on the ball big time.
(Dr. Foley) offers a terrific still and seriousness as a shrink of the asylum along with bringing an untrusting presence towards others. He for sure drew his sleazy along with his wicked behavior later on in the story. Also does well with his obnoxious and arrogant behavior too making him perfectly unlikeable.
Adam Hurtig (Michael) shows a good dazzling performance as someone whom is high strung along with having a good alerted personality as well as behaving paranoid too. Plus shows a good wise behavior as one of the disturbed patients that's higher in functioning than the rest. Plus shows some nice evil expressions as well as acting like he is wicked quarter way through his role and deserves great credit within all of what he did.
(Andy Barclay) was back in action after MIA from the first two flicks and seemed to do a fine job as someone whom is vengeful with his great seriousness to whatever he did and offered nice timing with going into action and acting nicely heroic when going into battle. Was a ball of energy big time. Seemed to do a fair job with his serious discussions during the beginning of his performance on a date being disturbed about his childhood past.
(Voice of Chucky) of course does well with his obnoxious and arrogant lashing behavior. Plus was good with his sarcasm and dark humor too. Offers other types of good voices on the Chucky clones in which he does this with great style.
(Claire) had one of the most effective supporting roles in which she does well acting aggressive and irritable making out that she doesn't like anyone as well as coming across as perfectly annoying. Really brings it on when trying to convince others about what happened to her with one of the Chucky dolls showing out some great adrenaline as well as showing great energy within her struggling.
(Madeleine) was a hoot to watch as she does well with her disturbed basket case type of an attitude trying to think one of her Chucky doll's as her own baby. She for sure acts someone who's completely lost it and has no marbles whatsoever. Made me want to watch her performance unravel more and more while watching this flick.
(Tiffany Valentine) brings on the spunk a great deal in which she offers a good slick trype of attitude along with just coming across as someone whom is ruthless and bitchy too. Offers a great wickedness to her role like she has in the previous sequels.
(Angela) wasn't in the film a great deal yet stood out the most in her supporting role as she does well with her soft speaking voice kind of angellic like acting innocent and sounding kind. Yet shows off her role as a mental patient as well. She studied this part marvellously.

Chucky dolls deformed face shows gruesome insides.
Puddle of blood is revealed after a wrist is slashed.
Head is chopped off from a broken glass.
Chucky rips out some insides out of a woman's mouth.
Employee at an asylum is drilled, bloodily stabbed as well as his eyeballs stabbed out of his head.
Head is bloodily stomped on to death.
Andy tears guts out of a Chucky doll.
Dead nurse lies on the floor in a pool of blood.
Throat is slashed and blood splatters.

Joseph LoDuca is even better in this one with of course strong trombone playing the heavy drum boomings as well as the other classical stuff but there's even laser sounding effects too which I dug. Plus there's the odd brief guitar riffs here and there. Offers a perfect versatality within many of the different scene's blending in marvellously. He worked hard on this piece as you could tell big time.

Madeleine: [to Nica] You leave my baby alone!

[Chucky walks by Angela in the hallway]
Chucky: Where's Nica?
Angela: Last door on the right. You can see me.
Chucky: Yeah, I can see ya.
Angela: Don't be afraid.
Chucky: What?
Angela: I'm not going to hurt you.
Chucky: [giggling] You fuckin' with me?
Angela: No. I'm not. Tell you the truth, I'm happy to have the company, even if you aren't real.
Chucky: Ok, let me explain something to you. I am a vintage, mass marketed children's toy from the '80s, standing right in front of you, holding a very sharp scalpel.
Angela: No, you're not.
Chucky: Yes, I am.
Angela: I'm a schizophrenic. I see things.
Chucky: Aren't you the crazy bitch I talked to last night on the phone?
Angela: [nodding] Sometimes, I hear things, too...
Chucky: Okay, lady, you know what? You're next. I'm gonna be right back.
[to himself]
Chucky: Jesus. Fucking cuckoo's nest!
Angela: Bye.

Angela: [to Nica] Chucky's coming for you!

Madeleine: [to Chucky] Come to Mommy!

Chucky: [3 different Chucky-s planning their next ordeal]
[the one with burnt hand]
Chucky: Now I am gonna go kill Andy!
Chucky: [the one with one arm] No, I wanna kill Andy. I earned it.
[Showing his empty arm socket]
Chucky: I have been through a lot today!
Chucky: [the one with burnt hand] You got to suck titty today!
[Showing his melted fingers]
Chucky: Look what happened to me.
Chucky: [the one with the terrible haircut by Andy]
[Showing his hair]
Chucky: Hello? Look at my hair!
Chucky: [the one with one arm]
[Shocked at the hair]
Chucky: Oh shit. You win!
Chucky: [the one with burnt hand]
Chucky: Absolutely! Sorry, pal! You go fuck him up real good.

Andy Barclay: [to Chucky] This is the end, fucker!

Chucky: [at the very end credits] Kyle?
Kyle: Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun.
[takes a small knife on Chucky; Chucky screams as the screen goes black]